The power to tax is the power to destroy or severely handicap and non-polluting businesses should be encouraged to thrive without taxation. There are thousands of non-polluting businesses which would qualify but the most basic and important is food. 

Unfortunately this also includes gambling establishments so it would be unwise to exclude gambling establishments from taxation since they cause so much financial stress and human ruin which creates a financial burden on society.

Rather we should start with the most important commodity food, and encourage certified organic food growers and organic food businesses to thrive without taxation.

Certified organic food should be licensed with severe penalties for not growing the food organically. Certified organic food should mean growing without polluting artificial pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, without artificial fertilizers and no GMOs. For certified organic animals it means no antibiotics, growth hormones, or non organic feed. If the fertilizers are organic such as manure from organic domesticated animals or organic plant sources such as seaweed or kelp or organic ocean fish and life then that is fine.

Certified organic wholesalers, supermarkets, organic fast food, and organic restaurants would also not be taxed.

Polluting agribusiness will continue to be taxed and will consider this unfair or unjust treatment but if they want just treatment then they will all eventually have to switch to sustainable non-polluting certified organic farming.

What is the payoff? A healthier more diverse food supply and a healthier human population in the long duration!!!!!!

Food and pure water should be priority number one in every human’s life. The sooner we start promoting a certified organic food culture nationally and internationally, the healthier will be the society, at least physically if not mentally.

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