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Historically war was the way to expand empires and subjugate different cultures. Today because of assured mutual nuclear destruction it is highly improbable that war will break out between major powers like Russia, China, and the USA.

Regional wars are still possible but increasingly big money is being used to rule the world. Iran may seem like a warlike threat but economic sanctions by almost all the nations of the world brought Iran to the negotiating table about it’s nuclear ambitions.

Extreme Muslim fundamentalism may be a regional concern but the probability that they will become a nuclear terrorist threat to other nations in the world is highly improbable unless Iran goes nuclear.


Future nuclear war is highly improbable and for regional military conflicts Special Forces and a Marine Corps backup should be all the military force which is necessary to prevent the expansionist ambitions of small local tyrants.

A cyber threat to the military and a nation’s electrical infrastructure is the only realistic threat which must be planned for and defended against.


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The truth is that there should be no need for a future huge conventional fighting machine because no wars between countries should be fought with massive ground troops in the future.   The United States has strategic nuclear weapons so it can scratch most of that expensive sea and air fighting equipment which is realistically a waste of energy, money, and material resources.

Most countries won’t need an army, tanks, aircraft carriers, destroyers or any other massive offensive or defensive fighting equipment. The United States should still have a few aircraft carriers and more than a handful of submarines to maintain localized superior air power in the short run anywhere in the world but that is all.

Because strategic nuclear weapons can be used efficiently by the United States and other major powers to protect any country on the face of this earth from invasion, we no longer need large standing armies. The military industrial complex will have to be downsized quite a bit and made more efficient with small fast strike force capability and a Marine Corp backup as priority number one and two.

In 20 years we may not even need a national guard but only an internal police force which will coordinate its activities with an Interpol type of international police force cooperation.

Nuclear submarines should roam the seas in the transition period to a worldwide police force better than Interpol and Special Forces can emerge from submarines to do special assignments for international smuggling and international drug trafficking and piracy.  Nuclear bombs on some of those submarines should be prepared to exclude an enemy who becomes aggressive and ignores national boundaries. The potential threat of force is the only real insurance against a violent tyrant’s desired aggressive actions. The threat of greater violence or the fear of its usage will prevent a tyrant attack.

The military is dependent to some degree on GPS electronic signals which can be spoofed and jammed and especially susceptible are drones. Smart bombs can also be spoofed and jammed but there are backup inertial guidance systems and laser guided systems which can be installed which don’t have to depend on GPS signals alone. North Korea has tried to use jamming devices to interfere with South Koreas GPS signals as a test by the Chinese helped espionage but those attempts more than once have largely failed to completely stop activity because there are reserve devices for GPS also.

In the United States and maybe elsewhere trucks with very expensive products have been highjacked with relatively inexpensive bubble jammers which destroy GPS tracking capability and make cell phone use and GPS useless. Sophisticated thieves can do great economic damage if they want to and open source electronic information on the internet is making this possible for clever crooks. In the future not only the FBI but the military may have to be involved to prevent this theft from exceeding minimum amounts. The installation of reserve systems for civilian GPS which is used by the government and private individuals will have to be done.

As long as there are independent tyrannical regions in the world such as China and Russia where there is a unique currency and an independent military the United States will need a military nuclear force to prevent the potentially aggressive actions of megalomaniacal tyrants.

A voluntary military force which is paid adequately is what any dominant military power should have.  If there are not enough voluntary military personnel for national security then the most just way to compensate is to increase military pay to the point where adequate personnel enlist.

Cyber warfare is the biggest threat to any nation and the military should be concentrating on protecting a nation’s infrastructure which is dependent on computers from being sabotaged in the future. The internet has created a largely electronic world and it is the new primary function of the military to protect this vulnerable resource from foreign attack or secretive invasion.

Theoretically you can jam any electronic device and a military dependent on electronics should be vigilant and should have backup devices or systems ready if an attempt is made to deactivate or destroy the electronic communications system both military and civilian.


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HOW MUCH you learn is no longer as important as WHAT you learn and HOW you learn it. Many are studying liberal arts and finding the job market to be very poor and are ending up unemployed.

If you are talented and with an excellent memory then computer technology and engineering is still a good field to study and not job poor but that information should be taught as early as possible so they don’t waste their talent sitting through mediocre classes in public school.

The educational system is outdated with teachers still inefficiently trying to teach 20 or 30 students at a time and turning out high school graduates only qualified to do minimum wage work. There should be much more teaching of useful technological skills, basic math, and science and the ideal way is to teach with much individualized interactive AUDIO visual computer education so that students can proceed at their own pace whether very slow or very fast or in between. Same age students can still be in the same classroom but each can be at their own level of achievement thus optimizing education efficiency.

Scientific studies show that text book reading and studying from books results on average only remembering about 10% of what was read after two weeks. AUDIO visual interaction where the students actually speak about what they are learning increases the retention to about 70%. It is obvious that modern students should be speaking about what they are learning and not quietly absorbing what the teacher is teaching the classroom which is very inefficient education.

Poor neighborhoods have bad schools where very little useful knowledge is learned and individualized audio visual education offers the possibility of a good quality education even in a bad quality school system. Ultimately computer education from home will replace public schools with the exception of elementary school where all students must be taught to interact morally with other students with differing learning abilities.

Offspring in poor countries can be educated via a cell phone or computer powered by solar energy where electricity is not available.

Graduate education is becoming prohibitively expensive and a liberal arts education frequently only qualifies you for minimum wage work with a huge student loan to pay back.

Not only WHAT is taught in school has to be changed but HOW it is being taught has to be radically overhauled to make education once again relevant to the technological 21st century.

Education should not be mostly useless information taught students who will not use it in real life when they become adults. History, music, drama, team sports, crafts, and literature is information which very few will use again in real life and should be eliminated from the curriculum. Budgeting with the use of a calculator and computer skills are vital to a good education where the student should be taught the joys of self-education by being able to use search engines to gain useful information.

EDUCATION REFORM is my evergreen truth book which details WHAT should be taught in schools and HOW education must be changed to make education relevant and not just a time killing boring pastime for offspring.

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The quantity of the pollution and the type of pollution should be considered when logically discussing pollution.

Some chemicals are only pollutants because there is too much of them around and they become threats to your health. An example is carbon dioxide which is a very reactive chemical. It does not pollute the environment because it quickly unites chemically with other substances and becomes inert or harmless. However, if you get too much of it or too great a QUANTITY into your lungs then you suffocate to death.

Government permitted pollution levels are frequently in parts per million in the air and parts per billion in the water and soil and this refers to the “safe” quantity limits of the pollutant.

Artificially created chemicals or drugs can be harmful to your health if they are not found somewhere in nature. The safest drugs are drugs extracted from plants or animals or those which are found in plants or animals and have been mass produced in the lab or factory. Because they are natural or part of nature there should be minimal fear but of course they can be unhealthy to your system if taken for too long or in too great a quantity. This is a reason why there are dosage limits and time limits for taking them.

If you are taking drugs not found in nature but those which are only produced artificially in the lab then you run the risk of ruining your metabolism in an unhealthy way either immediately with severe side effects or they can ruin your health in the long duration.

Artificial pesticides and herbicides made with chemicals not found in nature or those which don’t degrade in the soil or your stomach and intestines into harmless substances are true pollutants which should be outlawed.

GMO’s with bacterial genes inserted into them are unnatural pollutants with almost guaranteed long duration harm to your health. These kinds of genetically modified organisms can be successfully used in the mass production biologically of desired substances but they should never be a part of the food chain. Eating them will affect your present metabolism in a harmful way and even harm the genes of future generations of humans.


Before you get paranoid about pollution remember to eat as much certified organic food as possible and if you occasionally ingest pesticides, herbicides, or meat gotten from growth hormones or antibiotics added to animal feed then you won’t immediately die and the effect on your long duration health and metabolism will be minimal.

Why are more humans dying of cancer than a hundred years ago? It doesn’t take much common sense to realize that the only significant thing which has changed is a polluted food and drink supply and the artificial prescription drugs which you are on!!!!!!


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Is there a guarantee that if you input the exact title name that your e-book will appear first on the search page? No. A few of my unique titles do but most are lost in the shuffle or Amazon placement algorithm.

If you use your computer and input e-book followed by the title then you will get slightly better placement results. However, I used a different computer than my own and got poorer placement results so I suspect that Amazon is fine tuning the search results to the author’s computer.

When I first published my e-books in 2011, about 17 of them, I sold an average of 3 to 4 a month. Today, I am selling two to three a year so it seems that the placement of the books is constantly changing and gets worse the older that your book publishing date is.

Key words, ISBN number, and customer reviews of your e-books appear to have no different effects on the placement of your e-book when it is searched for.

I strongly suspect that money and a biased editorial staff at Amazon is the prime determining factor in the placement of your e-book in their search engine. Blockbuster celebrity books appear first and I am not sure what money deals Amazon makes with book publishers themselves to get better placement.

In three years after publishing 17 e-books I have made about $100 from selling them. Not very encouraging statistics for the independent e-book self-publisher!!!!!! I also published with Barnes and Noble and got similar results.

It seems that celebrities with a hundred thousand followers are the only ones making money in the book publishing business these days unless you have written an overpriced text book which many schools are using.

Reading is also becoming a lost pastime with the younger generation so it seems that most book authoring will be a dead financially unrewarding profession in the near future.

Rare inventive authors create buzz for their book and reach over a hundred thousand potential customers. However, if you are laid back with a handful of followers then you will make almost no money at all e-book publishing!!!!!!

COMMON SENSE is a revolutionary book of about 800 pages for $3. It appears on approximately page 6 if you search by title so I strongly suspect the book is being censored by the Amazon editorial staff and it is not the placement algorithm’s fault.

If publishing an e-book boosts your ego, improves your writing, or if you want to leave a legacy for your offspring and grandchildren then it is not a total waste of time.

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 Psychology: n. a mostly subjective analysis and description of human behavior

Psychoanalysis was a failed attempt at analyzing human behavior objectively and trying to make rules about the interaction of the conscious and unconscious mind and the resultant behavior. Trying to logically and objectively make valid statements about vaguely defined emotions and feelings which are so subjective from human to human and vary widely resulted in failure at coming up with rules or principles which applied to every human.

Each human is unique and motivated by unique impulses and reacts to life situations in a personal unique way. There are social behavioral norms but not everyone conforms to them all the time so psychology frequently says things which are true most of the time but not all the time.

Psychological motivations can be fear, anger, love, hate, jealousy, revenge, ridicule, cruelty, empathy, sympathy, caring, nurturing, protecting, greed, selfishness, altruism, laziness, gluttony, etc. or in effect any emotion and behavioral goal may motivate a human to act in a unique personal way.

There are ambivalent feelings or two emotions mixing to produce a behavior but there may also be more than two emotions at play such as the fear of abandonment, anger, jealousy, love, and hate all mixed together and reacting behaviorally to the sudden knowledge of an adulterous relationship of one’s spouse.

“What made you do what you did?” is frequently a stupid question because it may be so many things that the human can just not give a simple answer to the question. I just felt like it or just wanted to do it is an honest response under some complicated circumstances.

Psychology is a failure very frequently because it views so many things relativistically and tries to use situation ethics to resolve problems.  It is frequently non-judgmental and frequently promotes the philosophy that if it feels good to you or it is something which you like then do it.

The fact is that healthy human interaction requires moral behavior as a prerequisite and if you encourage humans to act and react immorally then you will fail at giving them proper or useful advice. Most humans do not like to be lied to, stolen from, or be the victims of adultery and psychology which tries to ignore these fundamental objective truths is bound to fail at giving wholesome advice to humans about how they should behave and how they should feel.

Psychologists are an unacceptable replacement for dying religions which used to give purpose and meaning in human lives. Psychologists should all be guided by a secular moral code which is-except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

This kind of moral advice will not only encourage trustworthy and reliable human behavior but it will also give purpose to the lives of humans living in a hedonistic increasingly immoral society which psychologists are a part of and wallowing in themselves frequently very confused.

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Many intelligent humans are also smart but some are not and there are humans who are smart and not very intelligent. When you read this blog then hopefully you will know what the difference between intelligence and smarts is.

