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New Hubble infrared view of the Tarantula Nebula

The Hubble telescope has not only advanced the new concepts of dark matter and dark energy but the only missing link is the discovery of dark gravity or a force which rules the movements and interactions of the dark matter and dark energy and also the universe which we can observe and measure!

With DARK GRAVITY it will be possible to postulate travel at faster than the speed of light and pretty much any hairbrained theory will be possible with this trio of concepts which can’t be measured, can’t be detected, and where imagination will rule the universe. Concepts of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence will rule physics and astronomy of the near future and it will no longer be the rule of scientific physics but the rule of an unknown Godlike dark force which mankind will not be able to explain.

It is time to refocus our attention on this precious planet earth and save its biodiversity before it is too late and before it results in the premature death of human civilization on the face of this planet!!!!!!



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The DC Circuit Court decision permitting internet service providers to charge for the service or bandwidth and also giving them the right to censor the traffic going through the internet spells the end of internet democracy and a return to rule by the monied special interests. How this will impact blogging and WordPress is yet to be determined but my hope is that it will only mean an increase in my yearly fee and no censorship of the blog content itself.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.




Marriage is a mutual decision but divorce may be an individual choice because of an inability to live with adultery or with irresponsible financial management.

Lasting adversarial hatred after a divorce may not always exist but in fact some are rather amicable collaborative divorces where both still assume responsibility for rearing the offspring to some extent and communications are civil.

Divorce may seem like the easy way out but it is sometimes a necessary way out of an overly aggressive or combative relationship which can seriously damage the mental wellbeing of the offspring.  No one should be expected to live harmoniously in an adulterous or untrustworthy relationship so divorce may be the necessary and not necessarily the easy way out.

Divorce need not mess up your offspring’s life if you have no severe addiction problems with alcohol or drugs and you don’t have a dysfunctional personality in your relationships with other humans.

If you are divorced it need not have been totally your fault because half of all marriages end in divorce where about a third are the husband’s fault, a third the wife’s fault, and about a third are both faults. These aren’t accurate statistics but there are definitely a significant number of women who would be able to make a marriage work with the right faithful man with a good job after a single divorce.

If you are young and divorce after a few years then you can be considered to be young and stupid and not a good candidate for another marriage. If you divorce after 10 or 15 years in a marriage then you may still be considered good marriage material but the more offspring that you have the greater a liability you become in the next marriage.

You can find love more than once in a lifetime so never give up in looking for a potential new prospect unless you feel unworthy of a marital relationship due to being much less than attractive and with a dysfunctional personality which is unable to develop trusting reliable relationships with another human. If you are not honest, sincere, and reliable then the odds of a successful marriage are stacked against you no matter who you marry next.

The three most important ingredients in a marriage are financial security, a non- promiscuous non adulterous past, and a trustworthy reliable personality. If you are a divorcee and your next marriage does not have these fundamental building blocks to a successful marriage then don’t marry again!

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