A typical lifestyle of a young unemployed adult living with parents is sleeping 9 or more hours, playing video games, watching movies and cartoons, listening to music, internet gambling, watching TV, spending time texting, being on Facebook or social media, eating and snacking, goofing off, and looking for work. That is 15 hours of doing what you like or enjoy in the moment and you are not making any real progress in life. This lifestyle can be addictive and can last for months and even years and leave you depressed and hopeless about your future.

Now compare this to a wiser use of time which may not be as enjoyable, will require sacrificing impulsive bad habits, but will make progress towards a more successful hopeful future.

Scheduling 9 hours of sleep, ½ hour of exercise, 2 hours looking for work, ½ hour video games, ½ hour listening to music, ½ hour internet gambling, ½ hour eating leaves 11 hours for SELF-EDUCATION which can benefit your future life in a great way.

An example of what you can learn to improve your prospects for future success in the medical field is 1 hour of anatomy, 1 hour of biochemistry, 1 hour of cell biology, 1 hour of embryology, 1 hour of genetics, 1 hour of human behavior, 1 hour of immunology, 1 hour of neuroscience, and 1 hour of physiology, and 9 fifteen minute breaks in between the subjects where you just meditate or think about how to make your daily schedule more efficient and useful.

Keep this schedule up for half a year and you will be able to pass an online first year course in medicine or a medicine related field such as radiology or nursing.


Schedule your self-education time wisely and when you land a minimum wage job then save your money for payed internet courses or a regular school education in the field of your choice. It may take you 10 or 15 years instead of 4 years to get the useful education which you need for a good job in a useful field which you will enjoy but ultimately it is your choice and decision.

If you want to make something out of your life and not just wallow in a sea of depressing addictive dead end behavior then learn on your own. Gaining knowledge in a useful field is not time wasted but time wisely invested.

Setting aside time by scheduling your day for self-education is the key to true success in life at any point in your life. If you don’t set aside time to improve your skills for a potential good future job then your prospects for a good future are grim and your relationships with other people, especially a potential future spouse, will not improve.

Money to support offspring is fundamental to a potential happy family life and if you never make enough of it in your life then you will almost never find your soul mate and have a successful family.

Some humans have big dreams and want to do something which no one else has done and make big money at it. Unless you are very talented or with an excellent memory and are prepared to fail many times on your route to stardom or celebrity then your chances of success are remote and having a useful skill which humans are willing to pay for is most important for the common man or woman leading the common life.

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