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You look great. I would like to know you better if you’re single like me?

Excuse me, are you single like me?

Excuse me, do you have 30 seconds of free time? I’m interested and single.

Hi. My name is___ and I am interested in you if you’re single like me?

You caught my eye and I would like to know if you’re single like me?


If you find out the person is not single then you could sometimes ask them-Do you have any single friends? It may seem like you are a little desperate but as the old saying goes- nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Sometimes indirect questions can be used without using the word single in the first sentence.


Excuse me, where did you buy that nice outfit?

Excuse me, are you from out of town?

I’ve seen you before. Do you live in ___ or here?

Do you come here often?


You can also start out with a statement and follow it up with questions.


Excuse me, I would like to spend a few minutes getting to know something about you.       Follow this up with questions such as- Are you single? What do you like to do the most? What do you hate the most? Are you employed? etc.



Remember an honest, sincere, to the point question preceded by excusing yourself first is the polite way to introduce yourself to someone who is a total stranger.


Almost everyone likes to be flattered a little so you can start off by giving a sincere not overly inflated compliment for looks. That’s an attractive outfit. Are you single like me? She or he may be beautiful or handsome but not using the superlative will make them think that you are interested in more than just their beauty or handsomeness and maybe even feel a little perplexed why you didn’t instantaneously call them beautiful or handsome since that is the standard response which they get from most humans.


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If you are employed and married with offspring then offspring will cost you much money and will become priority number one in your lives. Love will have to be shared with spouse and offspring.

Especially when they are young and if you have more than one, offspring will take up much of your time and will have to be disciplined appropriately and taught many basic social skills from scratch.

Teaching how to share toys and even food is a constant struggle since offspring are very selfish when they start out and their behavior will constantly overflow into an area called bad behavior which is unacceptable and will need constant supervision.

The rebellion of the teenage years is going to be difficult. If they haven’t been taught to be as independent and responsible as possible then they will begin to feel entitled and this may last on into early adulthood with unemployed offspring living with parents and not being able to survive on their own in the real world.

Young adults frequently still don’t know what they want to be in life and a liberal arts background may make them job poor and only qualified to work at minimum wage doing something not very rewarding or satisfying.

Having responsible offspring who like to work hard and have acquired a truly useful technological educational background is a rarity and if you can motivate offspring in such a direction then they will be dependent on your financial support for a much shorter duration.

Offspring above all need good role models to imitate and if you are not a good role model and can’t find good ones to associate with then your offspring will imitate your bad habits and not grow up well. They will probably not become well adjusted employed adults and parents themselves.


Parenting basically means being a good role model. If you come from a dysfunctional family then you also will probably be a bad parent and you should seriously consider having no offspring at all or just one.

Not only will it cost you less financially but if you ruin your offspring’s life it will be just one life and not more than one life ruined due to your incompetence.

If you have serious personality flaws or addictions to compulsive shopping, promiscuity, gambling, pornography, alcohol and drugs, etc. then you should have no offspring at all nor should you probably marry because divorce is almost inevitable.

You may consider yourself to be a good role model but remember that raising offspring in an increasingly hedonistic immoral society which is tolerant of lying and deceptions is going to be an uphill struggle if you want to raise honest, sincere, reliable, trustworthy, and functional offspring.

Parenting is hard, time consuming, expensive work. If you have better or more important things to do with your life then don’t become a parent. The world does not really need more humans on the face of this precious, endangered, overpopulated planet.

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Teenagers historically used to help out with hard farm work and there is no reason why modern teenagers should not be working part time about 4 hours a day to learn the work ethic and about the importance of being punctual. Teenagers should not be treated like children subject to child labor laws.

School is not very challenging for most liberal arts students and little useful knowledge is learned in school these days so the school day itself could be cut back by about 4 hours without quality education suffering at all.

Teenagers should be working in rather safe work conditions as sales clerks, stock clerks, receptionists, urban farm workers, safe factory assembly line workers and packers, and as workers in fast food restaurants.

Teenagers should work at less than minimum wage and compete with other young adults who are working at minimum wage. They can get shuttled to and from work by their parents or use a bicycle or scooter if they are old enough. They will learn the value of money and how hard it is to make it and will be motivated to learn useful skills in school to get a better paying job upon graduation.