There is no mathematical formula which can predict intelligent behavior and even an IQ score on tests only determines how good you are at analyzing and understanding the written content and your ability to manipulate numbers and mathematical concepts. IQ is highly dependent on how good a memory you have and the quantity and quality of the information which you have learned.

Even high IQ humans can do some very stupid things and may have very little logical ability.They may be handicapped when it comes to managing humans or dealing with them successfully on an emotional level called emotional intelligence EQ. Most humans are highly emotional creatures who seldom think things through logically and don’t make many smart logical decisions but rather make many emotionally biased choices in life. EQ is frequently much more important in life than IQ if you have to interact much with humans.

Further you can be very intelligent in a field of expertise or profession such as medicine but be very bad in household repairs and not be handy with tools at all so one can say that you are only intelligent mostly in your field of expertise. 

In human relationships due to an over inflated ego or excessive pride you may act foolishly or inappropriately with humans on many levels and not be considered very intelligent by them.

In the real world who you know is sometimes more important than what you know and a smart human will know the difference and adjust accordingly.

The quality of the information which you have learned is more important than a quantity of information much of which may be trivial in nature or over specialized and practically useless when you try to achieve goals in life.

It is commonly said that someone may have book smarts but not practical smarts or an ability to analyze a real life situation and solve problems associated with the situation. Experience in problem solving is also a factor to be considered in smart behavior.

Efficiency also enters the evaluation of intelligence and if you are naturally slow and make more mistakes than is considered standard then you are not as intelligent or more accurately not as smart about a situation. You can act very logically in some situations and be very smart or very emotionally and irrationally in many situations and not be smart.

Finally if you are gifted with talent which usually means a very good memory and good relationship or communication skills which are mostly learned then you may have the potential to become a celebrity, a very good leader, and may become rich with money in life. Getting rich, becoming a celebrity, or becoming a good leader is not a guarantee since very many intelligent humans are not celebrities or very good leaders and some are rather poor money wise. Famous humans usually have much EQ and enough IQ to make it big.

You can be intelligent and not very smart or good at solving important problems in life and ultimately being smart is much more important than being intelligent for the common human.

Smart: adj. a human having complete logical reasoning skills and successfully applying them to solve political and social and economic and scientific problems

Intelligent: adj. possessing the ability to memorize and process much information but it is not frequently a measure of how smart you are in life



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Capitalism was designed to create just competition between many competing businesses. Businesses could provide better customer service, a product at a better price, or an improved quality product all resulting in efficient exchange and the most profitable business would grow and prosper.

Monopoly or near monopoly businesses mean less competition, being able to buy raw materials at unjust lower prices, not being so innovative or producing poor quality goods which don’t last as long, buying up smaller businesses to eliminate new competition, setting prices as high as they want, demanding unreasonable low prices from suppliers who are totally dependent on the monopoly, less choice in the variety of products offered, and colluding with other near monopoly businesses to fix prices.

The only thing which is keeping prices for information, goods, and services low is international business competition but there too capitalism will no longer be functional with monopoly international banks and corporations.

There is also less competition for capital intensive companies like airline manufacture where it is very difficult for a new company to try and compete with a novel airline improvement or design since startup costs are in the billions of dollars.

If you had a great new business which was making a big profit and growing quickly then you could go to the stock market and make it go public hoping to get more money for further expansion opportunities. Today there are still some rare technology IPOs which go public but are quickly bought up by larger technology companies to eliminate competition and give them a worldwide edge.

There is in fact a big monopoly of international banks and big money and fast computers manipulating the stock market causing much short duration volatility and making the stock market a gambling crap shoot with almost no opportunity of making money in the long duration. Stock price movement is rigged and for all practical purposes the movement is rarely tied to fundamentals or tangible assets.

The small business man and woman are also threatened with extinction because they can’t buy products and raw materials at the wholesale prices only available to big businesses or franchises and can’t compete with them.

Capitalism is still alive for the big money boys but is almost dead for the small investor and small business man or woman trying to make a logical business investment with little capital.


Competition against very big business or monopolies is less likely and the benefits of capitalism are greatly reduced or even nullified. The business becomes a special interest with government supported laws that promote inefficiency and waste and don’t produce quality, durable, and long lasting products or services. Innovation or product improvement is also minimal. Profits become more important than customer satisfaction.

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Overpopulation, especially in developing nations, is caused by illiteracy, no contraception, and corrupt governments.

Many extremely poor and illiterate humans feel that children are old age insurance whom they can depend on in old age since there is no social security. Some illiterate humans don’t realize that contraception is an option or can’t afford contraception and continue to have offspring because it is the natural thing to do.

Some humans deplete their sources of food or lose their land and become impoverished, unemployed, and starving. Some governments are so corrupt that they have no safety net for the unemployed poor who are overpopulating their limited food resources. The result of this overpopulation is frequently some starvation and death but humans are resourceful and frequently it means more humans or further overpopulation and more stress on the environment and the destruction of biodiversity.

The solution to overpopulation is governments educating their poor, offering them affordable contraception, and offering them old age insurance by providing free food to the elderly and starving.

There are more diabolical solutions to overpopulation and that is feeding the poor with remarkable technologically developed GMO food which causes male infertility or causes spontaneous abortion in women. Vaccinations can also be made which cure disease but cause infertility. This may be a more realistic solution than offering loans or foreign aid to corrupt governments who use the money to enrich themselves and keep control over their poor, unemployed humans through coercive means or dictatorships and continue starvation practices.

Illiterate humans deprived of land to farm or jobs to do will unfortunately overpopulate the land and continue to destroy biodiversity in the process on into the foreseeable future if their government or western nations don’t take realistic steps to stop overpopulation. Education, contraception, a government safety net, and just governments are the only solutions.

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If you have a good job, are attractive, communicate well, share common morals, and generally have the same education or social background then you should have more success in online or offline dating. For more detailed information about dating use these 8 links to gain expert knowledge about how to date.


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If you would like to be married or are married here are 15 links on marriage which will tell you what is important about marriage. Scan these blogs to see what might interest you or skip to the end and briefly read about the truth about marriage in a nutshell.


Marriage is a serious financial and moral responsibility to spouse and offspring and the financial burden and responsibility for raising offspring should not become a government function enforced by hundreds of laws.

If you can’t afford marriage then you should not be married but remain single.

The two leading causes of divorce are financial mismanagement or absence of adequate finances and adultery. Families have a high probability of breaking up if financial resources are scarce and society promotes hedonistic promiscuous lifestyles for most of its citizens.

Love and sexual attraction alone are not enough for a successful happy responsible marriage. The sooner modern society begins to recognize this fundamental truth and pass laws which demand financial responsibility first before marriage the sooner will the world escape the avalanche of failed marriages and dependent offspring which taxpayers or government welfare is forced to support.

Historically and in some parts of the world a dowry or enough money was mandatory before marriage. This is just an acknowledgement of the fact that money was and still is the number one priority for a successful marriage.

Human nature and a just functioning society has not changed much since those days and financial resources should once again be the primary determining factor in government sanctioned marriages.

Yes, you can still live together with the one that you love and are sexually attracted to but if you have half a brain you will put off marriage and offspring until you are financially solvent.

Of course there will be humanitarians who may object to the genocide of poor humans but reality demands that unwed mothers on welfare be limited to one or two offspring and not be incentivized to have a brood all at tax payer’s expense. If you have more than two offspring on welfare then you should be forced to give up additional offspring for adoption. Not passing such limitations will create a marriageless society with most women on welfare assistance and government playing the role of daddy the provider.

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A typical lifestyle of a young unemployed adult living with parents is sleeping 9 or more hours, playing video games, watching movies and cartoons, listening to music, internet gambling, watching TV, spending time texting, being on Facebook or social media, eating and snacking, goofing off, and looking for work. That is 15 hours of doing what you like or enjoy in the moment and you are not making any real progress in life. This lifestyle can be addictive and can last for months and even years and leave you depressed and hopeless about your future.

Now compare this to a wiser use of time which may not be as enjoyable, will require sacrificing impulsive bad habits, but will make progress towards a more successful hopeful future.

Scheduling 9 hours of sleep, ½ hour of exercise, 2 hours looking for work, ½ hour video games, ½ hour listening to music, ½ hour internet gambling, ½ hour eating leaves 11 hours for SELF-EDUCATION which can benefit your future life in a great way.

An example of what you can learn to improve your prospects for future success in the medical field is 1 hour of anatomy, 1 hour of biochemistry, 1 hour of cell biology, 1 hour of embryology, 1 hour of genetics, 1 hour of human behavior, 1 hour of immunology, 1 hour of neuroscience, and 1 hour of physiology, and 9 fifteen minute breaks in between the subjects where you just meditate or think about how to make your daily schedule more efficient and useful.

Keep this schedule up for half a year and you will be able to pass an online first year course in medicine or a medicine related field such as radiology or nursing.


Schedule your self-education time wisely and when you land a minimum wage job then save your money for payed internet courses or a regular school education in the field of your choice. It may take you 10 or 15 years instead of 4 years to get the useful education which you need for a good job in a useful field which you will enjoy but ultimately it is your choice and decision.

If you want to make something out of your life and not just wallow in a sea of depressing addictive dead end behavior then learn on your own. Gaining knowledge in a useful field is not time wasted but time wisely invested.

Setting aside time by scheduling your day for self-education is the key to true success in life at any point in your life. If you don’t set aside time to improve your skills for a potential good future job then your prospects for a good future are grim and your relationships with other people, especially a potential future spouse, will not improve.

Money to support offspring is fundamental to a potential happy family life and if you never make enough of it in your life then you will almost never find your soul mate and have a successful family.

Some humans have big dreams and want to do something which no one else has done and make big money at it. Unless you are very talented or with an excellent memory and are prepared to fail many times on your route to stardom or celebrity then your chances of success are remote and having a useful skill which humans are willing to pay for is most important for the common man or woman leading the common life.

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Historically tribal chiefs, emperors, kings, queens,  dictators, and presidents did their immoral violent conquering, killing, terrorizing, and subjugating of competing humans.  Some subjugated humans became slaves or were exploited by the conquering wealthy class. Humans under leaders were largely pacified by being brainwashed with commonly believed religious mythology and morality.

Political constitutions were developed to rule humans with the cooperation of religions but in the west religious functions were separated from ultimate power and governance.

Now in the west, religious mythology and morality is breaking down with relativistic situation ethics as an unacceptable replacement and creating much misery and chaos in the lives of its citizens because governments are trying to unjustly legislate and pass laws to compensate for an absence of morality.

Trusting relationships between humans are decreasing and similarly trust between the leadership and led is breaking down because of the absence of a commonly held set of moral beliefs. There is much lying, deception, theft, and adultery going on and it is only increasing with time.

If current trends continue the situation will just get worse and worse as untrustworthy citizens will be intensively monitored by surveillance cameras. Armies of untrustworthy individuals will make court proceedings a sham favoring only the rich and wealthy with biased and fraudulent court evidence and testimony being presented.

If humans are not morally indoctrinated from youth the leaders will exhibit even more immoral actions and continue to pass bad laws favoring big money special interest groups and justice will not prevail but only get worse as time progresses.

There must be a secular morality to replace dying religious practices and it must be taught in elementary schools to impressionable young minds so that they grow up making the right decisions in their lives in an impulsive way and not have to always stress over whether what they did was bad or good or justified.

That worldwide secular morality which should be taught everyone is- except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

When humans become independent functioning adults they will understand what the exceptions to these moral absolutes are and will adjust accordingly.

My evergreen truth book JUSTICE outlines the steps which must be taken so that moral justice can once again be the guiding light and purpose of civilization worldwide.

Democracy or rule by the majority with equal voting rights is a very dysfunctional way of governing and leads to inefficient deadlock which does not promote rule based on merit. The constitution must be modified to deal with 21st century realities which means that there will be armies of destitute and also unemployed humans on welfare and they will have to have slightly different rights and still have the opportunity or hope to rise from their hopeless situation by personal time, effort, achievement, and free reeducation online at any age.

Attempting to rule internationally with big money without a strong secular moral backbone will just lead to greater corruption and dissatisfaction with the status quo among the ruled.

