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Justice is a moral distribution of information and/or goods and/or services and/or rewards and/or punishments.  The goals of justice should be to have moral laws which can be used to justify actions which primarily protect citizens from foreign aggression and from domestic criminals and from severe economic exploitation and from government inefficiency and protect the environment from the destruction of biodiversity.

The healthiest, smartest, and wealthiest humans should be rewarded with reproductive success in the form of polygamous families with as many offspring as possible. The unhealthiest, not so smart, and poorest monogamous humans should be discouraged from reproducing in numbers greater than one or two.

You can’t legislate morality and if you try to do so then the powerful monied interests dominate the legislation and results in unjust laws which depend on the threat of force and the use of force for their enforcement. This is a tyranny or a dictatorship without the free consent of the governed.

An important priority for true justice is trying to guarantee that people are promoted to positions of authority in organizations based on merit and not primarily based on nepotism and/or popularity and/or political favoritism. Realistically this will only be possible with a technological business elite ruling the world because anyone steeped in a liberal arts mythological tradition will rule in a very subjective biased way and a political system based on true merit is not realistically possible. A liberal arts tradition means rule by the monied elite whether or not they have achieved that money based on merit. Liberal arts frequently means rule by inherited wealth which is frequently unjustified and frequently without merit.

Rewards and/or punishments are judged by authority figures such as parents, teachers, legal authorities, jury members, businessmen, businesswomen, government officials, or politicians.  The moral distribution of rewards and/or punishments means that appropriate rewards in the form of privileges and/or goods and/or money, are given to offspring and adults.  These rewards should justly be proportionate to the effort that they have made and the success with which they have fulfilled their obligations and/or jobs and/or tasks. It means rewarding based on merit and correspondingly it means proportionate punishment or the subtraction of privileges and/or goods and/or money for bad behavior or poor performance at a job or task.

Rewarding very much with little or no success is not justice and it merely increases a feeling of selfworth which is not earned and it handicaps the individual with unrealistic judgments of one’s true ability and merit.

            True justice is justice for humans and wilderness plants and animals.  In a just world humans would not destroy biodiversity and would not lie to each other and would not be inefficient and would not steal from each other and would not commit adultery if married and would not murder each other.  If these goals were achieved humans would live in harmony with each other and let wilderness plants and animals live in survival of the fittest harmony with each other.

A just moral code taught to impressionable young minds and practiced impulsively by its citizens is a guarantee that the government will be as just as is humanly possible. Citizens not impulsively ruled by an inner impulsive morality means the destruction of voluntary human interaction and fearful chaos whose only solution is rule by the threat of force and use of force or a terribly inefficient tyranny or dictatorship!!!!!!

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If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE.

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