Yes, there will be more adult unemployment in society and those adults should invest their time, effort, ability, and achievement to reeducate themselves over the internet for free in a technological job skill if they chose not to remain on welfare but want something better.

We have become an entitlement society which feels that working at minimum wage is not worth the effort and it is better to get on welfare and get paid for no work at all. Training teenagers to work hard on the job will hopefully go a long way towards reducing this entitlement mindset and creating more appreciation for the value of working hard at something which we may not like that much as adults but which is an ideal learning experience for self-motivated teenagers.


Teenagers are too removed from the real working world for too long and are not learning many useful skills in school which will land them a good paying job. It is time teenagers learned to work hard, interact with the public sooner, and understand that WHAT you learn in school is more important than how much time you spend learning largely useless skills such as music, physical education, literature, foreign languages, history, arts, and team sports.

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Humanity has long had a Utopian dream of world unity with nations living in peace and harmony with each other and all having just laws which rule human behavior. The truth is that the world is being ruled by big money which is propping up corrupt national governments with rich rulers and relatively impoverished citizens. In fact the monetary disparity between the rich rulers and the ruled is increasing with a reality that the poor will remain poor and the rich will get richer.

This is not necessarily a bad development because a large middle class means more use of natural resources and greater pollution which devastates biodiversity and degrades the quality of the environment plunging the world ever closer to a catastrophic state of no return.

The internet, robotization, international corporations, and big money is going to make the world job poor and most will just have to get used to the fact that there will be a technological working elite and most will be living a life of leisure on welfare on close to subsistence living standards.

There should be a hope for everyone on welfare to make it into the middle class or ruling class through personal time, effort, ability, and achievement at any age through free technological education on the internet.

My evergreen truth books CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS and EDUCATION REFORM detail how just laws can be implemented so that a society with great disparity between the rich and poor can in fact still be a just society offering even the poorest the potential to work their way out of poverty through free self-educational effort.

True world unity will only come with one common language, uniform laws, and a political merger of rich nations with poor ones.

Corruption in the world will only be reduced if nations have just constitutions and just laws all following a basic moral code for behavior. My evergreen truth books NEW CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, NEW UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, JUSTICE, and GLOBALISM are all useful sources for just moral laws which should be implemented worldwide to bring the world community closer together in a just way.

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For physical work more money as a reward frequently translates into better or more work. For complicated mental work a sense of self-worth, some autonomy to improve or develop a skill set, and having a purpose to the job beyond mere profit is frequently more important.

Having goals beyond mere money and having the creative freedom to pursue those goals autonomously to some extent can produce superior on the job performance.

This link provides some scientific evidence to support these findings in a very interesting informative format.

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Curiosity: n. a desire to acquire new knowledge and/or experiences

Are you stuck in a rut or are bored with your existence and don’t know how to escape it? If this is true then chances are that you may have lost your curiosity or a desire to learn and experience new knowledge and new experiences.

There is superficial curiosity and detailed curiosity and if you just have superficial curiosity then you will usually not get past the propaganda in every field of interest and you will just reaffirm many of your old opinions and prejudices and follow celebrity viewpoints.

If you have detailed curiosity then you will learn new words which apply to an area of interest and you will start developing a more detailed understanding. Detailed curiosity is frequently hard work because you will frequently be going to the dictionary to learn new words and concepts. Even detailed curiosity will not necessarily lead to a better understanding of the area which you are interested in because there are frequently professional vague buzz words which are used to obscure reality and are just expressions of biased opinions which make professionals seem more knowledgeable than they actually are.

Take the stock market as an example. You may start off by reading popular investment books and find out that there are many details, new words, or fundamentals which are written about such as tangible assets, PE ratios, dividends, sectors, hedges, historical average performance, volatility, channeling, indexes, volume, profit, loss, calls, puts, Fibonachi numbers, algorithms, investment aids, etc. and you will get so involved in minutia details that you won’t understand the big picture and the basic fact that stock prices are unpredictable to a large extent and depend on big money investors and fast computers.