My evergreen truth books NEW CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS, AND NEW UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS all detail the vital political changes which are necessary to create a more just moral world civilization.

Educational reform is also vitally necessary make a just moral system of government based on merit more probable but this will be covered in my future blog THE TRUTH ABOUT EDUCATION.

Politics: n. trying to control a subset(s) of the world but primarily nation subsets with deceptive emotionally (pleasant and/or unpleasant) (stereotypes and/or generalities)


Governing humans without a taught moral foundation results in inevitable chaos and anarchy which is replaced by tyranny to maintain some semblance of order.

It is time to teach a secular moral code to all the non-religious human offspring so that world civilization can have moral purpose and may prosper in peace and harmony along with vital biodiversity.

Major constitutional changes are also necessary to address the widening gap between the rich and poor which will be permanent on into the foreseeable future due to robotization, international banks and corporations, and the internet which is going to create a job poor world.


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Parallel universes

Theoretical physics is the realm of modern mythology which is untrue because using mathematics as a tool no one really understands what an infinitely small point in space or zero is and no one understands what infinity is. If infinity is a boundary then what lies beyond infinity?

String theory and all other physical equations which try to deal with zero and infinity have one or more singularities or unanswered questions. A point in space has infinite frequency and/or mass and/or energy and/or gravity. Well if it is a point or zero then it can’t contain infinite frequency and/or mass and/or energy and/or gravity because infinite frequency and/or mass and/or energy and/or gravity can’t be bounded by a point or any boundary.

One absurd notion or inference from string theory is that there are an infinite number of bubble universes or parallel universes separated by worm holes with infinite frequency and/or mass and/or energy and/or gravity. Well if a universe is really infinite then it can’t be a bubble because a bubble has a finite boundary and not an infinite one.  Finite boundaries are not infinite ones. Trying to describe multiple universes is an absurdity because infinity is not a boundary but should go on forever. If two or more bubble universes expanded infinitely they would crash into each other and become one!!!!!! The same applies to parallel universes. If they would expand infinitely as they should then they would crash into each other and become one!

It is an absurdity to think that you can physically pass through a wormhole which is ZERO and has infinite frequency and/or mass and/or energy and/or gravity.

The big bang is a myth because the universe did not originate from a wormhole or zero!!!!!! It has probably been around for an infinite time in the past and will continue to exist for an infinite time in the future. The universe probably has no beginning or end!

Theoretical physicist are stupidly playing around with the concepts of dark gravity, dark matter, and dark energy which can’t be measured or detected by scientific instruments which are the only source of potential proof of concepts. How can you possibly make a mathematical formula for something which has no boundaries and can’t count!!!!!!

It is time that we as humans admitted that we just aren’t smart enough to further theorize about the workings of the universe in an accurate realistic way and that we have reached the limits of our understanding.

Theoretical physicists are replacing religious mythology about creation with armies of gullible followers and in reality should be reeducated or should join the unemployment line along with many others. You are all fired!!!!!! Get out of our lives with your BS!

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Language and a common morality unite humans so that peaceful interaction is possible within the language group. Unfortunately different languages and even different dialects divide humans and severely reduce the probability of peaceful interactions between different groups of humans. Different languages and dialects are the source for much prejudice, biased provincialism, excessive national myopic pride, excessive ethnic pride, and unjust stereotyping of other language groups. Different language groups handicap political unity and a single language promotes political unity.

Traditional historic use of language perpetuates mythology, is overly emotional, has overly complicated grammatical rules, and the words have illogical definitions whose vague meaning promotes unintentional lying and unintentional deceptions which corrupt moral communications and cause much too much dysfunctional emotionally biased communication between humans. Historical language usage does a bad job of promoting understanding between humans and between humans and their leaders.

Yes, the illogical definitions and synonyms which mean the same thing encourage deceptive behavior between humans and between the leadership and led. They promote leadership and public stupidity.

Politicians use an emotional appeal with almost no logical reasoning which incorporates fear, anger, love, and hate to motivate the gullible public. Many human relationships are also burdened with a heavy dose of illogical emotion where fear, anger, love, and hate play a dominant role in impulsive emotional interactions which cause much stress and unnecessary angry confrontations.

Nature uses language very efficiently and it is time to update language and make it a more efficient communication tool for the benefit of the world.

The solution is my evergreen truth book SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS which simplifies the language so that everyone graduating elementary school will be language literate and even the poorest citizens will no longer be called stupid because they will be using a smart logical language. Yes, humans will still do stupid things in their lives but everyone will be smart using a smart language and much fewer will be emotionally dysfunctional or handicapped!!!!!!

I have included an intro to SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS which voracious and curious readers may want to read for their personal enlightenment.

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Exclude all synonyms which have the same meaning and use just one word with a unique definition.

Exclude antonyms because there are no opposite words in meaning

Exclude multiple meanings for words and have a word have only one definition

Exclude words which sound the same but are spelled differently. Dear and deer sound the same so dear should be eliminated or replaced with another unique sounding word

Exclude prepositions and complex grammatical rules and just use nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in the language.

If possible take a word now in usage and replace it with a shorter version which may be a slang word now but need not be in the future

Define each word logically using the concept of set and subset to formulate that definition and replace thing with subset

We don’t need similes, metaphors, and meaningless long phrases to express logical reality. Because of their usage we are now swimming in a world of  illogical uncontrolled emotion. We are ruled with concepts of love or hate for opinions and/or facts and most of us don’t make logical decisions in our lives. It is always black or white, either for or against something all the time and most of us forget that the world also has many “shades of grey”.

Exclude many words used to describe different intensities or degrees or how good or how bad something is and replace them with 1 through 10. 1 to 10 good and 1 to 10 bad. An example would be you got 10good on your test which means excellent, perfect score, all right, etc.

Exclude as many emotional words as possible in language which impede logical communication.

Use the same language worldwide is what I highly recommend as a necessary step to eventually unify the world under one language and one constitution or political system.

Good news, I have already done most of the hard basic work needed and formed a logically defined nucleus of about 7000 words which can be added to logically. Using my words and definitions by the end of elementary school almost all students will have learned a logical language which they can use in their real lives to make logical decisions instead of heavily emotionally biased opinions and actions.

An efficient language means less time to learn it and greater efficiency in using it. We will all be saving much time, energy, and money!!!!!!

I am doing my best to use this logical language in my blogs where I admit I use some words which I shouldn’t because they have multiple meanings in society at large. If I used the right word I would have to give you the new spelling and new logical meaning and your easy understanding of what I am writing about would be less.

Language even now has the ability to be used in a logical way as demonstrated in my blogs so all that most of you will have to do is learn the logical definitions and use my style of writing about everything which is on your mind.

With a smart efficient logical language there will no longer be smart and stupid humans. Everyone will be smart and many will still do stupid actions but there will be almost infinitely less who will behave stupidly. Yes some will have better memories than others but being smart does not require a good memory. There are many “intelligent” humans or humans with excellent memories who are doing very stupid things in this world and they are not smart at all but could be called very stupid. We have stupid leaders governing this world and it is time that we should put a stop to it with an efficient logical language which all of them should learn before they have a right to tell us all what to do with and in our lives!!!!!! And that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!!!!!

The way to a successful life for the common man or woman is learning basic calculator math, basic science, computer and basic reading and writing communication, human and animal behavior. Also important is leading a moral life, doing agility exercise, healthy eating, and doing hard mental work.   If you do all this you will be successful.

The way to a successful life for the talented man or woman is learning computer math, nontheoretical science, computer and basic reading and writing communication, human and animal behavior. Also important is leading a moral life, doing agility exercise, healthy eating, and doing hard mental work.  If you do all this you will be successful.





The key to wisdom and success is to search for the truth and then apply it to your life!

Sincerely, Uldis Sprogis

If you are awed by the truth and don’t know where to start, start by teaching my moral code in every elementary and religious school in the world and work your way up from there. You can’t indoctrinate an immoral world from the top down so start from the bottom up!!!!!

We have wallowed too long in a yes or no, black or white, for or against, love or hate, never or always, antonym or synonym, yin or yang, good or bad society approach to life when the real answer to questions should be almost all the time, not all the time, some of the time, or infrequently!  This is why there are so few antonyms in this Thesaurus so that society can get away from the swinging pendulum back and forth statusquo approach to life and find a direction which should be forward on into the great future!!!


porn (1)

Pornography is big business which hooks many males into an unrealistic fantasy sex world where women are portrayed as tools for male sexual satisfaction.

Big tits, big cocks, sexy males and females, attractive females, unnatural prolonged sex, multiple partners, and kinky deviant sex is the brainwashing which is going on in the porno world making many males and females feel inadequate sexually and creating a fantasy sex world which treats women as sexual objects.

The psychological damage to the male mind hooked on pornography is devastating and leads to an unrealistic view of what healthy natural intercourse with a real female is and makes married life without adulterous male desires almost impossible.

Yes, masturbation to pornography is preferable to paying for a prostitute but addiction to jerking off the easy way is unnatural and has long duration drawbacks which is basically unsatisfying long duration monogamous sexual relationships with real women.

Some males and females use pornography to try and enhance their sexual lives but the long duration disadvantages usually far outweigh whatever short duration advantage that viewing porno has.

For all those unable to have good human relationships with the opposite sex, sexual robots will soon replace the need for a real human partner to have sex with.

Sad but true porno can kill sincere healthy male female intimacy.

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Wisdom: n. knowledge which helps to judge accurately what is (true and/or right) and/or (just and/or moral). Unchanging wisdom is wisdom about human nature.

Historical philosophy has communicated about wisdom or judging what was the truth and right, just, and moral behavior.

The outgrowth of historical philosophy was the philosophy of science which is trying to explain the forces and mechanics of the universe and behavioral science is an attempt at explaining human behavior and its possible foundational principles.

What this means is that traditional philosophy is dead or dying fast with the exception of communications about morality and justice.

Behavioral sciences are not very judgmental when it comes to human behavior and they will never succeed in coming up with a secular moral code or principles of justice which should guide human behavior so that peaceful interaction among humans is possible.

Immoral psychiatrists and psychologists are not an acceptable replacement for dying religions. There must be a worldwide secular moral code being taught to impressionable young minds in elementary school which can guide healthy human behavior impulsively throughout a lifetime or human civilization will be adversely affected with too much chaos.

My suggestion is except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

Behavioral science is very relativistic and promotes a situation ethics kind of philosophy where anything goes or is possible and it never claims that some behavior can be immoral. Behavioral science also is not capable of discovering just principles with which to govern humans and the concept of justice seldom enters the picture which is a logical discussion of human politics.

I am one of the last philosophers of truth or wisdom who is also communicating about morality and justice which religion and political “science” are trying unsuccessfully to discuss. Politics is not a science which can test its assumptions and rules experimentally in a laboratory and confirm its just principles of action.

Without a moral backbone for humans and politicians to follow there can be no justice in society and only rule with fear or the threat of force and the use of force. Morality and justice must be combined to create a peaceful cooperative society where the leadership is respected admired and trusted.

I have written and evergreen truth book JUSTICE which defines justice and suggests an updated secular moral code for the 21st technological century.  It gives suggestions on what political changes should be made for society to function more justly and morally. If you are a political “scientist” or a behavioral scientist then JUSTICE is a must read.

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common_sense (1)



You are a teenage unwed woman without a job and made the mistake of unwillingly getting pregnant. You are pregnant and find out that the offspring will be a lifelong financial and emotional burden on you because of a severe handicap or debilitating disease. Your pregnancy complications are threatening your life.

What do you do? You have made a mistake conceiving an unwanted offspring so you should be punished with an unwanted offspring and an unwanted financial burden for a lifetime. That form of lifetime anguishing punishment is much too severe when the solution is so simple- Abortion.

The easy answer is abortion because you should have a right to have offspring only when you think you are ready and financially able to support the offspring. Yes, adoption is a way out of conceiving unwanted healthy offspring which you can’t afford to financially support but who in their right mind would want to adopt offspring with a severe debilitating lifetime disease?

Ideally offspring should be raised in a loving supportive environment with two parents and if it is an unwanted offspring with a single head of household who is not financially able to support the offspring then abortion is a logical way out of a very undesirable circumstance.

