Theoretically having one vote for the poor human and one vote for the rich human implies equal political power for the rich or poor. Realistically the wealthy contribute more money to political campaigns and get special interest legislation which makes them even richer at the expense of the working tax paying citizens.

The result is that about 47% of the citizens of the United States get some form of welfare assistance and pay no taxes at all on income. The rich are distributing the wealth of the middle class to themselves and the poor who are both bankrupting the system.

Majority rule in elections means that when the percentage of the poor is greater than 50% they can effectively make the working tax paying middle class their SLAVES asking for a more and more luxurious lifestyle on welfare.

I am no particular admirer of the middle classes profligate consumer spending lifestyle but without their tax contribution to the economy, the economy would cease to function or we would become a third world country with a tiny middle class and many poor humans.

One way to give back more political power to the tax paying middle class would be to give them all 10 votes each but this is a very indirect and ineffective way to give them more national power. The real problem is the unjust progressive taxing system with all kinds of special interest tax deductions which keep armies of tax accountants busy using loopholes to avoid taxes.

My future blog will deal with a just taxing system where each working citizen will be contributing in a just way without any tax loopholes for special interests.


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