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Historically war was the way to expand empires and subjugate different cultures. Today because of assured mutual nuclear destruction it is highly improbable that war will break out between major powers like Russia, China, and the USA.

Regional wars are still possible but increasingly big money is being used to rule the world. Iran may seem like a warlike threat but economic sanctions by almost all the nations of the world brought Iran to the negotiating table about it’s nuclear ambitions.

Extreme Muslim fundamentalism may be a regional concern but the probability that they will become a nuclear terrorist threat to other nations in the world is highly improbable unless Iran goes nuclear.


Future nuclear war is highly improbable and for regional military conflicts Special Forces and a Marine Corps backup should be all the military force which is necessary to prevent the expansionist ambitions of small local tyrants.

A cyber threat to the military and a nation’s electrical infrastructure is the only realistic threat which must be planned for and defended against.


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The truth is that there should be no need for a future huge conventional fighting machine because no wars between countries should be fought with massive ground troops in the future.   The United States has strategic nuclear weapons so it can scratch most of that expensive sea and air fighting equipment which is realistically a waste of energy, money, and material resources.

Most countries won’t need an army, tanks, aircraft carriers, destroyers or any other massive offensive or defensive fighting equipment. The United States should still have a few aircraft carriers and more than a handful of submarines to maintain localized superior air power in the short run anywhere in the world but that is all.

Because strategic nuclear weapons can be used efficiently by the United States and other major powers to protect any country on the face of this earth from invasion, we no longer need large standing armies. The military industrial complex will have to be downsized quite a bit and made more efficient with small fast strike force capability and a Marine Corp backup as priority number one and two.

In 20 years we may not even need a national guard but only an internal police force which will coordinate its activities with an Interpol type of international police force cooperation.

Nuclear submarines should roam the seas in the transition period to a worldwide police force better than Interpol and Special Forces can emerge from submarines to do special assignments for international smuggling and international drug trafficking and piracy.  Nuclear bombs on some of those submarines should be prepared to exclude an enemy who becomes aggressive and ignores national boundaries. The potential threat of force is the only real insurance against a violent tyrant’s desired aggressive actions. The threat of greater violence or the fear of its usage will prevent a tyrant attack.

The military is dependent to some degree on GPS electronic signals which can be spoofed and jammed and especially susceptible are drones. Smart bombs can also be spoofed and jammed but there are backup inertial guidance systems and laser guided systems which can be installed which don’t have to depend on GPS signals alone. North Korea has tried to use jamming devices to interfere with South Koreas GPS signals as a test by the Chinese helped espionage but those attempts more than once have largely failed to completely stop activity because there are reserve devices for GPS also.

In the United States and maybe elsewhere trucks with very expensive products have been highjacked with relatively inexpensive bubble jammers which destroy GPS tracking capability and make cell phone use and GPS useless. Sophisticated thieves can do great economic damage if they want to and open source electronic information on the internet is making this possible for clever crooks. In the future not only the FBI but the military may have to be involved to prevent this theft from exceeding minimum amounts. The installation of reserve systems for civilian GPS which is used by the government and private individuals will have to be done.

As long as there are independent tyrannical regions in the world such as China and Russia where there is a unique currency and an independent military the United States will need a military nuclear force to prevent the potentially aggressive actions of megalomaniacal tyrants.

A voluntary military force which is paid adequately is what any dominant military power should have.  If there are not enough voluntary military personnel for national security then the most just way to compensate is to increase military pay to the point where adequate personnel enlist.

Cyber warfare is the biggest threat to any nation and the military should be concentrating on protecting a nation’s infrastructure which is dependent on computers from being sabotaged in the future. The internet has created a largely electronic world and it is the new primary function of the military to protect this vulnerable resource from foreign attack or secretive invasion.

Theoretically you can jam any electronic device and a military dependent on electronics should be vigilant and should have backup devices or systems ready if an attempt is made to deactivate or destroy the electronic communications system both military and civilian.


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HOW MUCH you learn is no longer as important as WHAT you learn and HOW you learn it. Many are studying liberal arts and finding the job market to be very poor and are ending up unemployed.

If you are talented and with an excellent memory then computer technology and engineering is still a good field to study and not job poor but that information should be taught as early as possible so they don’t waste their talent sitting through mediocre classes in public school.

The educational system is outdated with teachers still inefficiently trying to teach 20 or 30 students at a time and turning out high school graduates only qualified to do minimum wage work. There should be much more teaching of useful technological skills, basic math, and science and the ideal way is to teach with much individualized interactive AUDIO visual computer education so that students can proceed at their own pace whether very slow or very fast or in between. Same age students can still be in the same classroom but each can be at their own level of achievement thus optimizing education efficiency.

Scientific studies show that text book reading and studying from books results on average only remembering about 10% of what was read after two weeks. AUDIO visual interaction where the students actually speak about what they are learning increases the retention to about 70%. It is obvious that modern students should be speaking about what they are learning and not quietly absorbing what the teacher is teaching the classroom which is very inefficient education.

