Overpopulation, especially in developing nations, is caused by illiteracy, no contraception, and corrupt governments.

Many extremely poor and illiterate humans feel that children are old age insurance whom they can depend on in old age since there is no social security. Some illiterate humans don’t realize that contraception is an option or can’t afford contraception and continue to have offspring because it is the natural thing to do.

Some humans deplete their sources of food or lose their land and become impoverished, unemployed, and starving. Some governments are so corrupt that they have no safety net for the unemployed poor who are overpopulating their limited food resources. The result of this overpopulation is frequently some starvation and death but humans are resourceful and frequently it means more humans or further overpopulation and more stress on the environment and the destruction of biodiversity.

The solution to overpopulation is governments educating their poor, offering them affordable contraception, and offering them old age insurance by providing free food to the elderly and starving.

There are more diabolical solutions to overpopulation and that is feeding the poor with remarkable technologically developed GMO food which causes male infertility or causes spontaneous abortion in women. Vaccinations can also be made which cure disease but cause infertility. This may be a more realistic solution than offering loans or foreign aid to corrupt governments who use the money to enrich themselves and keep control over their poor, unemployed humans through coercive means or dictatorships and continue starvation practices.

Illiterate humans deprived of land to farm or jobs to do will unfortunately overpopulate the land and continue to destroy biodiversity in the process on into the foreseeable future if their government or western nations don’t take realistic steps to stop overpopulation. Education, contraception, a government safety net, and just governments are the only solutions.

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