Devotion: n. frequently showing loverelating commitment and frequently investing a relatively large amount of (time and/or money) and/or effort into samer commitment

Lovrelate: v. to sense much lovin and affection and liking for a subset(s) but not simultaneously

Commitment: n. attaching to a goal(s) for duration

Devotion means that you are not only committed to something but you also love or lovrelate that something and frequently invest much time, money, and effort into the commitment.

Devotion to a human(s) is the most frequent type but you can also be devoted to a cause such as a religion or a conservation organization.

Sometimes you can start off by being devoted to a marriage and latter it becomes merely a commitment without much love and the only reason that you stay married is because you promised the relationship would last a lifetime and you decide to keep that promise.

I am devoted to my marriage and the pursuit of truth which includes trying to logically define important words but other humans may merely be devoted to staying alive in this frequently unjust world.

If you are not devoted to anything important then find or pursue a passion or passions in your life and devote yourself to it or them and you may get much satisfaction doing so.


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