Poor neighborhoods have bad schools where very little useful knowledge is learned and individualized audio visual education offers the possibility of a good quality education even in a bad quality school system. Ultimately computer education from home will replace public schools with the exception of elementary school where all students must be taught to interact morally with other students with differing learning abilities.

Offspring in poor countries can be educated via a cell phone or computer powered by solar energy where electricity is not available.

Graduate education is becoming prohibitively expensive and a liberal arts education frequently only qualifies you for minimum wage work with a huge student loan to pay back.

Not only WHAT is taught in school has to be changed but HOW it is being taught has to be radically overhauled to make education once again relevant to the technological 21st century.

Education should not be mostly useless information taught students who will not use it in real life when they become adults. History, music, drama, team sports, crafts, and literature is information which very few will use again in real life and should be eliminated from the curriculum. Budgeting with the use of a calculator and computer skills are vital to a good education where the student should be taught the joys of self-education by being able to use search engines to gain useful information.

EDUCATION REFORM is my evergreen truth book which details WHAT should be taught in schools and HOW education must be changed to make education relevant and not just a time killing boring pastime for offspring.

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The quantity of the pollution and the type of pollution should be considered when logically discussing pollution.

Some chemicals are only pollutants because there is too much of them around and they become threats to your health. An example is carbon dioxide which is a very reactive chemical. It does not pollute the environment because it quickly unites chemically with other substances and becomes inert or harmless. However, if you get too much of it or too great a QUANTITY into your lungs then you suffocate to death.

Government permitted pollution levels are frequently in parts per million in the air and parts per billion in the water and soil and this refers to the “safe” quantity limits of the pollutant.

Artificially created chemicals or drugs can be harmful to your health if they are not found somewhere in nature. The safest drugs are drugs extracted from plants or animals or those which are found in plants or animals and have been mass produced in the lab or factory. Because they are natural or part of nature there should be minimal fear but of course they can be unhealthy to your system if taken for too long or in too great a quantity. This is a reason why there are dosage limits and time limits for taking them.

If you are taking drugs not found in nature but those which are only produced artificially in the lab then you run the risk of ruining your metabolism in an unhealthy way either immediately with severe side effects or they can ruin your health in the long duration.

Artificial pesticides and herbicides made with chemicals not found in nature or those which don’t degrade in the soil or your stomach and intestines into harmless substances are true pollutants which should be outlawed.

GMO’s with bacterial genes inserted into them are unnatural pollutants with almost guaranteed long duration harm to your health. These kinds of genetically modified organisms can be successfully used in the mass production biologically of desired substances but they should never be a part of the food chain. Eating them will affect your present metabolism in a harmful way and even harm the genes of future generations of humans.


Before you get paranoid about pollution remember to eat as much certified organic food as possible and if you occasionally ingest pesticides, herbicides, or meat gotten from growth hormones or antibiotics added to animal feed then you won’t immediately die and the effect on your long duration health and metabolism will be minimal.

Why are more humans dying of cancer than a hundred years ago? It doesn’t take much common sense to realize that the only significant thing which has changed is a polluted food and drink supply and the artificial prescription drugs which you are on!!!!!!


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Is there a guarantee that if you input the exact title name that your e-book will appear first on the search page? No. A few of my unique titles do but most are lost in the shuffle or Amazon placement algorithm.

If you use your computer and input e-book followed by the title then you will get slightly better placement results. However, I used a different computer than my own and got poorer placement results so I suspect that Amazon is fine tuning the search results to the author’s computer.

When I first published my e-books in 2011, about 17 of them, I sold an average of 3 to 4 a month. Today, I am selling two to three a year so it seems that the placement of the books is constantly changing and gets worse the older that your book publishing date is.

Key words, ISBN number, and customer reviews of your e-books appear to have no different effects on the placement of your e-book when it is searched for.

I strongly suspect that money and a biased editorial staff at Amazon is the prime determining factor in the placement of your e-book in their search engine. Blockbuster celebrity books appear first and I am not sure what money deals Amazon makes with book publishers themselves to get better placement.

In three years after publishing 17 e-books I have made about $100 from selling them. Not very encouraging statistics for the independent e-book self-publisher!!!!!! I also published with Barnes and Noble and got similar results.

It seems that celebrities with a hundred thousand followers are the only ones making money in the book publishing business these days unless you have written an overpriced text book which many schools are using.

Reading is also becoming a lost pastime with the younger generation so it seems that most book authoring will be a dead financially unrewarding profession in the near future.

Rare inventive authors create buzz for their book and reach over a hundred thousand potential customers. However, if you are laid back with a handful of followers then you will make almost no money at all e-book publishing!!!!!!

COMMON SENSE is a revolutionary book of about 800 pages for $3. It appears on approximately page 6 if you search by title so I strongly suspect the book is being censored by the Amazon editorial staff and it is not the placement algorithm’s fault.

