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Welfare: n. helping a human(s) with ingus

Ingus: n. information and/or goods and/or services

Most of us think that being on welfare should be a social stigma to be looked down upon.

In the real technological, robotizing, monopolizing, internet world humans lose their seemingly permanent jobs and can’t find work quick enough to keep them from financially becoming destitute and also unemployed.

Students starting out in life without family support with diplomas also can’t find menial jobs where the competition is ferocious in bad economic times.

Unwed mothers go on welfare because the males can’t support them and their offspring and they don’t make enough income to support their brood.

In effect there is definitely a need for welfare for the unemployed and also destitute whether male or female with children and at whatever age. There should be a social safety net for all these unfortunate humans and the government welfare should provide them with minimal basic standardized necessities door to door and the hope for and an opportunity to reeducate themselves in a useful technological skill for free over the internet.

This way all those with the wrong kind of liberal arts education which is job poor or those with poor education to begin with can through personal time, effort, reeducation, and achievement at home again qualify for a real job in the real world of job scarcity.

Yes, some will not want to work at all at minimum wage and will try to stay on welfare because they feel that they can’t reeducate themselves for a useful job.

If that is the case then they should remain on permanent bare subsistence welfare with no right to own a motorized vehicle and the government should supply them with basic necessities door to door. This is to make their support as efficient as possible because they will in effect have become permanent human parasites living off the labor of the working middle class.

Life on welfare should be forcefully thrifty and no one on welfare should be cruising shopping malls or bars looking for fun and excitement at taxpayer’s expense.

My evergreen truth book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS details the necessary changes needed to avoid bankrupting the national budget with an over generous welfare system.

Yes, there will basically be two classes of citizens- the employed and the unemployed and also destitute and they should no longer have equal political rights because one class will be comprised of basically permanent parasitic welfare recipients through little fault of their own.


Technology is devastating old jobs and most are just not smart enough to figure out a way out of their financially bankrupt situation. Government can provide free internet education with those who still hope to escape their financial sinkhole but we must admit that in a job poor world there will be armies of citizens on welfare into the foreseeable future.

The kind of welfare safety net must radically change from the present one but an efficient new safety net is a necessity for the future armies of citizens on permanent welfare due to technological efficiency and hopefully an end to make work dehumanizing jobs in government, subsidized corporations, and elsewhere.

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Historically hard physical work was expected from most members of society or you starved to death or were socially ostracized and that usually meant bare subsistence living or even starving to death.

Today most valued work is mental effort and physical work is speedily being replaced by machines and robots which do the work more efficiently and more reliably.

If you are born rich or have money saved up then you don’t have to work but you can get on welfare and not have to work either.

The avalanche of welfare recipients means that the technological 21st century will mean far fewer in the middle class, few very wealthy at the top with the technological elite, and the vast majority on welfare living close to a subsistence level.

It will be a world with the majority being in the leisure class or out of work and on welfare. Being out of work will no longer be a social stigma and will no longer mean starvation but an accepted way of living out your life in relative poverty when compared to the ruling working elite.

If you are already on welfare then welcome to the dominant leisure class of the near future!!!!!!

Of course if you have your whole life in front of you then you may want to work hard at learning useful skills which are not in the liberal arts and which will not be replaced by technology in the near future. You may then live a fulfilling varied and interesting life as a middle class wage earner and maybe even be lucky enough to afford offspring on a personal independent budget.


Working hard with mental skills or abilities will be important into the foreseeable future and if you are not that gifted mentally then the government will take care of you and your basic needs. There will be no shame in being out of work!!!

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.