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1. “Where do I come from?” (Origin) We are all matter, energy, dark matter, dark energy, and dark gravity material and are here by some chance and some intelligent design and cosmological or universal forces or sources.

2. “Where am I going?” (Destiny) Your destiny is to be reunited with the universe and you will know where you have been at the end of life if you are given the luxury of contemplating your life at the end of it.

3. “What am I on earth for?” (Meaning/purpose) You are here to survive as best as you can and to try to ensure that other just moral humans and wildlife also survive on into the foreseeable future.

4. “How do I know right from wrong?” (Morality) You must come to realize that morality must be updated with changing world realities and the new worldwide moral code which should be taught all impressionable young minds is-except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

5. “What happens when I fail?” (Judgment/Redemption) Future generations will pay or suffer for your contribution to the immorality of human civilization.

Obviously I would want to be reunited with the things I loved on earth in an afterlife if it exists in some form. There is no guarantee of an exciting and peaceful existence in some form after death but just a hopeful human wish which most humans have.

The bad immoral humans may also be reunited with some experiences in an afterlife and I can only hope that they will be worse than mine. If they have a better existence then me then I will be very disappointed if given the power to judge them after death. Is there justice after death if not during life? No scientifically grounded human knows anymore unless you are a convinced “believer” that there will be justice after death!!!!!!


All five questions either have no answer at all or partial answers which is the best that our limited brains can offer. I personally am grateful for being alive and having the time and luxury of trying to make the world a better place in which to live and am grateful that I have a government where I can express my thoughts and share them with limited censorship. Yes, with more money my thoughts, knowledge, and morality would have more impact on humanity but I was just not that fortunate in the money department.

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Loyalty: n. intense attraction to a goal(s) which is frequently a human(s) and/or organization(s) which is frequently devotion with love but sometimes devotion without love


You can be loyal and devoted to offspring, spouse, friend, boss, political party, religion, country, and a cause such as the conservation of wildlife. Your loyalty will be tested when the human or organization does something immoral which may turn your love into dissatisfaction and even hatred for that human or organization. 

Some become so dependent on a relationship that one case of adultery may not damage it permanently or one unfavorable decision by your boss may not cause you to quit because you are so dependent on the job. You may still remain loyal to a bad spouse or bad boss but not love them for being humans no longer worthy of admiration and respect.

Loyalty, devotion, and love make for a powerful motivating force in life but it can get very uncomfortable and dissatisfying when love is lost and you are forced by circumstances to remain loyal and devoted without loving the human or organization because of immoral actions.

Loyalty to a profession causes doctors, lawyers, and other professionals to ignore malpractice by their peers to the detriment of their organization. Loyalty to a spouse may continue despite adultery because of a fear of losing social status and cause one to live in fear of abandonment and jealous misery.

Loyalty is an admirable trait only if it is given to deserving moral humans and organizations. Tyrants also have loyal followers but that does not make the followers just or desirable humans in society. Many criminals are loyal to their criminal organizations but that does not make their loyalty desirable for society.


Loyalty is neither good nor bad but depends on whom or what you are loyal to. If you find immorality in someone or something then try not to be loyal to them if you want peace of mind and lifelong satisfaction.

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Perseverance: n. extreme persistence in trying to achieve a goal(s) and pursuing it much beyond the point where close to 100% of people would stop. Perseverance may be called an addiction to a goal(s) which has a very low probability of being achieved.  The perseverance limit is a lifetime.

Lifelong dedication to something is perseverance and there are plenty of inspiring examples of very talented humans with unsuccessful beginnings who made it big eventually and even became famous. Thomas Edison, Milton Hershey, Steve Jobs, J. K. Rowling, and Simon Cowell are just a few of the truly outstanding examples of great entrepreneurial success which demanded much perseverance.

The common human must be satisfied with lesser achievements through perseverance such as a lifelong monogamous marriage, lifelong friendship, lifelong dedication to a religion or cause such as wildlife conservation, a lifelong dedication to a career such as being a writer, lawyer, or doctor, and a lifelong dedication to eating healthy and exercising in moderation.

A lifelong dedication to family, friends, job, cause, or healthy living is what the common human is capable of and if these goals do not inspire you then you will probably be leading a rather empty lonely life.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, which is rays of truth in a world filled with myths and deceptions.