You now know that telling the truth or being honest, sincere, and reliable is much better than lying in relationships and being unreliable and not fulfilling many or most of your promises

You realize that no one is perfect including yourself

You know how to control your impulsive spending and live on a budget

You are happy for human successes and not jealous

You are not very impressed by or follow celebrities any more

You can handle rejection by other humans, especially dates

You don’t worry whether others will like you or your looks

You prefer smart humans over beautiful or handsome ones in real life

You associate with good humans and not bad or immoral ones which you easily avoid or drop

You get better at solving the problems which pop up in everyday life

You start setting and realizing realistic achievable goals instead of dreaming and trying to pursue unrealistic goals

You have learned that saying no a lot to others and your bad impulses is better than saying yes a lot to others and your bad impulses

You defend yourself and the humans that you love

You have healthy relationships with humans and not dysfunctional ones

You don’t waste time worrying about past mistakes and bad experiences but meet most days with an optimistic attitude

You know what you like and don’t like but are not afraid to occasionally try something new or change your mind if you realize you have been wrong in your opinion all along


Unfortunately if you come from a dysfunctional or abusive family life you may never learn to relate in a healthy way with other humans and if you have had a never ending experience of financial failure and are very poor then you may be envious and resentful of the rich and successful to your dying day.

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