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If you have a good job which will last then you have already reached your most important priority in life. Being financially stable means that you have the money to lead an exciting fulfilling single life if you choose to do so and it also means that if you want a family then you can afford one. If you are good at managing your finances and have good communication skills then you will probably have a happy family life too.

If you don’t have a good job and are single then your most important “secret” priority in life should be to train or educate yourself for a good paying job and devote much of your spare time trying to achieve that goal. Sometimes a long and difficult apprenticeship in an organization working your way up the pay scale may be the answer. If not, then preparing for a better job elsewhere should always be an important priority. You may be 30 or 40 before you reach financial stability but the quest is well worth it since you will have only lived about half of your life with the other best half is still in front of you.

Having a good paying job means that you will become a chick magnet even if you are not that attractive and if you are a female then having a good paying job means that if you become the victim of a failed marriage with offspring then you will be able to support them after the divorce and not have to go on welfare assistance and live in poverty.

Living a carefree adventurous life while young and single and not having a good income means that your creature comforts will be minimal and your relationships with the opposite sex will mostly be dysfunctional ones or one night stands. If you are a very attractive female then your physical allure may compensate for a poor income but if you are a handsome poor income male then the only status which you can hope for is a “good time guy” and nothing more.


If you have a good paying job and are honest, sincere, and reliable then your single life will probably be a success and so will your married life be a success if you decide to commit to one and have not been overly promiscuous before the commitment.

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Shame: n. sensing displeasure caused by guilt and/or unworthiness and/or disrepute and/or powerlessness to achieve a goal(s)

If you are the rare psychopath who never feels guilty, don’t care if you are held in public disrepute, don’t feel unworthy, and don’t care what humans think when you don’t achieve your goals then you can be truly called a shameless human.

If on the other hand you have a strong moral sense of what is right and wrong, want to be respected and admired, and feel bad about not achieving goals which affect others then you will experience shameful moments when you behave immorally by lying, stealing, not fulfilling promises, or committing adultery. 

If you hurt another human in some way then you should feel shame and if you promise to reach a goal which affects others and don’t thus disappointing them or affecting them in a bad way then you should feel shame.

Some unfortunate humans feel shame about their lack of physical attractiveness, their accent, and physical or mental handicaps which make them feel inferior and unworthy in some way. If you personally feel that you are not normal in some way then you will probably feel some shame about it and maybe not have enough courage to overcome your deviance from normal with other good characteristics which you should be proud to display in public and private.

Feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, or any trait which you wish you had but don’t are all sources of possible shame in your life. If you realize that no one is perfect and that each of us has more than one imperfection then you may be able to confront the world and other humans without feeling much shame and proceed with a courageous optimistic attitude.

Shame is very intense embarrassment which no one should victimize themselves with because it is a major source of unhappiness for many who care too much what others think about them. If your major source of shame is your poverty then try to do something about it or learn to live with it and try to associate yourself with other poor but happy humans.

Be honest, sincere, and reliable and you should have nothing to feel ashamed of in public and you will probably be respected and maybe even admired by many others.

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