Fear: v. to sense very intense bad sensations which are caused by (very little security and/or a threat by a large imminent danger) and/or caused when in much potentially deadly pain

One of the most basic emotions is fear of something whether it is a fear of death, fear of humans, animals, plants, objects, or fear of dangerous events or experiences. Name almost anything in this world and you will probably find someone with a phobia for it or an extreme fear of it.


Some humans worry too much because they are so afraid that something bad will happen. To minimize worrying in your life try to worry about the truly important things in your life which can go wrong and don’t spend too much time worrying about the little things which may affect your life in a bad way.


If you probe what motivates humans then you will frequently find that the reason that they are behaving a certain way or not behaving a certain way is because of an overt or subconscious fear of something.


Humans fear death, fear the pain of physical injury, and fear mental embarrassment when our ego is challenged or assaulted. Not only do we fear bullies and dangerous plants and animals but we fear social embarrassment and making mistakes in public or on dates which sometimes gives us much mental stress or a fear of communicating freely.


Humans are afraid of trying new foods because of an inborn fear of being poisoned so there are relatively few humans who are adventurous in their choices of new foods to eat.


Humans are afraid of losing their jobs, some are afraid of losing their spouses, and some are afraid of losing their houses or cars if they are not insured.


Many humans are afraid of disease or sickness and take out medical insurance to calm those fears. Some try to supplement their diet with miracle supplements or foods which theoretically will prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other illnesses which they fear.


Humans are afraid of crime and natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Businesses and government fear crime and surveillance cameras are everywhere.


Some religious humans fear eternal punishment after death if they behave immorally and humans frequently fear others who do not have the same beliefs or opinions about the world.


Many humans traumatized by other humans too frequently and a series of important failures in life sometimes withdraw from new experiences and choose to live in their dysfunctional lifestyles filled with bad habits and an absence of optimism which sometimes results in depression.

In general many humans are afraid to try something new because of a fear of failure which is frequently blamed on being lazy instead.


Finally, many humans set unrealistic goals for themselves and fail because of it and this creates fears of trying something new and feelings of inadequacy.


The solution is to make new realistic goals which you can achieve and this will help you to gradually move out of your shell like existence in life which fears change and infrequently ventures forth to live life to the fullest.



Leading a successful life frequently means moving forward with optimism and determination and leaving behind the many FEARS of failure which haunt many humans and are impediments to human progress and happiness.


What things do I subconsciously fear? If you successfully answer this question yourself or with the help of someone then you may be able to overcome the subconscious fears and liberate yourself to live life more fully.


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