Many intelligent humans are also smart but some are not and there are humans who are smart and not very intelligent. When you read this blog then hopefully you will know what the difference between intelligence and smarts is.

There is no mathematical formula which can predict intelligent behavior and even an IQ score on tests only determines how good you are at analyzing and understanding the written content and your ability to manipulate numbers and mathematical concepts. IQ is highly dependent on how good a memory you have and the quantity and quality of the information which you have learned.

Even high IQ humans can do some very stupid things and may have very little logical ability.They may be handicapped when it comes to managing humans or dealing with them successfully on an emotional level called emotional intelligence EQ. Most humans are highly emotional creatures who seldom think things through logically and don’t make many smart logical decisions but rather make many emotionally biased choices in life. EQ is frequently much more important in life than IQ if you have to interact much with humans.

Further you can be very intelligent in a field of expertise or profession such as medicine but be very bad in household repairs and not be handy with tools at all so one can say that you are only intelligent mostly in your field of expertise. 

In human relationships due to an over inflated ego or excessive pride you may act foolishly or inappropriately with humans on many levels and not be considered very intelligent by them.

In the real world who you know is sometimes more important than what you know and a smart human will know the difference and adjust accordingly.

The quality of the information which you have learned is more important than a quantity of information much of which may be trivial in nature or over specialized and practically useless when you try to achieve goals in life.

It is commonly said that someone may have book smarts but not practical smarts or an ability to analyze a real life situation and solve problems associated with the situation. Experience in problem solving is also a factor to be considered in smart behavior.

Efficiency also enters the evaluation of intelligence and if you are naturally slow and make more mistakes than is considered standard then you are not as intelligent or more accurately not as smart about a situation. You can act very logically in some situations and be very smart or very emotionally and irrationally in many situations and not be smart.

Finally if you are gifted with talent which usually means a very good memory and good relationship or communication skills which are mostly learned then you may have the potential to become a celebrity, a very good leader, and may become rich with money in life. Getting rich, becoming a celebrity, or becoming a good leader is not a guarantee since very many intelligent humans are not celebrities or very good leaders and some are rather poor money wise. Famous humans usually have much EQ and enough IQ to make it big.

You can be intelligent and not very smart or good at solving important problems in life and ultimately being smart is much more important than being intelligent for the common human.

Smart: adj. a human having complete logical reasoning skills and successfully applying them to solve political and social and economic and scientific problems

Intelligent: adj. possessing the ability to memorize and process much information but it is not frequently a measure of how smart you are in life



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