You are a teenage unwed woman without a job and made the mistake of unwillingly getting pregnant. You are pregnant and find out that the offspring will be a lifelong financial and emotional burden on you because of a severe handicap or debilitating disease. Your pregnancy complications are threatening your life.

What do you do? You have made a mistake conceiving an unwanted offspring so you should be punished with an unwanted offspring and an unwanted financial burden for a lifetime. That form of lifetime anguishing punishment is much too severe when the solution is so simple- Abortion.

The easy answer is abortion because you should have a right to have offspring only when you think you are ready and financially able to support the offspring. Yes, adoption is a way out of conceiving unwanted healthy offspring which you can’t afford to financially support but who in their right mind would want to adopt offspring with a severe debilitating lifetime disease?

Ideally offspring should be raised in a loving supportive environment with two parents and if it is an unwanted offspring with a single head of household who is not financially able to support the offspring then abortion is a logical way out of a very undesirable circumstance.

Infanticide historically used to be the solution in some cultures for unwanted offspring, especially the severely handicapped ones. There is no logical reason why this escape valve should not be available for modern parents with abortion or death before giving birth rather than after giving birth.

Offspring can be the source of much major happiness in a marital relationship but if the offspring is unwanted then the emotional scars on parent and offspring can be devastating. We should all be interested in quality offspring and a quality lifestyle which optimizes the happiness possible in a parent offspring relationship.

Some argue that killing a fetus cheapens the respect for human life but this attitude does not address a respect for the quality of the life after birth which is much more important. With the population of the world approaching 8 billion humans who are overpopulating and radically polluting the planet the danger of us running out of human life should not be a serious moral question but the quality of human life should take precedence in our value judgments. We have been very successful in promoting the quantity of human life on this precious planet and it is now time for placing emphasis on the quality of human life and lifestyles.

Abortion in the 21st century is not immoral because murder of a fetus in this emergency which is an unwanted or severely debilitated offspring is moral for the future benefit of humanity.

If you have a strong religious belief that abortion is immoral then you should be given the right to give birth to a severely debilitated offspring but you and your religious organization should be forced to support that life financially and not at taxpayer’s expense.

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