The stock market is in fact is being manipulated unfairly causing volatility and the dropping and rising of stock prices for no logical reason whatsoever. The big secret or deception is that the modern stock market is mostly a gambling scam invented to make you lose your money in the short and long duration with very few exceptions.

If you are an average or even millionaire investor then the odds of you making a profit in the stock market are against you no matter what you do because the stock market is basically unpredictable and no amount of detailed information will change that basic fact or big picture unless you have inside information and know where the big wealthy boys are putting their money next.

The only certainty in the stock market is that big corporations will not go out of business overnight and that their stock prices will probably not drop to zero overnight.

I have an insatiable curiosity and want to know the truth about every important subject imaginable and am blogging about what I have discovered over a lifetime. My over 600 evergreen truth blogs and my 17 evergreen truth books are the fruits of my curiosity filtered through a no nonsense logical mind trained in a math and science background and applied to the real non- scientific world also. You may disagree with some of my views but it will usually not be boring.

I have found that my curiosity frequently uncovers just more BS as I delve deeper into any subject matter including theoretical physics. After all that curiosity and writing I am finding out that I am beginning to repeat myself with few new worlds to logically conquer or understand. My search for the new and interesting frequently runs into stuff which I already know about and I am finding fewer and fewer diamonds of information worthy for recording or writing about.

Curiosity will make you drown in a world of BS which you will think is the truth and you will form many untrue opinions and beliefs if you don’t have a logical mind. Curiosity will probably entertain you and you will seldom be bored but if you want to separate fact from fiction then read my writings as much as possible or stay away from verbosity.

Search my website for THE TRUTH ABOUT dating, friendship, marriage, empathy, politics, education, money, technology, justice, truth, etc. and you will find more than a handful of interesting realistic insights and facts about the mythology and deceptions which are rampant in human civilization.

To satisfy your curiosity it is not so important to read a great quantity of information on a subject but it is more important to read quality information. To do so you have to be very selective in what you read and whose writing you read.

Titles of blogs and articles will frequently give you a good hint of whether you will find something interesting and informative to read. Since I have such a great wealth of knowledge I find that I read only about one article in a hundred on websites such as,, and and watch about one in three videos on websites such as

An important question to ask before you read is- Will I learn something really new? or Is it just an article which will reinforce what I already know or believe with much verbosity? In the liberal arts, politics, economics, sociology, education, sports, etc. the longer the article, the more useless verbosity you will probably find in it.

Being curious should mean that you are looking for gems to read about and not mediocre verbose ego trips by authors who have one sentence of useful information to offer you and spend hundreds of words embellishing that information wasting most of your time.

Cutting through verbose crap is not easy and sometimes Googling what you are interested in will give you much more relevant information more quickly. I personally like lists of information about something such as Googling 10 dating mistakes or 10 tips for preventing divorce which automatically gives more than one useful piece of information about what to avoid when dating or tips on how to prevent divorce. Lists will frequently cut through the feel good verbose crap and give you many useful facts which you can apply to your life right away.


Curiosity is a useful motivating factor but just like anything else there is just being curious about anything and selectively being curious and optimizing the benefits of that curiosity. There is a big difference between random largely useless curiosity and purposeful useful directed curiosity. Knowing the difference and making some reading rules to follow can give you quality results and save you much time, energy, money, and effort.


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Desire: v. to mentally sense a need to achieve a goal(s) and frequently making that future achievement more probable and it originates in the survival instinct and search for pleasure

Most of us lead a life filled with desires to eat, drink, talk, have sex, share experiences, possess things, do things, believe things, have a family, get high, hope for some fame and fortune, avoid pain and sorrow, and generally want to be happy.

Desires motivate us to act in certain ways which frequently become good and/or bad habits in adulthood which we frequently have to live with for a lifetime. Without desires our lives would come to a screeching halt, we would sink into devastating depression, or we would not want to do anything.

When your desires stop you also probably stop living or if you have few desires left in life then you probably live a very boring life just eating and drinking and watching TV.

To avoid a boring life you must come up with new desires which motivate you to do something different from your daily boring routine but few are able to make their lives more interesting because their boring lifestyle has become a bad habit which is hard to break or hard to replace with good habits.

