Header1 Nice: adj. good and/or right behavior(s) towards a human(s) and/or an animal and this behavior(s) is frequently done politely and/or respectfully and/or caringly and/or kindly and/or friendily and/or courteously and/or modestly and/or with just praise

There is an old saying that you can get more with honey than with vinegar and that is just a way of saying that being nice has better payoffs in human relationships than being mean, nasty, and inconsiderate.

Being nice is actually a social skill which must be learned. You must have a good personal knowledge of good social etiquette and what it means to be polite, respectful, caring, kind, friendly, courteous, modest, and giving just praise.

A braggart or one who thinks too highly of oneself and advertises it is not MODEST and will not be admired or respected by other humans whom he is putting down without realizing it. Those in positions of leadership do not boast about themselves in public and the nicer they are by being modest or low keyed and not grandiose in public the more respected and admired they are by the public.

No matter how prestigious you may feel, if you RESPECT others by carefully listening to what they say without rude interruptions and nicely answer back and never personally assault them with harsh criticism or name calling using words such as stupid, crazy, and piece of shit then they will respect you back. Yes, there are times when supervisors of hard professions may have to use profanities to get their point across to workers who understand those words and are more affected by them because they use that kind of language among themselves but respect can frequently be earned by supervisors through personal actions such as doing some of the dirty work themselves once in a while to help out.

Expressing KINDNESS is more important in family life than on the job but even there if your workers feel that you care about them or nurture and protect them in times of emotional or physical need and give help when it is needed then they will respect you more as a boss. If you have a don’t care attitude and just want results without offering help when it is needed or giving another chance when it is justified then you are not being kind and considerate and your workers will not think highly of you as a good human but think instead that you are a tyrannical boss. Kindness is caring about your fellow humans even when help or kind words of reassurance are not directly requested in time of need.

Being POLITE and COURTEOUS is frequently expressed with the words “sorry” which is an apology if you have made a mistake or behaved badly and “thank you” which is a reward for doing something right or performing a favor. If you are being rude and disrespectful then you are not being polite and courteous.

Giving JUST PRAISE is also part of being nice because everyone enjoys being acknowledged for looking good and/or doing something well and/or doing something good. Just praise is not flattery and over blown praise designed to unjustly boost one’s ego or feeling of self-worth but frequently an honest deserved compliment instead of very intense praise which should be reserved for something truly great.

Finally being FRIENDLY can summarize most of the good characteristics which make up a nice human because even your spouse should be your best friend. Friendship is showing some respect, trust, and caring for another human.

Polite: adj. intentional respect and consideration and using accepted social etiquette  

Kind: adj. relatively small medium intensity caring which isn’t requested  

Respectful: adj. sensing and frequently communicating that a human has (much value and/or moral goodness) and/or (much skill(s) in a (profession and/or activity)) and/or is experienced  

Friendly: adj. interacting with some regard and/or trust and/or caring and the human(s) may sometimes be a stranger  

Courteous: adj. using good and/or right etiquette  

Modest: adj. a moderate appraisal of one’s ability to achieve a goal(s)  

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