Abauthority: n. an absence of authority

The offspring went wild with abauthority.


Abderite: n. a stupid human

There are many abderites in this world


Allsense: v. to focus 100% of senses on a subset(s)

He was allsensed about the football game


Angdis: v. to sense anger and disgust simultaneously

She was angdised by the phallic birthday cake


Angjehat: v. to sense anger and jealousy and hatred simultaneously

She was angjehated by her husband’s adultery


Atrep: v. to sense attraction and repulsion simultaneously from one or more subsets

He atreped the dirty sexy prostitute


Awef: v. to sense very intense respect and fear and wonder from a subset(s)

He was awefed by the tornado.


Buyev: v. to buy a subset(s) which is an impulse but not a necessity

His wife buyeved many clothes today at the mall.


Claimev: v. to communicate that a subset(s) is true based upon personal knowledge

He claimeved that Joe was a backstabber and could not rid himself of the bad habit.


Darev: v. to courageously do a subset(s) which one believes to be socially unacceptable and/or very dangerous

He dareved to streak in public.


Deboast: v. to communicate unimportance

He deboasted his coworker.


Demuse: v. to not possess the ability to do a pleasant and/or entertaining subset(s)

That performance was demusing.


Demusev: v. to not desire to do a pleasant and/or entertaining subset(s)

He demuseved to dance.


Disapprom: v. to sense badness when another promises to achieve your needs and/or hopes and/or desires and/or expectations and doesn’t do so

She disappromed when he didn’t show up for the date.


Fearsocev: to sense fear which is frequently sensed at a new untested social experience which potentially threatens possible social embarrassment

He was fearsoceving while giving the public speech.


Frant: v. to sense frustration and anticipation simultaneously (when offspring is so cloose to success but not achieving with many attempts)

She franted when her offspring did it twenty times without success.


Hapf: v. to sense happiness and fear simultaneously (when an offspring goes off to college you are happy but fear drug abuse there)

The parents hapfed as their son went off to college.


Ladual: adj. changing by large degrees

His improvement was ladual.


Lendev: to temporarily and intentionally give possession of a subset(s) and not

getting money

He lendeved the chain saw to his neighbor.


Loseinten: v. to intentionally lose a subset(s)

He loseintened the wedding ring in the lake after the divorce.


Meanev: v. to cause mental displeasure

Meanev him for the bad behavior.


Measy: n. a goal(s) achieved with little mental effort.

Picking up the candy wrapper was measy.


Mistakeinev: v. to do an intentional mistake

He was mistakeineving to upset his parents.


Needeff: v. to desire a subset(s) used to achieve a goal(s) efficiently

He was needeffing the latest cellphone.


Neglectin: v. to intentionally ignore and/or not care for adequately

Neglectin a family pet is bad.


Neglectun: v. to unintentionally ignore and/or not care for adequately

His mistake was to neglectun the new family pet.


Offin: v. to intentionally cause (anger and/or resentment) and/or cause displeasure because of an illegal action(s) which is frequently caused by a human(s) behaving immorally and/or deviating much from good social etiquette

He offined his parents by lying.


Partencev: v. to use up much time trying to achieve a goal(s)

To partencev an easy task will frequently get you into trouble.


Pinject: v. to inject one’s personal biases on another’s potential and existent actions and predominantly the corresponding thinking and/or sensing

His mistake was to pinject other humans.


Pochar: adj. inadequate in many desirable characteristics

She had a pochar personality.


Possill: v. to have and control a subset(s) illegally

The thirteen year old possilled the car.


Psimbiasev: v. to be attracted to a human(s) with similar personal biases

He had few friends because he was psimbiaseving.


Pyrent: n. an adopting parent

Her dad was a pyrent.


Sodiff: v. to achieve with relatively much skill

The audience loved the sodiffed song.


Surang: v. to sense surprise and anger simultaneously

She suranged when her son threw the plate at her.


Sumpemsorev: v. to sense pity and sorrow and empathy for another’s misfortune

She sumpemsoreved then her daughter sprained her ankle.


Tendopt: n. a tendency to overanticipate optimistic future results

His tendopting continued after a lucky win the first time and he lost all his money.

Tendrec: n. a tendency to consider recent events as more important than earlier events

His tendrecing continued after a lucky win even though he was on a losing streak.

Vpossess: v. to use one’s possession(s) and/or the possession(s) of another(s) with permission

He vpossessed his father’s car.


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