Infanticide historically used to be the solution in some cultures for unwanted offspring, especially the severely handicapped ones. There is no logical reason why this escape valve should not be available for modern parents with abortion or death before giving birth rather than after giving birth.

Offspring can be the source of much major happiness in a marital relationship but if the offspring is unwanted then the emotional scars on parent and offspring can be devastating. We should all be interested in quality offspring and a quality lifestyle which optimizes the happiness possible in a parent offspring relationship.

Some argue that killing a fetus cheapens the respect for human life but this attitude does not address a respect for the quality of the life after birth which is much more important. With the population of the world approaching 8 billion humans who are overpopulating and radically polluting the planet the danger of us running out of human life should not be a serious moral question but the quality of human life should take precedence in our value judgments. We have been very successful in promoting the quantity of human life on this precious planet and it is now time for placing emphasis on the quality of human life and lifestyles.

Abortion in the 21st century is not immoral because murder of a fetus in this emergency which is an unwanted or severely debilitated offspring is moral for the future benefit of humanity.

If you have a strong religious belief that abortion is immoral then you should be given the right to give birth to a severely debilitated offspring but you and your religious organization should be forced to support that life financially and not at taxpayer’s expense.

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images (1)

Shared moral beliefs and practices is what makes peaceful human interactions in society possible without the need for threats of force or the use of force to maintain a semblance of peaceful order in society.

Without a common morality trust between humans and trust in the government breaks down and tyranny or dictatorship is the only solution to escaping the chaos which floods the immoral society.

Mythological religious morality is outdated and must be updated with an impulsive secular morality which is practiced worldwide to assure that peaceful future interactions with the nations of the world will be possible without war breaking out.

Relativistic situation ethics does not work because morality must be a largely impulsive behavioral reaction to everyday events which should not require logical thinking for all the minimal exceptions to a moral code of behavior. That morality is largely relativistic is a modern lie and it is vital that citizens interact with each other in a largely impulsive moralistic way.

In a nutshell the new secular morality which should be taught to all impressionable young minds in elementary school worldwide should be- except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.


With a commonly held impulsively applied moral code peaceful trusting interaction among citizens is possible where most feel that it is wrong to lie, to steal, and to be adulterous in marriage.

Believing that destroying biodiversity will ultimately destroy human civilization is priority number one for the healthy survival of future generations and is vital to a realistic modern secular moral code.

Peaceful coexistence among nations and eventual worldwide unity will be possible with a commonly held worldwide morality. Whether in a dictatorship like China or a democratic country both types of governments can practice the same secular moral code for the benefit of future worldwide human civilization.

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Persuasion: n. getting agreement that a goal(s) is worth achieving

Before trying to persuade someone you have to assess who you want to persuade, about what, how you will persuade, and when you will attempt persuasion.


Whom do you want to persuade?

If you are in a position of authority over someone then you will have more success in persuading that person. If you are the boss with expertise then you may be very persuasive about job related issues but not necessarily in topics or opinions outside the job sphere.

If you are a parent authority figure then you will have a greater probability of persuading your offspring even though realistically you may occasionally have to use some coercion or the threat of punishment to get them to do what you want.

If you have expertise in a field or are in a position of authority then your relevant opinions will be more respected and your persuasive powers will be greater.

You will probably also be better able to persuade your spouse or close friend with whom you have an honest, sincere, and trusting relationship. Close associates who may admire and respect you will usually be more persuaded by you than if you try to persuade total strangers or casual friends.

If you use authority figure opinions or statistics which show that most humans believe or behave a certain way then you will be more persuasive because most humans generally respect authority and want to be accepted as part of the majority or don’t want to seem like loners.


What do you want to persuade about?

You must also realize that persuading one to change a strong religious, political, or sports belief or a strong opinion will be almost impossible and not worth the effort and it is much different if you are trying to persuade someone to buy information, goods, or services from you where a human may actually have a desire, need, want, or interest in what you are selling or offering.

Persuading your spouse to do something at home like taking out the garbage out on a regular basis, spending more time with offspring, or doing you a big favor is possible but you may have to do something in return to be persuasive enough.

If you are trying to persuade someone then assess whether the persuasion will lead to mutual benefit in some way. If you can demonstrate that you gain something more than just a boost to your ego and the human whom you are trying to persuade will gain something good by being persuaded then the probability of being persuasive goes up greatly.

Before you begin to persuade first ask whether there will be any benefits for one party or both if the persuasion is successful or goes through.


How will you will persuade?

If you compliment or boost someone’s ego and make them emotionally feel good first then you will have more success with your persuasive attempts.

If you first probe the possible responses or opinions of the one whom you are trying to persuade and listen carefully to what they have to say then you may put yourself in a better strategic position and be able to fine tune your persuasive attempts to the needs, desires, and wants of the human. After listening carefully to the initial responses or opinions you may decide that persuasion may be a waste of time.

If you are confident and communicate clearly and understandably then you will be more persuasive.

If you use real life examples in the human’s life or your own to try and prove your point then you will be more successful in persuading. If you can relay an interesting story which backs up your point of view then you will be more convincing in your persuasive attempts.

If you have documented facts then you will be more persuasive.

 If you have thoroughly analyzed a problem or problems with the pros and cons and have plausible solutions to them backed up by facts then you should be more persuasive.

If you can demonstrate or show that something bad or terrible will happen if the human is not persuaded then you may be a more successful persuader.

Remember that threatening someone into doing something rather than persuading them will get results if you are in a position of authority but the human adult whom you are threatening into doing something may not be persuaded that it was the right thing to do and may resent your coercive action and their respect for you may decrease.

When should you persuade?

It should be obvious that if you are trying to persuade a human and they are too tired or too busy then you will have to pick another time to try and persuade. Also persuasion sometimes requires persistence and you may have to frequently try to persuade sometimes using a slightly different approach each time and the time that it may take before being successful may be a week, month, or even a year.

If there is a sense of urgency created in the one that you are trying to persuade then they are more likely to respond more quickly and affirmatively and this applies more to selling something to someone.

There are 13 ways of being more persuasive as shown in this great article which stresses the importance of emotional intelligence and it’s general principles.

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Mobilize the social sciences

Let’s see if we can study altruism and selfishness in humans scientifically.

What is the definition of altruism and selfishness?

My definition is-

Altruism: n. excessive selfless devotion to the welfare of others

Selfishness: n. a behavior(s) which tries to optimize a personal goal(s) with little or no consideration of another lifeform(s)’s needs

Dictionary definition is-

Altruism: n. the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.

Selfishness: n. the quality or condition of being selfish

Selfish: adj. (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

Assuming that we are crazy enough to consider these definitions scientific or accurate in nature what next? S is the selfish variable and A is the altruistic variable.

How many ways are there of behaving altruistically?

It you start listing altruistic behaviors the examples which you may find are as many as a hundred or more.

If you start listing the selfish behavior examples then you may find as many as a thousand or more since humans predominantly behave in selfish ways.

Ok, let’s make a formula relating altruism with selfishness.

That means about 100 examples on the left side of the equation and about a thousand examples on the right side of the equation. Is an example a variable? NO!

Scientific mathematical equations should predict outcomes with a one to one correspondence.

What can you conclude by comparing altruism and selfishness as mathematical variables and what can you predict?



You can’t study human behavior because there are far too many unknown variables and the variables are not scientifically defined and any pseudo equation which you try to come up with has no predictive value whatsoever!!!!!!

When social “scientists” try to make statistical predictive statements about vaguely defined variables such as fear, anger, love, and hate and base the knowledge based on biased questionnaires from humans they are just as incompetent. Social norms have no predictive value when it comes to evaluating individual behavior.

Social scientists are not scientists but charlatans or frauds and they should all be reeducated or join the unemployment line!!!!!!

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Independent seed companies no longer exist in the US and a handful of companies are controlling the production and use of patented GMO seeds worldwide. Control the food supply and you control the humans who are dependent on it.

Terminator seeds are seeds which self-destruct after harvest and can’t be replanted and there is a type of GMO corn which was produced which caused infertility in males. These are just a few of the scary results when you diabolically play around with DNA.

The very wealthy elite do not eat GMO food but consume the organic variety.

Harvest GMO yields are not any bigger than with regular seeds and they are not a solution for increasing the food supply to a growing worldwide population.

What is the point of all this?

Well there is the possibility that in the future the unhealthy food supply will be used to control human overpopulation in an undiscriminating way worldwide.

The aim is to monopolize agriculture worldwide with patented GMO seeds.


A biodiverse natural food supply is vital to long duration survival. Monoculture GMO agriculture is a threat to the long duration health of humans in this world and if you are smart then you will support certified organic food with your hard earned dollars, eat as much of it as you can, and guarantee that your long duration health will be optimized.

SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION is a book which details the dangers of GMO’s in great detail and here is a video link to the author Engdahl’s presentation.

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Some bacteria reproduction or self-replication is influenced by quantity and quality of the food supply and the density or number of proximate similar bacteria and maybe even proximate competitive bacteria. Because of so few variables it may be possible some day to predict the rate of reproduction of some bacteria using game theory.

On the other hand humans can interact selfishly and/or altruistically and the percentage breakdown of selfish versus altruistic behavior varies from individual to individual in an infinite variety depending on how many humans you are considering at a time. No human is alike in the percentage of selfishness or altruism that each has. A human can interact selfishly with two or more humans present and can interact altruistically with two or more humans present as the beneficiaries. A human can also interact as a member of two or more humans each acting to try and optimize their communal goals. The sources that a human uses to get selfish benefits are also many and usually more than one. The organizations or human groups to which a human may behave altruistically are also many and usually more than one. There is an almost infinite variety of personality types whose impulsive fearful and courageous reactions are determined by the time when they occur and the unique circumstances under which they occur.

What is the point?

There are just to many almost infinite vaguely defined variables affecting human behavior and no game theory will be adequate to explain the moral and immoral actions which a human makes individually and collectively during the course of a lifetime. Human morality or a moral code must be derived from statistical inferences of human behavior in all cultures and no game theory can competently do this and reach mathematically predictive results. Find or discover functional moral behavior in game theory? Mission impossible!!!!!!

Game theory is not being used successfully to predict events in economics and politics where smart decisions must be made about money and the just distribution of information and/or goods and/or services to its citizens, rich or poor and in between.


Mathematics or game theory is just not valid when trying to predict economic, social, or political behavior.

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String theory is a misguided attempt at trying to explain all the forces in the universe which include gravity, matter, and energy with the concept of a vibration between two points in space.

What happens when the two points in space are brought together? A singularity is the result which means that you have an infinitely small point and an infinite frequency which no one understands or will understand. Sure, it can mean infinite energy which is just as incomprehensible.

String theory also leaves out the concepts of dark gravity, dark matter, and dark energy which string theory will never unify into one formulation because you are talking about something which can’t be measured by scientific instruments and is something which can’t be described mathematically.

Dark matter theoretically is covered by string theory and dark matter is a higher frequency or octave. Then what is that higher frequency? How many vibrations per second or are there more states of dark matter represented by different frequencies? How do we measure the vibrations per second if we don’t have the apparatus invented to detect those frequencies? If you can’t observe and measure the frequencies then you can’t prove a damn thing according to the scientific method.

When light travels through space does it travel through dark matter or does it travel around dark matter and change it’s trajectory? Does light get changed in some way when it travels through dark matter or does it remain unaffected? No one knows or ever will know. And what if the gravitational laws for dark matter are different and you actually have something unique called dark gravity? It is entirely possible that the red shift noticed in observations in space is due to the effects of dark matter on light and not due to the expansion of the universe or the big bang lie!

Finally string theory is limited by the vibration between two points in space and the fact is that there may be vibrations between two or more points in space all around the center of the vibrations since matter is three dimensional and the vibrations can theoretically originate from anywhere on the tiny sphere and end on any other point on the sphere. Mathematics can simply not handle multi vibrational points at once. Two variables at a time and not more than two variables at a time are handled by mathematics. Mathematics is too dumb for physical reality which has more than two points interacting with each other gravitationally in a given time period.


