Firmly prioritize tasks

Ordering your tasks based on what is most important, second in importance and so on is not enough. After setting priorities you should pursue the most important task with determination until it is entirely finished before going on to the next task in order of importance.

Yes, an emergency may arise and you will have to give your attention to another task which suddenly becomes the most important on the list of priorities but without an emergency situation you should concentrate on the most important task which you selected to do and finish it as soon as possible.

To prioritize your tasks always be guided by a desire to give value to your customers, investors, and employees. Do so with useful reliable products and services for customers which are or will be in demand and make a profit for your company and investors all done with an efficient staff of employees who can work together well and are generally proud of the job that they are doing.


Plan before starting on a task

Plan: v. to record and/or memorize a detailed series of actions and/or diagrams which will be used to help in achieving a task(s) in the future

Before a task do some thinking about WHAT and WHO you will need to complete the task and estimate about how long it should take. Nothing is more inefficient than starting on a task and finding out that you don’t have all the information and/or materials for the task, that you don’t have the right humans assigned to the task, and that you didn’t set aside enough time for the task.

No planning is inefficient because it frequently means doing the task over again because it failed the first time or spending too much time on it because of a disorganized random approach to the task.

If the task is a rather complicated one then a diagram or flowchart may be a help in visualizing the progress of the task before you begin it.


Invest in help or delegate authority

Two or more skilled humans can frequently do a job faster than just one so if you find yourself frequently running out of time and over stressing yourself with too great a workload then invest in someone who can help you with your job or share some of the responsibility but don’t expect them to be as dedicated to your work as you are if you own part of the business.

If you are the boss but don’t own part or all of the business then you can try delegating authority or having an employee share some of the responsibility of your job. Gradually teaching an employee your job may seem a threat to your position in the company but if you yourself have plans to rise in the hierarchy of the organization then you will have a thankful loyal employee who will competently do your former job when you get promoted.


Take time out to recharge or relax from hard work

If you are tired, stressed out, or overworked on the job then you need to set aside time to recharge or relax or you will become an inefficient worker who makes too many mistakes on the job.

It is important to also put a high priority on staying healthy with good food and moderate exercise, maintaining important relationships, especially your family if you have one, and following some interesting passions with little seeming relevance to your job.

Not only will you avoid job burnout and inefficiency on the job by focusing some of your efforts on other important life priorities but you will be a much more interesting human to be around because you will have more to talk about than just your job and be considered a more well-rounded human by others whom you come into contact with.

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