About 70% are surprised their wives filed for divorce not thinking that threats of divorce were serious during marriage.

Many use too much technology or computers and cell phones and even at bedtime.

Many are too dedicated to job and not enough to family or spouse.

Many stopped wining and dining the spouse after marriage.

Many developed new interests which the spouse did not participate in.

Many spent much money on boy toys and may have been financially irresponsible.

Many lacked words of praise from their wives about being attractive and/or competent.

Many had difficulty communicating their emotions during marriage.

Many feel that they will never put up with sexual denial which frequently occurred when the marriage started to seriously deteriorate.

Many were adulterous and sometimes because they were promiscuous before marriage and the bad habit continued after marriage.

There wasn’t an honest, sincere, reliable or trustworthy relationship during marriage.

Many have some affectionate feelings for the ex-wife even though it was a tumultuous and unsatisfying marital relationship.


Financial mismanagement or poor finances, adultery, and not enough interaction and communication or dysfunctional interaction and communication are the three major causes of divorce.

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