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Money is neither good nor bad but is a tool which can be used for good or bad purposes or goals. WHAT you use the money for is an indication of what you VALUE in life or what seems to be more important to you at a given point in time.

Money: n. a physical symbol for a quantity of energy and/or matter which can be traded for information and/or goods and/or services and is used as a measure of information and/or goods and/or services values in the market

Money symbolically represents energy and stored energy (matter) which is something which everyone needs to survive. Even those without money need the energy stored in food to survive so everyone needs some money to buy food unless they are begging for food, living off of dumpster food, or getting money from food stamps or welfare.

If you love or enjoy writing then it will take little energy or money to do so but if you want to make money writing then you will still need money to promote the writing or you will have to achieve celebrity status and then write something which will appeal to and which you can sell to your fans.

Energy makes the world go round and that is why it is popular to say that money makes the world go round. You can still be happy with very little money if you budget it and spend it wisely but if you want to spend an active life doing interesting things and associating with interesting humans whom you care about then you will need more than a minimum amount of money.

A good paying job is the answer to living a varied interesting life with offspring if you choose to have any.

Yes, loving money too much will probably corrupt you and mismanaging what little money you have will bring you much pain and suffering but most of us need money or energy to survive well. It is important to learn to save some of it and use or spend it wisely on the things which will give you the most pleasure or happiness in the long duration.  

You may want to live impulsively day by day spending money on immediate needs and wants but to maximize your happiness throughout a lifetime you will need to learn to save for and spend your money on short duration as well as long duration goals.


Money is a basic necessity for most of us and it should be regarded as a precious commodity not to be wasted but wisely budgeted and spent on worthwhile goals in life which will hopefully maximize your happiness during a lifetime.

The fool and his money are soon parted so try not to live the life of a fool for an entire lifetime!!!!!!


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Wisdom: n. knowledge which helps to judge accurately what is (true and/or right) and/or (just and/or moral). Unchanging wisdom is wisdom about human nature.

Some have a little wisdom by the time that they reach old age and others never get wise to their dying day. Wisdom is accurate and complete knowledge about humans and an ability to teach or convey a proper understanding of human nature.

There is little wisdom about events and things because technology is fast changing knowledge about old ways of doing things and revolutionizing them in ways that the old knowledge is no longer that useful in the modern world.

You can be wise about humans but not so wise about how to be successful in the modern world jobwise.

In a fast changing technological world old technological wisdom does not always apply but the wisdom which is unchangeable and constant is a knowledge of human nature and the way that it works. If you understand that it takes a moral human to get and maintain a good reputation in society then you have acquired useful wisdom.  The honest, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, competent, caring and confident human will always be admired and respected in society no matter how corrupt the government gets.

Humans will always admire and respect humans who don’t lie to them, don’t steal from them, and don’t commit adultery. Moral humans are an asset to any society and their absence leads to chaos and rule with the threat of force and the use of force or tyranny and dictatorship.

If you think that you have to work hard, get a liberal arts education, get a job, and have a family to lead a successful life then you may be wrong because the technological revolution is making the job market poor for liberal arts majors and making family life impossible financially for many graduating students.

The old ways of making a living are dying fast and you should be wise enough in realizing this new situation and you should be adjusting accordingly.


If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.