String theory is a mythological modern concept which will explain very little if anything and the possibility of it being the explanation of everything in the universe is the BIG LIE!!!!!! Modern theoretical physicists largely don’t know what the f**k they are talking about and are all BS artists hiding the real truth from a gullible public. An honest answer would be we don’t know and will probably never know or be able to fully explain the workings of the universe. One formula will explain everything! Impossible!!!!!!


If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.



24--328650-DNA strand

Science is basically the study of matter and energy using the scientific method and has been responsible for all technological advancements in society. It is naïve to think that science has or will have all the answers to how the universe works at the smallest and largest level.

Theoretically so far a heavy but small form of matter from which apparently sub atomic particles come from and makes up atoms is the Higgs boson with a Higgs field and mathematically string theory attempts to explain everything in the universe in terms of vibrations which has led to the concept of a holographic universe.

The Hubble telescope has confirmed that there is indeed turbulence in the universe and that concepts such as dark gravity, dark matter, and dark energy which can’t be detected or observed directly with scientific instruments may play a significant role in the universe.

A concept such as a black hole which is an infinitely small point in space with infinite gravity and mass is in fact probably a grey hole where some energy or photons can escape so the concept of a black hole is wrong and a grey hole is also something very ludicrous.

There is evidence of galaxies colliding so this casts doubt on the big bang hypothesis that all matter and energy in the universe originated from an infinitely small point in space or in effect a universal black hole. The concept of an expanding universe or the big bang is actually a modern scientific myth.

The universe may in fact be infinite and relatively homogeneous and there are only little bang localized “grey” holes in the middle of some or all galaxies.

Mathematics as a tool is inadequate and results in singularities in every theory because no one really understands what an infinitely small point in space is and no one understands what infinity really means.

What is the point of all this?

Scientists are totally confused trying to explain the workings of the universe and no one unified theory seems to be a possible explanation including Einstein’s theory of general relativity which is outdated and mostly wrong. Humans are just not smart enough to explain all the intricate workings of the universe and won’t be on into the foreseeable future.

That being said there have been attempts at using science to explain society and politics such as social science and political science and this is all a myth because politics and society can’t be studied with the scientific method and the closest that we can get is explaining politics and society in terms of vague statistical concepts or approximations with no cause effect relationships.

Statistical methods will never come up with a moral code which should govern human behavior and nor will scientific research into animal behavior lead to the discovery of a moral code. In nature no one likes to be stolen from but this is not enough knowledge to formulate political laws which justly distribute information, goods, and services to its citizens, especially the destitute and also unemployed.

Scientists must function independently of social or political monetary pressure to make objective discoveries possible. The corruption of big money in pharmaceutical companies is resulting in many fraudulent clinical statistical experiments conducted by scientists in the study of drugs and many drugs with terrible side effects are being approved by the FDA.

Scientific R&D and the potential benefits which new revolutionary discoveries can make in society are sometimes bought up or kept secret by major corporations who don’t want the new technology to adversely affect their bottom line profits.

For true long duration benefit to society science must be funded by organizations which are impartial and not subject to money or political pressure. If independence from greed in the scientific community is not promoted then science will only be used to promote the politically powerful interests and only biased results will exit science labs.

Scientists are playing God altering the genetic makeup of plants and animals and giant corporations are patenting the results without long duration testing of the resultant products on the human population. Myopic selection of genes based on a few desirable traits such as pest resistance, herbicide resistance, experimental gene insertion from bacteria, size, and fat content are producing Frankenstein crops and animals too dependent on humans which will not be healthy for the human population in the long duration. Emphasis on monopolistic monoculture is going to destroy healthy long duration food biodiversity.

Gene modification has great potential for the manufacturing of many desirable substances biologically but it should not become unproven experimentation on the precious food supply. Uncovered bad effects on long duration human health may be irreversible and disasterously deadly since what you eat can potentially modify the metabolism or genetic functioning of future generations.

Science is a powerful tool which can be used for good and/or bad purposes. Secretive science experimentation should not be going on in private laboratories with diabolical purposes in mind. Financed open source science is vital to monitor the biological products coming out of powerful companies.

Independent research science facilities should exist to thoroughly retest and evaluate new genetic creations and drugs and they should be rewarded financially if they come up proof that indeed the new products flooding the market are indeed too harmful to be accepted into the economies of the world.


Science is a tool which can be used for good and/or bad purposes. Will there be powerful monopolies judging the new biological products or should there be an independent watchdog? I don’t see a danger to the world coming from physical science but I do foresee great danger to the world coming from biological science if it is not objectively monitored with financed open source information.

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History can be generally viewed as the progress of technological development in the world.

Hunter gatherers used primitive tools and were totally dependent on nature for food.

Agriculture was invented and humans began to grow their own food and most lived a farmer’s life with few living in towns or cities.

The industrial revolution or technology was improved further and soon more could live in towns and cities and not be farmers.

Technology means short duration efficiency and soon most in future generations will live leisurely lives dependent on technological machines to do most of the physical and even mental labor for them.

Yes, history is also a record of wars between humans who used technology for better and better and more destructive military hardware which helped create temporary empires which rose and then collapsed. This controlled overpopulation to some extent along with terminal diseases.

Humans have historically been ruled by language and religion with moral principles in their personal lives and relatively peaceful interaction among groups of humans was possible because of a shared moral code.

Money is now the tool which is used to attempt to rule the world and a strong shared moral code to keep all the nations working together peacefully does not exist. Without a shared secular moral code it will lead to the inevitable collapse of a world order based on money without moral principles as a necessary foundation.

To truly unify the world peacefully there must be one language and one secular moral code which not only humans practice in their daily lives in interactions with each other but the same secular moral code should be used to maintain trust between the humans and their leaders so that rule must not be through the threat of force or the use of force to keep society from disintegrating into chaos and disorder.

Will the world adopt a unifying secular moral code and promote one major language?

If we use history as a predictor then the resounding answer is probably not but I am still optimistically hoping that the answer will be a resounding yes and that future humanity will live in peace and cooperation protecting wilderness plants and animals and interacting peacefully among themselves on into the foreseeable future.

My hope is that overpopulation will be solved peacefully through birth control techniques or laws which limit the reproduction of poor humans on welfare to one or two per family.

Topsoil erosion and pollution may create polluted land no longer useful for healthy agriculture so a switch to organic farming techniques is the smart thing to do for sustainable farming land on into the foreseeable future.

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The stock market today is a speculative crap shoot where the whole market can decrease in value as much as 50% in a few days or weeks as during a crash and the extreme volatility in individual stocks is an indication that their price is being manipulated by big money and fast computers and not small investors. In effect, price movement is no longer based on fundamentals or evaluation of tangible assets.

New technology stocks are where much of the speculation is occurring and if it is a company with a truly innovative product or service then it can experience incredible short term growth. However, long duration growth is soon stopped by big technology firms which buy them up and incorporate them into their companies to eliminate competition or to give them a future technological competitive advantage.

Investing in an upstart IPO and holding on to it for the long duration is no longer a realistic goal for an investor hoping for million dollar gains twenty or thirty years from the start of an IPO.

Finally, the stock market is a short duration speculative investment which can tank at any moment all determined by whether the big money invests in it or withdraws its financial support to suddenly invest elsewhere. The stock market has become a short duration gambling enterprise and not a serious long duration investment.

If you want guaranteed retirement money security for old age then don’t invest in the stock market for the long duration. Stick with real estate, diversified municipal bonds, or a precious or rare commodity such as platinum and gold when it is not being sold at inflated prices because big money also manipulates commodity prices and makes them go up or down at will. The real value of a metal commodity is the price it takes to mine and refine it so if the commodity price is three or four times its production price then don’t buy it at this inflated value.

You probably won’t become a millionaire but you will maintain the value of your hard earned dollars until retirement when you can spend some of it without finding out that inflation has reduced your savings in a bank to a pittance over a forty year period.


If you want money security in your retirement years, don’t invest in the stock market for the long duration. If you want to gamble with your hard earned money and probably lose most of it then play and get burned in the stock market!!!!!!

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Many humans don’t exercise, can overeat, and can eat and drink anything and don’t gain weight. It is obvious that the claimed sources for weight gain do not apply to many humans. They were just born lucky with fortunate genes and do not have a problem with their weight no matter what their lifestyle.

Some humans put on weight in old age or gain weight because they start taking drugs which alter metabolism and cause weight gain. Many humans gain more weight as they age and women frequently gain weight after a second pregnancy or after menopause. This is all very normal.

Binge eating affects the weight of sumo wrestlers by increasing body fat stored so it is possible for some predisposed to weight gain to gain more weight by overeating.

The sad fact is that if you were born fat or have been born with a tendency to get fat then you will be overweight even though you exercise, don’t overeat, or eat low calorie foods.

Many humans are just born to be fat and there is very little which can be done to reduce weight unless you go on a starvation diet and stay on one permanently. Failing to starve yourself constantly the result will be that you will go back to your overweight weight.

Weight reducing pills and fad diets may make you lose a few pounds in the short duration but once you start to eat normally again then you will gain back all the weight which you lost. Yo yo dieting where you are losing some weight and gaining it back again is a fact of life for humans trying to fight mother nature who wants you to be fat or at an above average weight.

The type of food which you eat affects some humans and a processed food diet rich in carbohydrates and sugar increases the likelihood that you will be fatter than on a balanced diet of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. The change in the American diet in the past 40 years is largely to blame for the increase in obesity in the general population even though lack of exercise and eating too much is also being wrongly blamed for more overweight fat humans in the population.


Your genetics largely determine whether you are born fat or will become fat later on in life. If you are unhappy with what nature gave you then your only way of losing weight is a starvation diet and staying on one being hungry all the time.

Stop being hard on yourself and feeling guilty about being fat because nature intended you to be fat and you should be proud of that fact of life and not fall for the being thin or “normal” weight propaganda which is prevalent in our obsessed low weight society. You are normally fat so love it.

Look at many of Rubens paintings and you will realize that historically being fat was beautiful and you should feel no shame for being overweight.


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Truth (General): n. a subset(s) which existed with a large number of logical and accurate correspondences or has a relatively large probability of existing in the future and will have a large number of logical accurate correspondences.(scientific truth had a large number of accurate and logical correspondences in the past and will probably continue to have a large number of accurate correspondences in the future and is a standard of truth which future general truth should also have) The greater the number and accuracy of the logical correspondence will be the more true it will be!!!!!!


Truth (Judicial) (Jtruth): n. a relevant fact(s) and/or concept(s) which may be used to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the (nondeceptive and/or nonfraudulent) and/or honest nature of something through evidence and/or testimony by hopefully (non deceptive and/or nonfraudulent) and/or honest people and it may include scientific truth or testimony by hopefully (nondeceptive and/or nonfraudulent) and/or honest specialists in their field.  Scientific truth may therefore be a subset of judicial truth during a trial.


Truth (Scientific) (Struth): n. a scientifically proven subset(s) proven by using the scientific method

We all intuitively feel that there are truths, untruths, and partial truths in the real world. The truths of yesterday are no longer true today so it seems that truth is a relative term or that it can change. Many feel that the opposite of truth is a lie. This black or white appraisal of reality is frequently wrong. There are partial truths or statistical truths and they are in fact partial lies and can be called deceptions instead.

What then is it that differentiates my truth from your truth when your truth on a topic is different than mine? The answer is which description or communication about reality is more accurate. If your description is the more accurate one then you have more truth in your statement than I do.

What makes an object sink or float in water? Historically humans explained that God or nature caused an object to sink or swim in water but today most agree that the truth is that objects denser than water will sink and objects less dense than water will float. Not only is the scientific mathematical explanation more accurate but it also has predictive power and can predict which object will sink or float based on an analysis of its physical properties.

Many still believe in myths and deceptions, many of which are religious and cult beliefs, which are very inaccurate ways of making judgments about humans and the universe which we are living in and many modern humans believe that these myths are untrue or are such inaccurate statements that they should be considered to be untrue or lies.

Thus the battle to destroy old truths and replace them with new truths is a constant battle going on. Unfortunately in human affairs which include human emotions, actions, and beliefs a very accurate description of what is going on is not always realistically possible because truths about human behavior are relative to the culture which they live in. They are statistical probabilities and not accurate mathematical one to one correspondences which can make for accurate predictions about human behavior.

