History can be generally viewed as the progress of technological development in the world.

Hunter gatherers used primitive tools and were totally dependent on nature for food.

Agriculture was invented and humans began to grow their own food and most lived a farmer’s life with few living in towns or cities.

The industrial revolution or technology was improved further and soon more could live in towns and cities and not be farmers.

Technology means short duration efficiency and soon most in future generations will live leisurely lives dependent on technological machines to do most of the physical and even mental labor for them.

Yes, history is also a record of wars between humans who used technology for better and better and more destructive military hardware which helped create temporary empires which rose and then collapsed. This controlled overpopulation to some extent along with terminal diseases.

Humans have historically been ruled by language and religion with moral principles in their personal lives and relatively peaceful interaction among groups of humans was possible because of a shared moral code.

Money is now the tool which is used to attempt to rule the world and a strong shared moral code to keep all the nations working together peacefully does not exist. Without a shared secular moral code it will lead to the inevitable collapse of a world order based on money without moral principles as a necessary foundation.

To truly unify the world peacefully there must be one language and one secular moral code which not only humans practice in their daily lives in interactions with each other but the same secular moral code should be used to maintain trust between the humans and their leaders so that rule must not be through the threat of force or the use of force to keep society from disintegrating into chaos and disorder.

Will the world adopt a unifying secular moral code and promote one major language?

If we use history as a predictor then the resounding answer is probably not but I am still optimistically hoping that the answer will be a resounding yes and that future humanity will live in peace and cooperation protecting wilderness plants and animals and interacting peacefully among themselves on into the foreseeable future.

My hope is that overpopulation will be solved peacefully through birth control techniques or laws which limit the reproduction of poor humans on welfare to one or two per family.

Topsoil erosion and pollution may create polluted land no longer useful for healthy agriculture so a switch to organic farming techniques is the smart thing to do for sustainable farming land on into the foreseeable future.

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