Humans have their ups and downs in life but here are some signs that you are probably a relatively happy human and will probably stay that way.


You share your happiness

You compliment humans appropriately and are generally kind to them thus trying to spread your happiness to others too who will probably reciprocate with similar happy compliments and acts of kindness thus increasing your happiness in the future also.


You don’t worry about the little problems or mistakes in your life

You focus your attention on the good things in your life most of the time and don’t let minor annoyances ruin your generally optimistic good mood. You don’t get overly upset when humans don’t text you back, you get stuck in traffic, you spill coffee, you miss your favorite show, you don’t feed the pet, or you don’t put out the garbage on time.


You are grateful for and get satisfaction from the little things in life

You enjoy spending time with family, friends, your favorite show or music, and enjoy exercising occasionally. If you are a loner then you have interesting things to occupy your time which gives you satisfaction.


You revel in other human’s successes

You enjoy hearing about other human’s successes and frequently join them in their happiness which adds to the total moments of happiness which you can experience in life. You are happy about your own achievements but also happy about the achievements of others who may be important in your life.


You get satisfaction from doing things in the present

It turns out that a human is happier engrossed in doing something than thinking about or daydreaming about doing something in the future. When your mind wanders then you are not as happy as when you are doing something in the moment.


You have good relationships with humans or a good relationship with yourself

Good trusting relationships with humans can increase your happy experiences but even loners can be happy with themselves if they occupy their time doing things which make them happy when they are alone.


You know how to handle your stress

You know how to take breaks, meditate, exercise, or spend some time talking to friends to reduce stress during peak stress periods.


You try to maintain an optimistic outlook even in the face of failure or pessimistic outcomes

You are determined not to let temporary failure, mistakes, or other bad events permanently ruin your generally optimistic outlook. You generally have a can do attitude.


You prefer associating with happy humans

Happiness is contagious and if you are happy and show it then other humans who are either happy or want to be happy will gravitate to you.


You set short duration and long duration goals and achieve them

You are a goal setter and achiever which increases your sense of self-worth and makes you a happier human.


You sleep better

There have been studies which show that happy humans get better sleep so if you are not having any problems with sleep which is either not sleeping enough or sleeping too much then you are probably relatively happy in life.



Happiness is contagious so if you try to associate with humans who are happy themselves then you will increase your chances of remaining happy. A happy optimistic attitude is ultimately your responsibility if you want it. Apply happiness tips to your life.

If you are a loner it will be harder to be happy but you can still be happy by doing satisfying things in life which do not necessarily include other humans. If you work towards and get a good paying job then you will be able to afford good healthy food and some material luxuries which are a good foundation for future family relationships if you want them.

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