If publishing an e-book boosts your ego, improves your writing, or if you want to leave a legacy for your offspring and grandchildren then it is not a total waste of time.

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 Psychology: n. a mostly subjective analysis and description of human behavior

Psychoanalysis was a failed attempt at analyzing human behavior objectively and trying to make rules about the interaction of the conscious and unconscious mind and the resultant behavior. Trying to logically and objectively make valid statements about vaguely defined emotions and feelings which are so subjective from human to human and vary widely resulted in failure at coming up with rules or principles which applied to every human.

Each human is unique and motivated by unique impulses and reacts to life situations in a personal unique way. There are social behavioral norms but not everyone conforms to them all the time so psychology frequently says things which are true most of the time but not all the time.

Psychological motivations can be fear, anger, love, hate, jealousy, revenge, ridicule, cruelty, empathy, sympathy, caring, nurturing, protecting, greed, selfishness, altruism, laziness, gluttony, etc. or in effect any emotion and behavioral goal may motivate a human to act in a unique personal way.

There are ambivalent feelings or two emotions mixing to produce a behavior but there may also be more than two emotions at play such as the fear of abandonment, anger, jealousy, love, and hate all mixed together and reacting behaviorally to the sudden knowledge of an adulterous relationship of one’s spouse.

“What made you do what you did?” is frequently a stupid question because it may be so many things that the human can just not give a simple answer to the question. I just felt like it or just wanted to do it is an honest response under some complicated circumstances.

Psychology is a failure very frequently because it views so many things relativistically and tries to use situation ethics to resolve problems.  It is frequently non-judgmental and frequently promotes the philosophy that if it feels good to you or it is something which you like then do it.

The fact is that healthy human interaction requires moral behavior as a prerequisite and if you encourage humans to act and react immorally then you will fail at giving them proper or useful advice. Most humans do not like to be lied to, stolen from, or be the victims of adultery and psychology which tries to ignore these fundamental objective truths is bound to fail at giving wholesome advice to humans about how they should behave and how they should feel.

Psychologists are an unacceptable replacement for dying religions which used to give purpose and meaning in human lives. Psychologists should all be guided by a secular moral code which is-except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

This kind of moral advice will not only encourage trustworthy and reliable human behavior but it will also give purpose to the lives of humans living in a hedonistic increasingly immoral society which psychologists are a part of and wallowing in themselves frequently very confused.

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Many intelligent humans are also smart but some are not and there are humans who are smart and not very intelligent. When you read this blog then hopefully you will know what the difference between intelligence and smarts is.

There is no mathematical formula which can predict intelligent behavior and even an IQ score on tests only determines how good you are at analyzing and understanding the written content and your ability to manipulate numbers and mathematical concepts. IQ is highly dependent on how good a memory you have and the quantity and quality of the information which you have learned.

Even high IQ humans can do some very stupid things and may have very little logical ability.They may be handicapped when it comes to managing humans or dealing with them successfully on an emotional level called emotional intelligence EQ. Most humans are highly emotional creatures who seldom think things through logically and don’t make many smart logical decisions but rather make many emotionally biased choices in life. EQ is frequently much more important in life than IQ if you have to interact much with humans.

Further you can be very intelligent in a field of expertise or profession such as medicine but be very bad in household repairs and not be handy with tools at all so one can say that you are only intelligent mostly in your field of expertise. 

In human relationships due to an over inflated ego or excessive pride you may act foolishly or inappropriately with humans on many levels and not be considered very intelligent by them.

In the real world who you know is sometimes more important than what you know and a smart human will know the difference and adjust accordingly.

The quality of the information which you have learned is more important than a quantity of information much of which may be trivial in nature or over specialized and practically useless when you try to achieve goals in life.

It is commonly said that someone may have book smarts but not practical smarts or an ability to analyze a real life situation and solve problems associated with the situation. Experience in problem solving is also a factor to be considered in smart behavior.

Efficiency also enters the evaluation of intelligence and if you are naturally slow and make more mistakes than is considered standard then you are not as intelligent or more accurately not as smart about a situation. You can act very logically in some situations and be very smart or very emotionally and irrationally in many situations and not be smart.

Finally if you are gifted with talent which usually means a very good memory and good relationship or communication skills which are mostly learned then you may have the potential to become a celebrity, a very good leader, and may become rich with money in life. Getting rich, becoming a celebrity, or becoming a good leader is not a guarantee since very many intelligent humans are not celebrities or very good leaders and some are rather poor money wise. Famous humans usually have much EQ and enough IQ to make it big.

You can be intelligent and not very smart or good at solving important problems in life and ultimately being smart is much more important than being intelligent for the common human.

Smart: adj. a human having complete logical reasoning skills and successfully applying them to solve political and social and economic and scientific problems

Intelligent: adj. possessing the ability to memorize and process much information but it is not frequently a measure of how smart you are in life



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