Most of us live with impulsive desires in adulthood which create some predictability in our lives but impulse can also be a trap from which it is hard to escape if we would like some better results in our lives.

If your old desires are generally good desires then you will not be in a constant battle with the bad effects of your bad desires and your life should generally be better led. If you are stuck with bad desires then your life may be filled with failure, disappointment, and bad consequences.

Know yourself or be aware of your conscious and unconscious good and bad desires. What you do do may be a good or bad habit which you are getting some satisfaction from.

What you don’t do is harder to figure out because you may be avoiding something to avoid pain, embarrassment, failure, or a blow to your ego which are all unconscious reasons for not doing something or not behaving a certain way.

What generally motivates our desires is to get pleasure and avoid pain. Frequently our pleasurable senses associated with a bad habit may lead to pain or failure which we chose to ignore because seeking immediate pleasure overrides the pain which we will suffer in the future as a result of the short duration pleasure which we get.

Addictions to bad habits like gambling, pornography, impulsive shopping, and drugs gives us immediate pleasure and we just don’t make the logical connection with the bad consequences which result from the addiction and don’t make the smart necessary avoidance adjustments in our behavior.

Bad pleasurable desires are frequently a trap from which few of us escape unless the bad consequences become too much to bear or we crash and burn and barely escape with our lives.

Creating good desires in childhood leads to good habits in adulthood and if you grow up with too many bad desires then your adulthood will be filled with many bad habits causing you much enduring pain and sorrow.


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We are born naked so nakedness should be a standard of beauty. Unfortunately extreme climate and insects like mosquitoes makes clothing a necessity in many parts of the world.

Further many are embarrassed with small breasts and penises and chose to cover them up. When you are old you may want to hide your wrinkles and blemished skin with clothing because of embarrassment. Also the naked body can be sexually arousing if you have not been accustomed to viewing naked bodies on a daily basis so society insists that you cover up your private parts.

I think that nude beaches and communities are perfectly acceptable forms of behavior and I wish there were more of them because most naked human bodies whether plump, skinny, or in between are truly beautiful and should be worshiped as acceptable attire.

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Destiny: n. your fate which has been modified by making and achieving goals in your life.

Talking about fate frequently assumes that no matter what you do in life you will die of disease, an accident, or have a terrible life filled with mistakes and failures and there is basically nothing which you can do to change this fate.


I like to think of life in terms of your destiny which means that through personal will and effort you can frequently minimize disease, avoid accidents, and make your life happier by making smart choices in life and avoiding unnecessary bad risks which will just bring much unhappiness and pain in your life.


Stop making new goals in life or stop trying to achieve old goals in life and you will let circumstances or outside influences determine your destiny to a large extent. Continue making new goals or pursuing old ones and you have the potential to make your destiny turn out more to your liking.


Few of us are movers and shakers in society who get remembered historically because of their relatively large impact on society but we can consider our lives to be worthwhile if we set many goals and actually achieve many of them. The goals can be relatively mundane such as a good family life, visiting some of the natural wonders of the world, or living an active interesting life pursuing hobbies and fulfilling activities which make you look forward to another day of living.


Your destiny may just be to sample many of life’s pleasures on a budget and live a healthy life on into old age.


You can of course choose to live a selfish, frantic, hedonistic, drug filled life of pleasure which will not last long but may give you a very intense even enjoyable lifestyle while it lasts. Your fate will be to crash and burn and if you are lucky you will survive with your life which will never again probably be a normal life.


Destiny is your fate and what you do in life to try and change the possibility of bad fate upsetting or ending your life. By setting smart goals in life you can avoid many stupid goals which frequently lead to bad fate and a bad destiny.


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The ultimate standard of fashion beauty for humans is the symmetric naked human body nicely proportioned plump, skinny, and in between with skin which is blemish free and basically of a monotone color. Call this minimalist fashion if you must but that is the truth.

Form and function are the next important principles in fashion. No belt is preferable to a belt but if you have a big stomach then the belt, suspenders, or sewn in elastic band serves the important function of keeping your pants from falling down or slipping on your body.