What causes anger, fear, laughter, love, and hate in humans depends on what they believe in and how they impulsively behave in their lives and the same circumstances and stimuli may result in a different behavior based upon whom you are talking about.

Accurately describing the difference between a sociopath and a law abiding citizen is not possible because the descriptions use inaccurate badly defined words. In reality there are degrees of sociopathism and degrees of law abidingness which means that law abiding humans sometimes behave like sociopaths and sociopaths sometimes behave like law abiding citizens.

Name calling or stereotyping a human by calling them stupid, crazy, smart, or unreliable may not be totally true because that human may do some stupid, crazy, smart, or unreliable things but when analyzed as a whole that human may indeed not be doing very many stupid, crazy, and unreliable things in his or her life. If you are quick to judge humans then you can very frequently make inaccurate untruthful judgments about them.

If a human says they did something and you have proof that they didn’t then you can accuse them of lying or being untruthful and not feeling bad about the accusation.The greatest certainty in your human judgments is if a human intentionally lies to you. If they intentionally lie then they are not to be trusted and you should keep your relationship with them at a distance.

However,the world is filled with lies and deceptions which humans believe to be the truth so before you call someone a liar start out by saying that you think it is an inaccurate description of reality instead. You may still not convince someone that they believe a lie but at least they won’t get as personally offended as they would if you called them an intentional liar to their face. They are in fact unintentionally lying based on your standards of truth.

Are there any moral truths or is it just situation ethics where almost any behavior is tolerated? Statistically most humans don’t like liars, don’t like to be stolen from, and disapprove of adultery. These are statistical facts or realities which can be considered to be the truth about 99% of the time. Human moral behavior is in fact a discussion of statistical truths which have some minor exceptions which are not important enough to seriously affect the truth of the general moral statement.

After a lifetime of study and research I have created my own statistical secular moral code which is the truth close to 99% of the time. It is a statistical truth and is except in emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

Impressionable young minds in elementary school should be taught this close to absolute moral code so that their behavior is guided impulsively with the right decisions in daily actions. When they become adults they will learn of the necessary exceptions to these seemingly absolute principles but these realistic exceptions should not corrupt their basically sound morality.

If you believe in the overall truth of this secular moral code then you will have honest, sincere, and trustworthy relationships with humans in your life and you will be respected and admired by them.

You will have purpose in your life because you will contribute to the preservation of wildlife and try to make your life more efficient by not wasting so much time, energy, and money on trivial pursuits in life but you will be able to focus on the things in life which give you the most pleasure or happiness in the short and long duration.

If you don’t lie and are not adulterous then your spouse and offspring if you decide to have any will trust you and you will increase the probability that your married life will be a successful one.

If the world begins to teach this secular moral code then nations can live together peacefully and avoid the collapse of civilization in the future due to the conservation of biodiversity which will be a safety net when the pollution of the domestic food supply begins to cause too much death and disease in the population.

There is rigorous accurate scientific truth and human moral behavior statistical truth which can and should be changed in the near future for the benefit of all the citizens of the world. We all have our personal notions of what the truth is and you should try to spread those concepts of truth to others because in the process of doing so you may find new truths which you can incorporate into your own updated personal beliefs.

I have defined love with an accurate definition which is better than the current definition of love which is very inaccurate but has some truth in it none the less. My definition of love is more true than yours or the worlds definition and understanding of love. More accurate definitions will create greater truth in this world and a more accurately defined language is what is desperately needed. SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS is my evergreen truth book which contains about 6000 more truthful definitions than standard dictionaries.


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Lenore brown suffers from diagnosed bipolar disorder and tries to give advice based on personal experience and acquired book knowledge.

The truth is that bipolar disorder is NOT a CHEMICAL IMBALANCE in the brain but taking psychiatric medications will cause chemical imbalances or side effects in the brain which will frequently make the symptoms worse than before, especially if you decide to discontinue the medications after an initial exposure to them.  Switching or stopping medication taking will probably cause more trouble sleeping and your high and low moods will be amplified causing you to desperately seek more and different medications to quell the bad side effects.


There is NO CURE for bipolar disorder and to reduce the bad symptoms naturally you should first try getting regular sleep hours, getting off addictive alcohol or drugs, start healthy eating and living, get moderate exercise, get a second doctor opinion on the bipolar diagnosis, get doctor or group therapy, read self-help books, and get support from caring friends and relatives before getting hooked on brain altering medication.

You probably really need radical behavior modification therapy OR NEW AND BETTER COPING SKILLS and not brain changing psychotic artificial chemicals. You need to naturally rewire the neural networks in the brain with new behavior neural networks which will to some extent suppress but not necessarily cure your bad emotional symptoms.

Unless you have become an insomniac and your emotional control is so poor that it is seriously affecting your work performance and relationships with other humans, then don’t start taking addictive psychiatric drugs which are unnatural sedatives and mood enhancers which will really screw up the natural brain functioning which you have left.

Almost all psychiatrists are pill pushers trying to get you hooked as patients and are not really interested in spending their usually profitable time teaching you the unprofitable necessary new coping skills which you really need to deal with your messed up emotional state!!!!!!

Managing or reducing the effects of bipolar symptoms takes a lifetime of tough ongoing personal effort. Medication should only be used a last resort in very severe cases.


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Don’t forget to empathize with your offspring

If an offspring expresses fear, anger, jealousy, or sadness then you should not ridicule or tease them for feeling that way. Having unfortunate emotions is not wrong and you should help them to overcome the stress with reassurance and an optimistic viewpoint with caring expressed that things will work out and that it is natural to feel fear, anger, jealousy, or sadness sometimes.

Sharing or empathizing with the important happy moments and successes in your offspring’s lives is just as important as sharing the important unhappy moments.


Don’t have inconsistent rules

Have firm rules of what is good and bad which you expect your offspring to obey which are not vague and uncertain and threaten to become a source of continuing confusion in your offspring’s life. Rudderless lives with much bad behavior and with little self-esteem may be the result of groping for a sense of what is right and wrong.


Don’t unload all your problems on your offspring

Sharing all your problems with offspring and asking them for advice on how to deal with them makes you seem defeated and helpless which will burden your offspring unnecessarily. You should almost always approach your problems with a confident outlook that you will solve them sooner or later and you should share with your offspring your successes and infrequently your failures at dealing with problems.


Don’t just convey unloving emotions about the other parent

Never showing loving and affectionate emotions towards your spouse or ex-spouse in front of offspring will deprive your offspring of knowing the kind of good emotions and interactions which are necessary for bonding trusting relationships to be maintained.

Always criticizing, rejecting, and threatening divorce will create chronic anxiety in offspring. Remaining cold, distant, bitter, angry, and critical of an ex-spouse is a subtle way of conveying the feeling that you are the preferred parent and the ex is totally to blame for the divorce.

Your unloving relationship style can handicap your offspring who will imitate your dysfunctional unloving relationship style in their own lives with other humans.


Don’t punish independence and separation

Offspring should be taught independent responsible behavior and thinking as soon as possible and not the opposite which is trying to maintain an irresponsible dependent relationship on the parents which will result in insecurity, rebellion, and irresponsible independent action eventually.


Don’t try to link your offspring behavior to how good it makes you look

Don’t try to insist that your offspring behavior should make you look good to others. Your offspring will learn to become insecure pleasers to other humans and not independent doers who are doing something to improve themselves and their own self-image.


Don’t micromanage your offspring relationships

Monitoring each step in an offspring’s relationships with friends and authority figures such as teachers and then interfering in them to make them work out will prevent your offspring from learning to navigate friendships and relationships with important humans on their own in life.


Don’t overprotect your offspring

Extending dependency for too long on you for all emotional and other problems in life will create a feeling that life is easier and more irresponsible than it is in reality. Offspring will become depressed and confused when they don’t continue to get what they think they deserve in life from other humans who will not be as giving as you are and expect more individual responsibility and independent action.

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Extended family sitting outdoors smiling

In the western world healthy families are soon going to be a scarce commodity.

A radical decrease of good stable paying jobs, bad financial management or excessive credit card debt, a promiscuous society, and a lack of a secular moral code for impressionable young minds in elementary school is the reason why families are disintegrating because there is a breakdown of trust between humans and trust between the governed and the governing leadership.

Of all the above reasons for family failure the biggest is an absence of a common secular morality which will soon make the peaceful interaction of humans in a nation almost impossible and humans will once again be ruled by fear or rule by the threat of force and the use of force.

The two most important foundations of a family are a shared moral code that each spouse believes in and the second most important foundation is the financial means to support a family with offspring. Both a common morality and financial stability are being destroyed and the result is family breakup or even an inability to start a family because love and sexual attraction alone are not enough for a family to last as an ongoing social unit.

I personally don’t think that family breakups or an inability to support a family are necessarily a totally bad situation because the last thing that the world needs is more human mouths to feed or world overpopulation.

If you are still without family and single then don’t despair because you may still luck out and find moral compatibility and a spouse who can help to totally or partially support your family unit. With this knowledge and a little luck you may still have a successful family life in a sea of family breakups.

What is the WORLDWIDE secular morality which you and your spouse should believe in? It is except in emergency situations-DON’T DESTROY BIODIVERSITY, DON’T LIE, DON’T BE INEFFICIENT, DON’T STEAL, DON’T COMMIT ADULTERY IF MARRIED, AND DON’T MURDER!!!!!!

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Large group of foods

Eat as much unprocessed certified organic food in all its varieties as you can afford. If you do like soups or meat medium rare then cook them as minimally as possible. To get micronutrients in your diet add a wide variety of spices in barely detectable quantities to your food or take a teaspoon of bee pollen once in a while.

Don’t fall for the myth of low fat, low carbohydrate, low protein food being good for you or some heavy emphasis on a one food diet fad. You should eat and experiment with a wide variety of foods rich in fats, proteins, and carbohydrates because you need all three categories to stay healthy. Don’t just over eat the few overly processed foods which you are addicted to.

Unless you are allergic to one kind of food eat EVERYTHING whose taste is not repulsive to you. That includes some processed foods once in a while and your eating will never become boring or unhealthy and you will need no unnatural food supplements in lopsided unnatural quantities!!!!!!

Get over the myth that certain foods will help you to lose weight. They won’t and the only way that you will lose weight is to go on a permanent starvation diet which means eating less than what your body is demanding. Take diet pills to reduce weight or eat just a handful of fad diet foods and you will ruin your metabolism and health in the long duration and never lose any weight permanently.

Finally eat ONLY WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY and that may mean only one varied meal a day or every two days. It is a myth that sedentary humans need to eat three times a day or many small amounts of food five or six times a day.


Stop being a fanatic or paranoid about the food which may contain pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, etc. If you do eat some of these foods occasionally it will not destroy your health or metabolism in the long duration. Stick with certified organic food as much as possible but you don’t have to make eating them an absolute rule in your life because you will be passing up a few of life’s tasty processed sweet food treats such as chocolate and deserts.

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Biodiversity is speedily being destroyed in this world. Not only is wilderness real estate being destroyed leading to species extinction, especially the predators at the top of the food chain but food biodiversity is also being reduced drastically with monoculture agricultural techniques.

Wilderness biodiversity is the only safety net which we will have for a healthy food supply when domesticated plants and animals will become unhealthy with the overuse of pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers, factory assembly line growing,  growth hormones, antibiotics, untested GMO’s, and artificial insemination.

Human selection for only a few traits such as beauty, fat content, size, and breeding productivity in cats and dogs has demonstrated that unhealthy animals and human dependent plants which can’t breed in the wild are the result in the long duration. Humans are just not as smart in selecting the healthiest and best animal and plant specimens to reproduce as nature is.


Nature selects plants and animals based on thousands of desirable traits and humans select only based on a few desirable traits. The result is that many human designed species of plants and animals are not the healthiest or most disease resistant species in the long duration.

Our domesticated food supply is in the long duration in danger of succumbing to unforeseen catastrophic diseases and extinction and natural biodiversity is the only safety net which we will have to rely upon when human manipulation of domesticated species fails miserably.

