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The stock market today is a speculative crap shoot where the whole market can decrease in value as much as 50% in a few days or weeks as during a crash and the extreme volatility in individual stocks is an indication that their price is being manipulated by big money and fast computers and not small investors. In effect, price movement is no longer based on fundamentals or evaluation of tangible assets.

New technology stocks are where much of the speculation is occurring and if it is a company with a truly innovative product or service then it can experience incredible short term growth. However, long duration growth is soon stopped by big technology firms which buy them up and incorporate them into their companies to eliminate competition or to give them a future technological competitive advantage.

Investing in an upstart IPO and holding on to it for the long duration is no longer a realistic goal for an investor hoping for million dollar gains twenty or thirty years from the start of an IPO.

Finally, the stock market is a short duration speculative investment which can tank at any moment all determined by whether the big money invests in it or withdraws its financial support to suddenly invest elsewhere. The stock market has become a short duration gambling enterprise and not a serious long duration investment.

If you want guaranteed retirement money security for old age then don’t invest in the stock market for the long duration. Stick with real estate, diversified municipal bonds, or a precious or rare commodity such as platinum and gold when it is not being sold at inflated prices because big money also manipulates commodity prices and makes them go up or down at will. The real value of a metal commodity is the price it takes to mine and refine it so if the commodity price is three or four times its production price then don’t buy it at this inflated value.

You probably won’t become a millionaire but you will maintain the value of your hard earned dollars until retirement when you can spend some of it without finding out that inflation has reduced your savings in a bank to a pittance over a forty year period.


If you want money security in your retirement years, don’t invest in the stock market for the long duration. If you want to gamble with your hard earned money and probably lose most of it then play and get burned in the stock market!!!!!!

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Many humans don’t exercise, can overeat, and can eat and drink anything and don’t gain weight. It is obvious that the claimed sources for weight gain do not apply to many humans. They were just born lucky with fortunate genes and do not have a problem with their weight no matter what their lifestyle.

Some humans put on weight in old age or gain weight because they start taking drugs which alter metabolism and cause weight gain. Many humans gain more weight as they age and women frequently gain weight after a second pregnancy or after menopause. This is all very normal.

Binge eating affects the weight of sumo wrestlers by increasing body fat stored so it is possible for some predisposed to weight gain to gain more weight by overeating.

The sad fact is that if you were born fat or have been born with a tendency to get fat then you will be overweight even though you exercise, don’t overeat, or eat low calorie foods.

Many humans are just born to be fat and there is very little which can be done to reduce weight unless you go on a starvation diet and stay on one permanently. Failing to starve yourself constantly the result will be that you will go back to your overweight weight.

Weight reducing pills and fad diets may make you lose a few pounds in the short duration but once you start to eat normally again then you will gain back all the weight which you lost. Yo yo dieting where you are losing some weight and gaining it back again is a fact of life for humans trying to fight mother nature who wants you to be fat or at an above average weight.

The type of food which you eat affects some humans and a processed food diet rich in carbohydrates and sugar increases the likelihood that you will be fatter than on a balanced diet of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. The change in the American diet in the past 40 years is largely to blame for the increase in obesity in the general population even though lack of exercise and eating too much is also being wrongly blamed for more overweight fat humans in the population.


Your genetics largely determine whether you are born fat or will become fat later on in life. If you are unhappy with what nature gave you then your only way of losing weight is a starvation diet and staying on one being hungry all the time.

Stop being hard on yourself and feeling guilty about being fat because nature intended you to be fat and you should be proud of that fact of life and not fall for the being thin or “normal” weight propaganda which is prevalent in our obsessed low weight society. You are normally fat so love it.

Look at many of Rubens paintings and you will realize that historically being fat was beautiful and you should feel no shame for being overweight.


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Truth (General): n. a subset(s) which existed with a large number of logical and accurate correspondences or has a relatively large probability of existing in the future and will have a large number of logical accurate correspondences.(scientific truth had a large number of accurate and logical correspondences in the past and will probably continue to have a large number of accurate correspondences in the future and is a standard of truth which future general truth should also have) The greater the number and accuracy of the logical correspondence will be the more true it will be!!!!!!


Truth (Judicial) (Jtruth): n. a relevant fact(s) and/or concept(s) which may be used to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the (nondeceptive and/or nonfraudulent) and/or honest nature of something through evidence and/or testimony by hopefully (non deceptive and/or nonfraudulent) and/or honest people and it may include scientific truth or testimony by hopefully (nondeceptive and/or nonfraudulent) and/or honest specialists in their field.  Scientific truth may therefore be a subset of judicial truth during a trial.


Truth (Scientific) (Struth): n. a scientifically proven subset(s) proven by using the scientific method

We all intuitively feel that there are truths, untruths, and partial truths in the real world. The truths of yesterday are no longer true today so it seems that truth is a relative term or that it can change. Many feel that the opposite of truth is a lie. This black or white appraisal of reality is frequently wrong. There are partial truths or statistical truths and they are in fact partial lies and can be called deceptions instead.

What then is it that differentiates my truth from your truth when your truth on a topic is different than mine? The answer is which description or communication about reality is more accurate. If your description is the more accurate one then you have more truth in your statement than I do.

What makes an object sink or float in water? Historically humans explained that God or nature caused an object to sink or swim in water but today most agree that the truth is that objects denser than water will sink and objects less dense than water will float. Not only is the scientific mathematical explanation more accurate but it also has predictive power and can predict which object will sink or float based on an analysis of its physical properties.

Many still believe in myths and deceptions, many of which are religious and cult beliefs, which are very inaccurate ways of making judgments about humans and the universe which we are living in and many modern humans believe that these myths are untrue or are such inaccurate statements that they should be considered to be untrue or lies.