A square shaped pocket for cell phone or pen is functional and two symmetrical pockets are more beautiful than just one although the other pocket may not be very functional since it frequently remains empty.

The clothing material should be natural if possible and soft, breathable, and non-irritating to the skin. Permanent press fabrics are more functional than pure natural fabrics in many cases so a departure from natural is acceptable because of a large increase in efficiency or functionality. Synthetic materials can be used for extreme climates as long as there is lining which doesn’t irritate the skin.

A monotone color and texture is preferable to more than one color and texture.

Asymmetry may catch the eye as being unique and perhaps interesting but it is not beautiful in an objective natural sense.

Pointy geometric shapes on the body are not beautiful unless they highlight the shape of the body in some way such as one or two lines running the length of a leg for pants on the side. A u neck cut is preferable to a v neck cut and shoes which follow the natural curve of the toes are preferable to pointy ones.

There are some invented patterns and prints which are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and have withstood the test of time. If you insist on wearing patterns and prints then the best patterns are animal skin imitations and the best prints are those which are as natural as possible and are almost photographic images of the real plant and/or animal and/or technological marvel.

You can wear anything which you like and make the clothing from tens of different materials and make it as busy and wild as your imagination will allow but casual comfortable practical clothing will win out in most daily circumstances.


Classic looks which are “eternally” fashionable are frequently minimalist and very functional.

Finally fashion has and will continue to be a status symbol as long as there are rich and poor humans. Kings and Queens had elaborate dress and jewelry to signify powerful positions in society and today fashion designer names are used as status symbols for outfits which can cost hundreds of dollars less if you wear the knock off or imitated designs.


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Courage: n. continuing to pursue a goal(s) when the odds are against you and/or when the pursuit of the goal(s) is filled with danger.

Confidence: n. freedom from most doubt when trying to achieve something and this frequently exists with a large belief in oneself and in one’s abilities

Courage in battle when the odds of surviving with your life are against you is seldom demonstrated in a relatively peaceful world but there are times when courage still plays a role in real life.


An entrepreneur starting a new business and competing with established big ones takes much courage and confidence which are both needed to persevere and make a young business a possible success.


Some extreme sports filled with danger such as rock climbing and firefighting sometimes require much courage.


To a lesser extent courage is required to continue playing a sport when you have fallen behind in points and have a relatively large deficit to make up to win.


To some extent it takes courage to try to make a marriage work out when you seem to be arguing about almost everything, have offspring to take care of, and when your finances are in terrible shape and you are stuck in a shitty job which you can’t quit right away. Persevering under those circumstances frequently takes courage and many take the easy way out and get a divorce.


It takes courage to fight against a terminal illness or a very incapacitating accident when the odds of surviving are against you but there is some glimmer of hope that you may survive or overcome your incapacity.


It frequently takes much courage and determination to fight against a very bad habit or addiction and succeed in excluding it from your life.


It takes courage to live on optimistically after you have lost your most loved possessions such as your spouse and offspring to a terrible accident or crime.


It takes courage to try again after hundreds of failures at reaching a goal without success. Some may call this misguided stupidity but for some inventors the hundred and first try is sometimes a success which makes all the failure worth while.


Finally it takes courage to speak in public for the first time or to ask someone out on a date who has rejected you before or whom you fear will reject you.


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Avoiding as many GMO’s as possible is the smart thing to do because herbicide resistance in plants and plants making a poison which kills insects is not a plant that you want to ingest into your body since it is highly probable that it will have long duration bad effects on your health and the health of your newborns. Here is a link which tells you how to avoid most unnatural GMO tainted foods.

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Reason: v. to try to achieve an accurate (righta conclusion(s) and/or judgment(s)) and/ or (inference(s) from a fact(s)) and/or (hypothesis(s)) and/or opinion(s)) and/or belief(s) and/or sensing with the use of the probabilities between cause(s) and effect(s) correspondences and/or set(s) and subset(s) correspondences

Most unscientific reasoning tries to connect a cause and effect or events in a probabilistic way using times as reference points.

The most successful reasoning exists in science using the scientific method of reasoning with the aid of mathematics and the concepts of sets, subsets, and variables. The results of this reasoning is frequently certainty and a 100% probability or a statistical numerical probability.