Humans are polluting our genetic food supply with the help of technology which results in many unfavorable unhealthy species for the long duration.

Beware!!!!!! Destroy biodiversity and you destroy future human civilization as well!!!!!!

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Reality is everything which exists in this universe and that includes all beliefs which many now frequently feel are mythological, frequently some religious beliefs which are untrue.

Truth is a personal judgment of which realities are more valuable in our lives.

I personally believe or judge that scientific knowledge or mathematically provable realities are the most important. Secondly I believe or judge a secular moral code to be a vital reality in the peaceful interaction of humans on the face of this earth. I believe or judge accurate statistical evidence and scientific logical approaches to be more valuable in the formation of laws than just intuitive feelings of what fairness or justice should be.

Saying that something is false frequently means that you don’t value the response as an accurate description of reality. The wrong answer exists or is real but it is not accurate or is totally inaccurate. An accurate and sometimes mathematical description of reality is frequently more valued than an inaccurate description of reality in words and is considered more truthful or the truth.

If you say that something existed in the past and it is a totally inaccurate description then it is a lie or untrue. If you make a partially accurate description of a past event then it can frequently be called a deception or a partial lie or partial untruth.

Social truths are relative and subject to change from generation to generation with the exception of moral truths about human nature which are eternal statistically derived truths or realities about human behavior.

Your truth is different from my truth and unfortunately there is no objective truth which proves the necessity for the existence of a secular moral code so that peaceful human interaction worldwide is possible.

An evergreen truth blog may seem like a presumptuous exclusive claim on the truth and if you personally feel that it is my personal opinion and not your truth then of course you have a right to disagree. Peace!!!!!!

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All you need to know is when to exercise, how much to exercise, how to exercise, where to exercise, with whom to exercise, and what exercises to do.

You may get enough exercise on the job or doing housework so you may not need to set aside time to exercise in a formal way. When you have a break during your sedentary job or after work you can do the exercising.

Unless you are a determined body builder on a daily schedule of exercise then you don’t have to exercise every day because it can become very boring. If you have a sedentary job or lifestyle in old age then you should probably exercise about 20 minutes three times a week but not feel bad if you don’t exercise at all for a week or month at a time because when you are young the lack of exercise will not hurt you in the long duration.

You can exercise at a slow pace or you can make it a fast cardio experience by increasing the speed of the exercise or do more repetitions of the exercise per minute.

You can exercise in the office, on land, or in the water.

The exercising may be done alone or with someone in pairs or as part of a team.

Unless you are a muscle builder natural forms of body movement are the best which don’t use artificial devices or exercises which accomplish something useful such as gardening or doing housework.

Natural body movements which are walking, running, deep knee bends, toe touching, situps, climbing movements such as climbing on a chair and then down again or walking up and down stairs, push-ups, sitting on the floor and getting up from it, jumping in place or doing jumping jacks, and lifting weights with feet and hands are the most useful natural body movements.

In the water swimming and diving are the best forms of natural body movement.

Of course natural body movements can be rather boring to do and you may want to participate in an individual, pair, or team sport. Windsurfing, surfing, canoeing, jet skiing, dirt bike riding, skiing, skating, bowling, golf, aerobics, yoga, and martial arts moves are things which you can do on your own. There are also pair and team sports but it is not always reliable and convenient to have to depend on someone else for a regular exercising routine and individualized sports are by far the best reliable alternative.

You can invest in a treadmill to exercise by walking fast or running when the weather is either too hot or too cold outside.

If you are elderly and can only sit in a chair or lie in bed then you should be exercising on a daily basis for about 20 minutes to avoid stiffness of the joints or minimizing arthritic pain by slowly and/or rapidly moving your arms, hands, feet, head, and torso if possible.

Finally stop believing the myth that exercise will help you to lose weight because it won’t!!!!!!


Most humans don’t exercise at all because they are too lazy or get enough movement on a daily basis so they really don’t need a regular exercise routine to participate in. Individual rather than pair or team sports are the best because you don’t have to depend on someone else to get in your exercise quota.

Agility exercise with natural body movements is the best which will nicely tone your body no matter how heavy you might be and keep you fit and healthy if you also eat healthy food and drink.

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common_sense (1)



Your genes primarily predetermine how healthy you are, getting older means feeling older, your body gets frail as you age, your brain is destined to deteriorate over time, your energy decreases as you age, the older you are then the more unhappy you are. These are all mostly myths which the article describes in detail.

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More humans are dying from legal drugs than from automobile accidents on a yearly basis and this link shows that legal drugs not illegal drugs are the most serious problem in America.

Not only are drugs killing humans but many are becoming addicted to them since they are designed to mask symptoms, create their own bad side effects, and not to cure you.

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Fitness Myths
Here is a reprint of an article posted May 15, 2012 by momentmatters which outlines the
tricks used by the fitness industry to get you hooked on their product or service with the
mythological miracles they promise you like weight loss, hot looks, and miracle diets.
Posted on May 15, 2012 by 

The fitness industry has a spur of growth these recent years, due in part to illnesses like diabetes and obesity. And of course, thanks to Hollywood we all want to be hot. And that’s the promise of the Fitness Industry, be it a club membership or DVD take-outs – you will be hot and sexy when you buy their products and services.

You decided to join a fitness club. On the facade you saw beachfront bodies, hot, sexy, and sizzling! Expectedly, models are the lean and muscular ones. It doesn’t mean that they got fit in that gym, but seeing them makes you believe. Admit it, most people are visual people. Seeing what you want to be is enough to persuade you.

You may or may not notice, but the trainers are marketing savvy. You signed the contract and gave them permission to bill your credit card. Often times, they still make you choose your personal trainer. And you’ll see, some are more expensive than the others. Paying them more doesn’t guarantee you better results. It’s still all you, you do the work for your own body, not the jam-packed trainers themselves.

The next step is to measure your current fitness or health status. How can you know if you are obese, overweight, fit, or underweight? They measure your BMI (body mass index). This scale, created by the US government is flawed! It’s purely based on height and weight but what about fats proportion? What if you just have huge bone density that adds to your weight? And all other considerations are not accounted. According to this scale, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Michael Jordan are all overweight. However, it’s the most popular and easiest measure. But if your BMI surprised you, you may just have the body of Brad Pitt.

They offer the services of in-house nutritionist. They will give you a tease, and make the nutritionist assess your diet for the first time and recommend some changes. Diet and nutrition is common sense. Eat what the caveman eats, all natural and avoid processes and you’re good. Paying extra for nutritionists or books is expendable.

You got started. The leeway to steadfast weight trimming and strength building is the equipment and machinery. But you and your trainer will spend less time in it. Instead, your trainer will drive you to “stability balls, resistance tubing or bands, and balance tools”, more on exercises you can’t do alone. These trainers are told to veer away from constant use of equipment, because when the person learned how to use them (and it’s damn easy to learn), they won’t need trainers and will stop the service.

It’s a psychological game! They get you psyched up in the start, then when it’s been months and you do the same exercises over again, they intervene and re-psych you up to keep you paying the membership. It’s an industry, meaning a business. It doesn’t care if you get healthier or leaner. What it cares about is your money.

Their programs may not work out for you, really. Our genetic makeup is part of the equation, but would they say it? No. They trick you to believe what the best looking body is, but each of us look at our best differently. And then they promise you that the best way to achieve it is through their gym.

If you noticed nothing’s changed, or at least on the timeline they promise you, it’s also planned out. They’ll say that despite the program, diets and supplements they served, it all falls down to individual differences. It didn’t work out for you because it isn’t right for your body, and you keep on finding what works for you. Yeah, you’ve gotta pay them more.

Their gym is a breeding ground for germs, thanks to the sweaty bodies all around. From athlete’s foot to flu, they have it. And these clubs, if not all of it, are not mandated by law to handle medical emergencies. Some trainers can’t even do CPR. Thing is, we are prone to injury when exercising. And heart attacks, due to improper exercise or overexercise, will need immediate help in matters of minutes.

Fitness industry doesn’t have a federal regulation to keep private data. Doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, all these professionals are ruled by law to preserve nondisclosure of any private information you shared with them. But the fitness industry doesn’t have that, and unfortunately you have to share your medical history to them at the beginning of your program. Be prudent as these people are free to gossip about you.

It’s hell hard to terminate a membership. Even if you communicate that you want to quit, chances are you signed a contract in day one and they’ll keep earning from you credit card even after you stopped. You better read before you sign, because if you sue them, they just present your signature and they win.

Sure, there are people who got their magazine cover body, and fitness clubs helped them. But not all trainers are qualified to be one. Their management will employ many to meet the sky high demand, and see for themselves if they’re good with being a trainer. If not, oh well, drop him and get another.

Even the professional and ethical can’t escape the demands of business, and what kept their growing bank account are some tricks here and deceit there to get you excited and believe all the miracles they claim.

I’m not implying that we quit our membership. Our body will always clamor exercise, and their services shot straight to that humane need. But you deserve to know all their secrets; and you can be fit at home, at work, at school, at Disneyland park, wherever.

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Sympathy: n. empathy with a lifeform(s)’s misfortune

If it is a death in the family or some permanent irreversible misfortune then the best that you can do is sympathize by sharing a similar misfortune in your life or writing a sympathy card giving emotional support.

In a family situation saying that you feel someone’s pain for misfortune and merely emotionally sympathizing with them is frequently not enough sympathy. You should also follow up with some useful advice and/or caring which will decrease the odds that the misfortune will happen again.

If your offspring gets an F grade then you should give some useful advice on how to avoid it happening again such as with better study or work habits and you may even have to supervise your offspring and check their knowledge of the subject matter before the next test.

Adults should be largely responsible for their own misfortunes in life but even here if you have some useful advice on how to avoid future misfortune then you should spend some of your valuable time giving your best advice on the matter so it doesn’t happen again.

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The answer is yes in many cases because being on welfare means not having to pay for medical care, food, shelter, and basic needs which most humans working at minimum wage can’t afford.

Here are some links which present the problem and offer realistic solutions:


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If we had a safety net for all those unemployed and also destitute then we would not need a minimum wage but anyone could live in the safety net and only go to work voluntarily if it was a living wage. Employers would have to pay a wage that workers would be voluntarily willing to work for. No minimum wage would be necessary!

Of course reality is such that local communities have housing laws which have occupancy limits per household so providing shelter to the unemployed and also destitute is a huge expense for welfare and tax payers. If local communities permitted an occupancy limit of about 4 occupants per single bedroom apartment then welfare could provide cheap shelter for those in distress. Government could then hire private agencies to deliver minimum basic standardized necessities door to door for the unemployed and also destitute at minimum cost to the taxpayers.

Government would not have to provide any spending money for the welfare recipients and they would be living without cash which they usually spend irresponsibly on impulsive buys, alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs anyway.

Of course realistically this would mean unemployed ghettos in communities where high density living would be permitted.

Government could then create a resume video of all those on welfare and employers could scan them for potential job candidates. The employers would interview the candidate in person at their home residence and make arrangements to rent out a scooter or three wheeled motorcycle in the snowy north so that the welfare recipient could commute to and from work.

One further point. For all those willing to put in the time, effort, and achievement free internet education in useful technological job skills could be provided by the government for free. This way self-motivated humans with ability and a desire to learn new useful skills who lost their jobs could stay at home and reeducate themselves for the new technological 21st century.

What is the motivation to start work or reeducate yourself on the internet for free??? I don’t want to live for free in a drug free ghetto without cigarettes, alcohol, or spending money and share my room with three humans for the rest of my life!!!!!!


No minimum wage is necessary if the welfare system is radically overhauled to make way for 21st century job scarce realities. If the unemployed and also destitute want to escape the high density ghetto with free room and board and no cash to spend they could start work voluntarily and once again have spending money which they could spend in the outside world and move out of the ghetto once they could independently live on their own with a living wage.

My evergreen truth book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS shows in detail the necessary laws which have to be passed to make a just welfare system possible where there is truly hope of escaping the ghetto in a voluntary efficient way for the benefit of society and especially for the benefit of the overburdened middle class taxpayers.

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blogging requires passion and authority

Great, you have decided to try blogging!

Why do you want to blog?

I want to share my life’s mundane experiences with like-minded humans.

