Before you try to start a relationship with someone make sure that you are ready to start one.

If you are single and unemployed without money and no potentially good plans for the future then you should stay single and not even try to start up a relationship because you will crash and burn unless you are a super attractive sexy female .

When you communicate then do so with honesty, sincerity, and reliability. No serious woman  or man wants a BS artist who makes up stories which aren’t true and is unreliable and doesn’t show up on time for appointments or doesn’t follow through on promises made.

If you want to be respected and admired by any human then you must start by trying to establish a trustworthy relationship and that means not lying and not being unreliable.

Everyone wants to be complimented on their looks, have their beliefs and opinions reinforced, and feel good about what they are doing in life. If you compliment then be sincere about it and don’t make it seem that you think everything she or he does or thinks is the greatest thing in the world.

If your compliments are not sincere then they will think that you are just buttering them up so that you can get anything you want out of them. Overblown compliments may work in the short duration but your insincerity will have devastating effects later on.

Most women like to feel secure and you must speak confidently and decisively with a sense of self-worth. If your present life is a mess and you don’t know how to fix it then you are not going to radiate confidence and decisiveness and if you do it will be pretentious and a lie.

Be caring and that means verbally supporting a career as well as yours, supporting plans for the future, and supporting good opinions and beliefs which you agree with. You don’t have to agree with all his or her opinions but do if they are important ones.

Sharing or talking about both the good and bad experiences in life is important and it is the best way to really get to know a human. Sharing is a risk because you may reveal something which will create distance between the both of you but if you are interested in a long duration relationship then it is better for the bad things to surface so that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises if you decide to commit to the relationship with marriage later on.

When you ask how his or her day was listen carefully and respond appropriately supporting emotionally where appropriate and show that you really care about any expressed feelings and the daily routine which sometimes has unsatisfying moments.

Men sometimes have a hard time dealing with feelings and picking up on them during a conversation so many men unfortunately are handicapped emotionally and if you are a woman then you will have to be a little more understanding about this weakness.

If you get angry or want to yell and scream then don’t. Try to stay as emotionally calm and under control as possible.

Discussion and a controlled interchange is far preferable to an angry confrontation which is a verbal war or fighting. A healthy relationship means trying to reach mutual agreement on something or agreeing to a difference of opinion but not confrontational fighting tooth and nail to try and win an argument at any cost.

No one is perfect and if you make a mistake or do something bad then admit it and apologize and accept the blame. Sometimes if you don’t know how to compensate for your offense then ask if she or he has an opinion on how you can make up for your blunder.

Be careful not to promise that it won’t happen again if you think there is a great possibility that it might happen again because you don’t want to lie.

Good conversation should be a two way street and you should not spend most of it only talking about yourself and what you think is important in life. Back and forth talking is the best where you listen carefully and give appropriate feedback to what you have heard.

It is still a fact of life that most women like to talk more than men so if you are a man of few words then learn to become a good listener and when you respond make it short and sweet and to the point.


There are important foundations to a good relationship and one of the most important foundations is the ability to have successful, honest, sincere two way conversations about experiences, opinions and beliefs, and emotions.

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