In human behavior and analysis of events there is a certain probability that exists between a cause and an effect or between relatable or corresponding events.

Deductive reasoning starts with a cause or causes and tries to deduce what the possible effects might be based on historical precedent or direct observation. Sometimes the effect or effects become a cause or causes in a chain or series of cause effect relationships or correspondences.

Inductive reasoning starts with an effect or effects and tries to determine what the cause or causes might have been or are based on historical precedent or observation.

Factual events which can be verified or known to exist are the most useful in making cause effect relationships or correspondences but some reasoning about behavior is frequently based upon historical precedents of the parties involved.

Some probabilistic conclusions are made about events which exist without seeming causes but appear to be largely random in nature.

If a human has an impeccable reputation for honesty then the probability that he is lying is minimal.  Similarly there is a high probability that one with a bad reputation is probably lying about something.

If someone has been late for work about once a month for the past six months then the probability that he will be late about once a month for the following six months is relatively high based on historical precedent.

If you define sympathy as a subset of empathy then you can conclude that there are more empathetic behaviors than sympathetic ones although the actual number may not be known. This kind of reasoning involves synthesis or analysis of a set and subsets and then making conclusions about the relationships between the set and subsets.


Reasoning is communications about the probabilities between a cause(s) and an effect(s) or between events and communications about the relationships or correspondences between a set and its subsets or the relationships or correspondences between the subsets themselves.

Probability communications are made about the past, present, and future. Historical precedent and/or direct observations of facts are frequently the most useful in making predictions about the future.

If you reason without an understanding of probabilities, sets and subsets, and historical facts or accurate observation of facts then your reasoning ability is very bad and frequently biased by intuitive emotional reactions which are frequently inaccurate.

If you can predict emotional states of a human by observation and then control or change the emotions and behavior in a predictable way then you are using reasoning ability.

It is no wonder that politics uses very little reasoning or logic but mostly appeals to strong emotional beliefs or opinions. Humans use very little reasoning when interacting with new acquaintances but frequently make biased stereotypical conclusions about other humans based on scant information or facts which results in much misunderstanding and conflict

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Historically the primary function of religion was to teach morality but unfortunately it comes with mythological beliefs which are unacceptable lies in the technological 21st century. Lies about virgin births, walking on water, Noah’s ark, and other deceptive untrue miracles does not instill trust in young offspring who grow up not only questioning the mythology but actually frequently rebelling against religion itself because of its lies.

Psychiatrists and psychologists have tried to replace morality with relativistic ethics and it is a colossal failure and unacceptable. Religion should be replaced with a believable moral code to be taught to young impressionable minds in elementary school so that their moral choices in life become impulsive and they don’t have to search for a rationalization of every behavior which they do in life.

Am I doing the right thing and why? You should be able to react intuitively and impulsively and not have to question your every move as a child or adult.

The updated morality relevant to the technological 21st century is except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

Almost no one likes to be lied to or stolen from and saving biodiversity and not being inefficient in life can give moral purpose to someone’s life in general and specific ways.

Ruling a nation without the threat of force or the use of force in a tyrannical way is not possible if its citizens and leaders do not practice a common morality and make just laws to reflect that morality. Without a common morality democracy becomes corrupt and makes the nation ungovernable in a peaceful way where the citizens interact with each other in a basically trustworthy way.

Offspring will fight, lie, and steal if they can get away with it and they are constantly testing parental authority and trying to find out what they can get away with. It is efficient human nature to want to fight, lie, and steal and it is the responsibility of parents to enforce rules against such immoral behavior.

Historically parents had the backup of religion to help them and they could claim that God or Gods would punish offspring and humans if they acted immorally. Today surveillance cameras are to be feared because they will catch you in the act of stealing. Fear of God is being replaced by the fear of the camera and it will not work in the long duration.

Religion would on a weekly basis brainwash or indoctrinate the parents and offspring with their moral code and how they expected humans to behave socially. Religion is the repository of many myths and biases about historical facts and relationships between man and woman and society which science and a logical mind can no longer support.