I want to share my passion or passions with others who have similar passions.

I am an expert in my field and want to create a huge following and eventually make money writing a book about it.

I want to make easy money selling my money making scam to gullible humans.

I want to share my knowledge with others and change the world for the better.

I love to write and express my thoughts on subjects which interest me.

If you want to write about mundane daily experiences in your life then you will find that no one really cares. Your article will only be exposed to the world for about 6 hours every time you publish one and hope for a like response or comment.  Avoid the inevitable disappointment of poor feedback and try to find friends on Facebook or other social media instead to chat with.

If you have a passion for something like food, exercise, photography, nature, fashion, cars, etc. then you will find other passionate humans but they will all be amateurs like yourself with rather little to offer and most of them will probably only have written a handful of blogs. You may get lucky and find a friend with a similar passion somewhere in the world whom you might eventually like to meet in person.

If you are an expert in your field and want to get a boatload of interested followers who will pay for your professional services then you will fail.  You will soon run out of interesting blogs to write unless you reblog the same articles a thousand times to get a handful of interested individuals during your approximate 6 hour exposure worldwide each time you publish.

Money making scams offering easy money making schemes duped many bloggers in the past but bloggers are getting wise and fewer of them are becoming suckers so you won’t succeed in duping very many out of their hard earned dollars.

If you want to practice your writing skills or just write to relieve stress then blogging is the ideal platform for you but you won’t get much satisfying feedback from readers.

I want to share my unique knowledge and viewpoints about truth with others and change the world for the better.

The above reason is why I am still blogging and not giving up yet with about 150 daily visitors worldwide to my evergreen truth blog.


Unless you are just writing for the fun of it blogging will not give you much satisfaction and no good friends and you will join tens of thousands who give it up after a few months of it at most.

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Interactive audio visual computer education in the home is the ideal solution to students who want to put in the time, energy, effort, and achievement and graduate much before the age of 18 in public schools.

Each student will proceed at their own pace and both the rich and poor will be in an equal opportunity educational system which will not be determined by an inefficient bureaucracy and mediocre teachers teaching mediocre liberal arts subjects which are inappropriate for the 21st technological century.

WHAT we teach is just as important as HOW we teach it. It is not enough to replace most current day teachers with computers but the subject matter taught must be job rich or the students are just wasting their time in a boring unmotivating historical classroom setting during their teenage years. Keeping students stupid and lazy for 18 years is no longer a workable situation in a future society which needs useful mental effort more than physical ability.

My evergreen truth book EDUCATION REFORM details the steps which should be taken to get us out of the job poor liberal arts public school educational system. My solution to excellent education for all those willing to put in the time, effort, and achievement no matter how rich or poor is more complete and relevant than the one outlined in the following link. 

Here is a link to a video by John Stossel who interviews an author who feels that computer assisted home education is the ultimate solution to educational mediocrity which is the sorry state of present education.

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Welfare: n. helping a human(s) with ingus

Ingus: n. information and/or goods and/or services

Most of us think that being on welfare should be a social stigma to be looked down upon.

In the real technological, robotizing, monopolizing, internet world humans lose their seemingly permanent jobs and can’t find work quick enough to keep them from financially becoming destitute and also unemployed.

Students starting out in life without family support with diplomas also can’t find menial jobs where the competition is ferocious in bad economic times.

Unwed mothers go on welfare because the males can’t support them and their offspring and they don’t make enough income to support their brood.

In effect there is definitely a need for welfare for the unemployed and also destitute whether male or female with children and at whatever age. There should be a social safety net for all these unfortunate humans and the government welfare should provide them with minimal basic standardized necessities door to door and the hope for and an opportunity to reeducate themselves in a useful technological skill for free over the internet.

This way all those with the wrong kind of liberal arts education which is job poor or those with poor education to begin with can through personal time, effort, reeducation, and achievement at home again qualify for a real job in the real world of job scarcity.

Yes, some will not want to work at all at minimum wage and will try to stay on welfare because they feel that they can’t reeducate themselves for a useful job.

If that is the case then they should remain on permanent bare subsistence welfare with no right to own a motorized vehicle and the government should supply them with basic necessities door to door. This is to make their support as efficient as possible because they will in effect have become permanent human parasites living off the labor of the working middle class.

Life on welfare should be forcefully thrifty and no one on welfare should be cruising shopping malls or bars looking for fun and excitement at taxpayer’s expense.

My evergreen truth book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS details the necessary changes needed to avoid bankrupting the national budget with an over generous welfare system.

Yes, there will basically be two classes of citizens- the employed and the unemployed and also destitute and they should no longer have equal political rights because one class will be comprised of basically permanent parasitic welfare recipients through little fault of their own.


Technology is devastating old jobs and most are just not smart enough to figure out a way out of their financially bankrupt situation. Government can provide free internet education with those who still hope to escape their financial sinkhole but we must admit that in a job poor world there will be armies of citizens on welfare into the foreseeable future.

The kind of welfare safety net must radically change from the present one but an efficient new safety net is a necessity for the future armies of citizens on permanent welfare due to technological efficiency and hopefully an end to make work dehumanizing jobs in government, subsidized corporations, and elsewhere.

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Historically hard physical work was expected from most members of society or you starved to death or were socially ostracized and that usually meant bare subsistence living or even starving to death.

Today most valued work is mental effort and physical work is speedily being replaced by machines and robots which do the work more efficiently and more reliably.

If you are born rich or have money saved up then you don’t have to work but you can get on welfare and not have to work either.

The avalanche of welfare recipients means that the technological 21st century will mean far fewer in the middle class, few very wealthy at the top with the technological elite, and the vast majority on welfare living close to a subsistence level.

It will be a world with the majority being in the leisure class or out of work and on welfare. Being out of work will no longer be a social stigma and will no longer mean starvation but an accepted way of living out your life in relative poverty when compared to the ruling working elite.

If you are already on welfare then welcome to the dominant leisure class of the near future!!!!!!

Of course if you have your whole life in front of you then you may want to work hard at learning useful skills which are not in the liberal arts and which will not be replaced by technology in the near future. You may then live a fulfilling varied and interesting life as a middle class wage earner and maybe even be lucky enough to afford offspring on a personal independent budget.


Working hard with mental skills or abilities will be important into the foreseeable future and if you are not that gifted mentally then the government will take care of you and your basic needs. There will be no shame in being out of work!!!

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Firmly prioritize tasks

Ordering your tasks based on what is most important, second in importance and so on is not enough. After setting priorities you should pursue the most important task with determination until it is entirely finished before going on to the next task in order of importance.

Yes, an emergency may arise and you will have to give your attention to another task which suddenly becomes the most important on the list of priorities but without an emergency situation you should concentrate on the most important task which you selected to do and finish it as soon as possible.

To prioritize your tasks always be guided by a desire to give value to your customers, investors, and employees. Do so with useful reliable products and services for customers which are or will be in demand and make a profit for your company and investors all done with an efficient staff of employees who can work together well and are generally proud of the job that they are doing.


Plan before starting on a task

Plan: v. to record and/or memorize a detailed series of actions and/or diagrams which will be used to help in achieving a task(s) in the future

Before a task do some thinking about WHAT and WHO you will need to complete the task and estimate about how long it should take. Nothing is more inefficient than starting on a task and finding out that you don’t have all the information and/or materials for the task, that you don’t have the right humans assigned to the task, and that you didn’t set aside enough time for the task.

No planning is inefficient because it frequently means doing the task over again because it failed the first time or spending too much time on it because of a disorganized random approach to the task.

If the task is a rather complicated one then a diagram or flowchart may be a help in visualizing the progress of the task before you begin it.


Invest in help or delegate authority

Two or more skilled humans can frequently do a job faster than just one so if you find yourself frequently running out of time and over stressing yourself with too great a workload then invest in someone who can help you with your job or share some of the responsibility but don’t expect them to be as dedicated to your work as you are if you own part of the business.

If you are the boss but don’t own part or all of the business then you can try delegating authority or having an employee share some of the responsibility of your job. Gradually teaching an employee your job may seem a threat to your position in the company but if you yourself have plans to rise in the hierarchy of the organization then you will have a thankful loyal employee who will competently do your former job when you get promoted.


Take time out to recharge or relax from hard work

If you are tired, stressed out, or overworked on the job then you need to set aside time to recharge or relax or you will become an inefficient worker who makes too many mistakes on the job.

It is important to also put a high priority on staying healthy with good food and moderate exercise, maintaining important relationships, especially your family if you have one, and following some interesting passions with little seeming relevance to your job.

Not only will you avoid job burnout and inefficiency on the job by focusing some of your efforts on other important life priorities but you will be a much more interesting human to be around because you will have more to talk about than just your job and be considered a more well-rounded human by others whom you come into contact with.

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images (1)

Fairness is a just reward and/or punishment. There is fairness or justly rewarding and/or punishing in human relationships and fairness or justly rewarding and/or punishing in a job environment.

Some humans feel that fairness originates from altruism or caring feelings but another motivating force is the fear of spiteful or revengeful reactions or disrespect from others who are not being fairly or justly treated or rewarded and/or punished.

In business, not sharing fairly in profits or achievement can mean that the offended human will become spiteful or revengeful and hinder future attempts at making profits or achievements in an organization. Some bosses are fair with their employees because they fear that not being fair will jeopardize a good working relationship.

On the other hand some bosses realize that you may be so desperate for a job that they will not be fair with you and are not afraid of spiteful or revengeful reactions from you because you are easily replaceable.

In human relationships if you are unfair or don’t reward someone appropriately by not giving credit or praise where credit or praise is due then you will not be respected because the offended party may feel that you are exploiting them in some way and may become spiteful which will definitely hurt the relationship.

If you punish someone with unjust criticism, blame, put downs, or name calling then you also may become the object of a spiteful or revengeful reaction which will also definitely hurt the relationship.


Life or society is not fair and everyone in society does not get a just meritorious reward for personal effort, ability, and achievement largely due to bad education, bad family, a bad work ethic, bad genes, and governing by a corrupt wealthy class which does not permit fair competition from deserving poor humans who are handicapped by mediocre education.

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In nature successful males reproduce more offspring and it is time for society to imitate nature and transition to rewarding males with health, smarts, and great wealth to have polygamous relationships but keep monogamous relationships for everyone else. Multimillionaires and billionaires should be permitted to have polygamous marriages as long as an escrow amount of about 5 million dollars is set aside to take care of females with offspring who may want and get a divorce.

An excellent wealthy provider may not be the healthiest or smartest human specimen but it is a just non coercive way of rewarding monetary success. Eventually society may pass laws legalizing polygamy for the smartest males also but if they have many offspring and divorce then society will have to bear the burden of supporting their abandoned offspring financially and many in society may object to this.

Coalition males in lion prides offer potential new marital relationships among the most wealthy human males in society. It is entirely conceivable that two or more very wealthy male polygamous human units could join to become one powerful domineering unit in human society which rules over specialty professions and/or businesses.

Money is power in the present corrupt world but even more powerful and genetically desirable would be human genetic coalitions which would be more powerful than money which should never be priority number one in society!!!

Financial success with polygamy or being an excellent provider should be encouraged and rewarded by society and is a way of motivating other males to become good providers too. This is a motivation sadly lacking in this promiscuous western culture.

Am I for a genetic aristocracy? Partially yes, but I also believe that society should have free technological education at any age for the destitute and also unemployed who are willing to put in the time, effort, and achieve enough knowledge to be able to join the workforce again because there are very many healthy and smart individuals who are very poor financially and should be able to improve their status in society in a just way.

Anyone no matter how poor financially should have the right show that they too are potential new material for a genetic aristocracy though time, effort, ability, and achievement.

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According to a Mayo Clinic study about 70% of Americans are on one legal mind altering prescription drug and about 20% are on 5 or more prescription drugs.

With so many using mind altering legal drugs and about 60 million “abusing alcohol” it is no surprise that many are for legalizing marijuana and other feel good drugs which mask symptoms and don’t cure anything but get you addicted for life.

The pharmaceutical companies are raking in BILLIONS in profits and here are 17 more statistical facts which prove that the medical profession is an army of legal drug pushers.

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