It may not be obvious to all but the future world will largely be the domain of the talented wealthy working technological class and the unemployed masses escaping their miserable existence with mind altering drugs and a bare subsistence lifestyle getting most of their entertainment on the cell phone or computer screen.

It may take more than a generation to start reaching this goal but the writing is on the wall and if this prediction happens it will be an opportunity for biodiversity to survive and not be the end of human civilization on the face of this precious earth. Everyone worldwide living a middle class existence is just not a sustainable lifestyle for the limited natural resources of this world.

Here is a link to which details two extremes or opposing forces which will shape humanity on the face of this earth in the near future. The truth probably lies on a point somewhere between these two extremes of human existence. The middle class may not disappear entirely from the face of this earth but it is a high probability.

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