Unfortunately situation ethics with its psychiatrists and psychologists is also not an acceptable replacement for moral teaching because its logical outcome is that any behavior is acceptable and depends on the situation. Humans make largely impulsive decisions on how to behave in life and the last thing they need is to constantly ask themselves- Am I justified in acting the way that I want to act?

Offspring must once again be taught a moral code in elementary public school because dying religion means that impulsive morality must be indoctrinated in impressionable young minds somewhere. If it is not being done responsibly in the home or in a house of worship then where do we teach a moral impulsive conscience in young offspring?

The separation of state and morality is no longer doable because without morality the state and its leadership will be even more corrupt and unjust and pile up more unjust laws for it’s citizens. The state must assume it’s just place as leaders of a moral just society and this should be done through moral education in the elementary schools.

An absolute morality has exceptions in emergency situations and offspring will learn of them soon enough and adapt responsibly. What is that absolute updated moral code which can be used worldwide even in tyrannical countries? It is -don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder!!!!!!

Historically every society which ignored it’s moral code and raised offspring to behave in immoral ways resulted in a corrupt leadership and a disintegration into chaos and hedonism and a takeover by a more moral society by force.  

The fastest way to screw up a society is to ignore the paramount importance of morality which promotes the peaceful interaction of its citizens and creates trust, respect, and admiration of the leadership which tries to follow that morality.

The breakup of family life and the destruction of honest, sincere, and trustworthy interactions between it citizens is a precursor to the breakup of society. The teaching of morality to offspring occurs early in life in the family or it happens nowhere. Does the state have plans for taking over the parental role with hired government nannies?


Religion has a moral purpose but its mythological beliefs or historical lies are no longer acceptable if trust is to be maintained between its citizens, between the citizens and their leaders, and between parents and their offspring.

I didn’t like it when my parents lied about the Easter bunny bringing gifts and about Santa Clause bringing gifts. I didn’t rebel against basic morality but against biblical lies because I was, even in childhood, a firm believer in the truth which theoretically is free of all deceptions and lies.

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Historically competition was between humans and other humans. Today it is competition between technology or computers and humans. Unfortunately technology is winning. Not only are robots with the help of computers replacing physical jobs but soon computers will be doing much of the thinking for us also.

Robots will become our slaves but they can also put most of the liberal arts population out of work which means armies of citizens on government welfare. It is entirely possible that the new leisure class will be humans on welfare killing time, browsing the internet for entertainment, getting high on alcohol and drugs, and essentially unemployable for a lifetime.

My only hope is that for a just society to continue to exist there should be the opportunity of anyone at any age to reeducate themselves on the internet for free in a useful technological job. Those willing to put in the time, effort, and achievement can reenter the job market thus not making the welfare trap a permanent trap for everyone in society.

Competition is now global and China is a future serious threat since it is getting good at making any kind of counterfeit product. Intellectual property will have to have worldwide patents to avoid its theft by unscrupulous manufacturers but this is really a government issue and of little private concern for most humans.


Competition is global, between nations, and between humans and computers. How well humans and politics will adjust to the new realities will determine whether humanity will learn to adjust successfully and benefit from technology and not be enslaved by its progress instead.


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Conservation: n. protecting and expanding biodiversity with more real estate and/or protecting a subset(s) from change

Humanity desperately needs to practice conservation which is the protection and even expansion of wilderness areas throughout the world. Biodiversity is what we came from and to destroy it means to destroy a safety net of healthy animals and plants which we will need when our domestic food supply becomes so polluted and unhealthy for consumption that it will have to be replaced by new healthy food which has withstood the test of time.

One or two seed banks in a mountain cave of all the food plants in the world is just not an acceptable safety net or potential replacement for a bankrupt unhealthy food supply of the future.

Humans selecting dog and cat breeds based on a handful of parameters such as size and beauty has resulted in many unhealthy breeds with urinary problems, skeletal defects, and general all around unhealthiness.

Humans selecting food plants and animals for a handful of desirable traits such as size, beauty, taste,  uniformity of color, fat content, udder size, pesticide and fungicide resistance has resulted in many species unable to reproduce in the wild and unable to reproduce without artificial insemination.

