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Psychotropic drugs do not cure chemical imbalances in the brain but create their own artificial chemical imbalances with bad side effects and in fact become addictive drugs from which withdrawal causes more new bad reactions.


There are 9 more psychiatric myths debunked by this ponyeagle.com blog.




If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.




Nature is the standard of efficiency. It communicates efficiently and uses natural resources efficiently with no pollution while selecting the healthiest, smartest, and efficient to reproduce future generations.


Humans on the other hand have historically been inefficient communicators and have been rather unsuccessful is allocating the most resources to the healthiest, smartest, and efficient humans and having them reproduce in greater numbers for the benefit of future generations.


Technology is fast changing inefficiency in society but there are places where short term efficiency alone should not be the standard for production. We all need healthy biodiverse food to be healthy and efficient agribusiness factory techniques which emphasize quantity and not quality production are not producing the healthiest food possible to the detriment of future human health. Efficient manufacturing of products is also not as important as maintaining efficient minimal pollution levels which threaten the health of future generations of humans and wildlife if the pollution levels are too high.


We do not need polluting efficiency in the short duration but sustainable efficiency in the long duration which means quality certified biodiverse organic food and minimum pollution factories like the BMW plant in Chattanooga Tennessee.


Our outdated educational system is still mostly teaching liberal arts which is a job poor field. Gross inefficiency exists in traditional class settings of 20 or more students per teacher. The system is very inefficient and does not utilize each student’s abilities to their fullest.


Teaching moral behavior in a class setting is important in elementary school where students should be encouraged to interact with each other in a civilized way. However, once you are thirteen years old with a moral foundation each student should be able to advance at their own pace and graduate to the next level of expertise based on achievement level and not grade or age level.


Yes, same age students can be in a classroom but each one would be at his or her highest level of achievement in a subject. The result is that many hard working talented students would be graduating high school much before the age of 18 and have full voting rights before the age of 18. My evergreen truth book EDUCATION REFORM has the details of how teaching can be revolutionized to teach for the technological 21st century.


It has been scientifically shown that students retain only about 10% of what they read after about 2 weeks but retain as much as 70% if they interact with the material by speaking also. This fact alone means that interactive audio visual computer instruction is the most efficient way to teach students in most subjects and classrooms will have to have headphones and microphones so that the students can interact with the subject material fully and learn at the fastest pace possible. Yes, there will be lab time during which students can interact with physical objects also to further advance their knowledge of reality by tactile stimulation because motor memory is very important in connecting students with the real world as much as is needed.


Most literature, history, and philosophy is an excursion into useless mythological verbose information which will not be used again in life and should not be boring sources of vague information to be memorized for students in the 21st century. You should not be killing time in school but should be efficiently learning useful skills for a good job in society.


We need quality education for everyone and not mediocre quantity education for the common human in society!!!!!! WHAT you teach is far more important than HOW MUCH you teach. HOW MUCH useless information we have been and are teaching students is a crime which can no longer be justified and should not continue on into the future.



If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EDUCATION REFORM and COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.