Thus the battle to destroy old truths and replace them with new truths is a constant battle going on. Unfortunately in human affairs which include human emotions, actions, and beliefs a very accurate description of what is going on is not always realistically possible because truths about human behavior are relative to the culture which they live in. They are statistical probabilities and not accurate mathematical one to one correspondences which can make for accurate predictions about human behavior.

What causes anger, fear, laughter, love, and hate in humans depends on what they believe in and how they impulsively behave in their lives and the same circumstances and stimuli may result in a different behavior based upon whom you are talking about.

Accurately describing the difference between a sociopath and a law abiding citizen is not possible because the descriptions use inaccurate badly defined words. In reality there are degrees of sociopathism and degrees of law abidingness which means that law abiding humans sometimes behave like sociopaths and sociopaths sometimes behave like law abiding citizens.

Name calling or stereotyping a human by calling them stupid, crazy, smart, or unreliable may not be totally true because that human may do some stupid, crazy, smart, or unreliable things but when analyzed as a whole that human may indeed not be doing very many stupid, crazy, and unreliable things in his or her life. If you are quick to judge humans then you can very frequently make inaccurate untruthful judgments about them.

If a human says they did something and you have proof that they didn’t then you can accuse them of lying or being untruthful and not feeling bad about the accusation.The greatest certainty in your human judgments is if a human intentionally lies to you. If they intentionally lie then they are not to be trusted and you should keep your relationship with them at a distance.

However,the world is filled with lies and deceptions which humans believe to be the truth so before you call someone a liar start out by saying that you think it is an inaccurate description of reality instead. You may still not convince someone that they believe a lie but at least they won’t get as personally offended as they would if you called them an intentional liar to their face. They are in fact unintentionally lying based on your standards of truth.

Are there any moral truths or is it just situation ethics where almost any behavior is tolerated? Statistically most humans don’t like liars, don’t like to be stolen from, and disapprove of adultery. These are statistical facts or realities which can be considered to be the truth about 99% of the time. Human moral behavior is in fact a discussion of statistical truths which have some minor exceptions which are not important enough to seriously affect the truth of the general moral statement.

After a lifetime of study and research I have created my own statistical secular moral code which is the truth close to 99% of the time. It is a statistical truth and is except in emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

Impressionable young minds in elementary school should be taught this close to absolute moral code so that their behavior is guided impulsively with the right decisions in daily actions. When they become adults they will learn of the necessary exceptions to these seemingly absolute principles but these realistic exceptions should not corrupt their basically sound morality.

If you believe in the overall truth of this secular moral code then you will have honest, sincere, and trustworthy relationships with humans in your life and you will be respected and admired by them.

You will have purpose in your life because you will contribute to the preservation of wildlife and try to make your life more efficient by not wasting so much time, energy, and money on trivial pursuits in life but you will be able to focus on the things in life which give you the most pleasure or happiness in the short and long duration.

If you don’t lie and are not adulterous then your spouse and offspring if you decide to have any will trust you and you will increase the probability that your married life will be a successful one.

If the world begins to teach this secular moral code then nations can live together peacefully and avoid the collapse of civilization in the future due to the conservation of biodiversity which will be a safety net when the pollution of the domestic food supply begins to cause too much death and disease in the population.

There is rigorous accurate scientific truth and human moral behavior statistical truth which can and should be changed in the near future for the benefit of all the citizens of the world. We all have our personal notions of what the truth is and you should try to spread those concepts of truth to others because in the process of doing so you may find new truths which you can incorporate into your own updated personal beliefs.

I have defined love with an accurate definition which is better than the current definition of love which is very inaccurate but has some truth in it none the less. My definition of love is more true than yours or the worlds definition and understanding of love. More accurate definitions will create greater truth in this world and a more accurately defined language is what is desperately needed. SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS is my evergreen truth book which contains about 6000 more truthful definitions than standard dictionaries.


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Lenore brown suffers from diagnosed bipolar disorder and tries to give advice based on personal experience and acquired book knowledge.

The truth is that bipolar disorder is NOT a CHEMICAL IMBALANCE in the brain but taking psychiatric medications will cause chemical imbalances or side effects in the brain which will frequently make the symptoms worse than before, especially if you decide to discontinue the medications after an initial exposure to them.  Switching or stopping medication taking will probably cause more trouble sleeping and your high and low moods will be amplified causing you to desperately seek more and different medications to quell the bad side effects.


There is NO CURE for bipolar disorder and to reduce the bad symptoms naturally you should first try getting regular sleep hours, getting off addictive alcohol or drugs, start healthy eating and living, get moderate exercise, get a second doctor opinion on the bipolar diagnosis, get doctor or group therapy, read self-help books, and get support from caring friends and relatives before getting hooked on brain altering medication.

You probably really need radical behavior modification therapy OR NEW AND BETTER COPING SKILLS and not brain changing psychotic artificial chemicals. You need to naturally rewire the neural networks in the brain with new behavior neural networks which will to some extent suppress but not necessarily cure your bad emotional symptoms.

Unless you have become an insomniac and your emotional control is so poor that it is seriously affecting your work performance and relationships with other humans, then don’t start taking addictive psychiatric drugs which are unnatural sedatives and mood enhancers which will really screw up the natural brain functioning which you have left.

Almost all psychiatrists are pill pushers trying to get you hooked as patients and are not really interested in spending their usually profitable time teaching you the unprofitable necessary new coping skills which you really need to deal with your messed up emotional state!!!!!!

Managing or reducing the effects of bipolar symptoms takes a lifetime of tough ongoing personal effort. Medication should only be used a last resort in very severe cases.


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