Species totally dependent on humans for propagation is a danger sign and even more problematic and untested is the long duration bad influence of these Frankenstein GMO crops and animals on human metabolism and DNA from generation to generation.

Humans are just not smarter than nature which selects for a thousand and one desirable traits in plants and animals and has tested them for generations on this precious planet and found them to be the most hardy, efficient, and healthy. Untested plants and animals can in reality be considered to be a form of biological pollution which is a very risky crap shoot playing with our long duration health.

What can you do to conserve our healthy food supply for future generations?

Buy as much certified organic plant and animal food as you can afford and tell others to do so too.

Give money to conservation organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, The Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, The Audubon Society, etc. and propagandize the need for conservation of biodiversity to all your friends and family members.

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In physics efficiency is defined as energy used per unit time and human efficiency is the energy and matter or material used per unit time doing a task or some behavior.

If you are an efficient communicator then you will use the least amount of words or material (stored energy) in the shortest period of time to get your message across. If you are an efficient worker then you will do your work or task with the least amount of material (stored energy) and the least amount of steps in the shortest time possible.

Nature is very efficient and usually uses the least amount of energy and matter to communicate, locate food, and reproduce.

Society on the other hand with humans functioning in it communicates inefficiently with an inefficient language and conveys or teaches knowledge inefficiently mired in huge quantities of rather useless information. Many jobs are done inefficiently, travel is inefficient, manufacturing is inefficient, housing is inefficient, and many are leading rather inefficient lives with much random behavior designed to be entertaining but wasting much time, energy, and money in the process.

From 40 to 50% of the food grown and harvested is wasted in the United States and my guess is that material waste is probably a higher percentage judging by the incredible amount of garbage in landfills.

Manufacturing and technology pollutes the environment but a major cause of excessive pollution is human inefficiency and impulsive largely random behavior which consumes raw materials and energy very inefficiently causing much more pollution than necessary.

Look at the clutter in your house when it piles up and you may not realize that most of it was obtained with impulsive buying. There are probably many things which you rarely use or won’t use again and should never have been bought in the first place.

The arts and liberal arts education is very inefficient with vague goals, a real time waster, and brainwashes too many humans into leading inefficient lives which have little survival value for human civilization and is devastating biodiversity in the process.

Humans are too removed from nature and true moral living and the result is screwed up lives and a screwed up environment. It should be immoral for humans to be inefficient since nature frequently punishes the inefficient with death which is a harsh judgment of inefficient behavior. You may not realize it but nature is judging us harshly for our inefficiency with growing pollution levels on a yearly basis which is slowly poisoning this and future generations and what we will have is more sick, unhealthy, and dying humans in the foreseeable future.

Who is judging the immoral inefficient behavior of humans? Almost no one, since humans are myopically obsessed with themselves, largely removed from nature, and think that almost any human behavior is acceptable as long as it has some historical precedent.

If you locate inefficiency in society and try to do something to make it more efficient then you are on solid moral ground and to be commended.

Technology may eventually put many liberal arts majors on the unemployment line or force them to reeducate themselves in a more efficient relevant job for the 21st century and save humanity from repeating the error of living mythological historically inefficient lives. Historical inefficiency is trying to repeat itself and we should do everything in our powers to change the suicidal tendency of past civilizations with the help of technology used to benefit humanity and not destroy it.

Living by my suggested moral code which includes efficiency and the saving of biodiversity will also greatly help future generations as two of the necessary 6 worldwide commandments. Yes, traditional morality is also highly inefficient and taught inefficiently. It needs serious updating or restructuring.

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True justice is justice for humans and wilderness plants and animals. In a just world humans would not destroy biodiversity, would not lie, would not be inefficient, would not steal, would not commit adultery if married, and would not murder. If these goals were achieved humans would live in harmony with each other and let wilderness plants and animals live in survival of the fittest harmony with each other.

Justice is a moral distribution of information and/or goods and/or services and/or rewards and/or punishmentsThe goals of justice should be to have moral laws which can be used to justify actions which primarily protect citizens from foreign aggression, from domestic criminals, from severe economic exploitation, from government inefficiency, and protect the environment from the destruction of biodiversity.

The healthiest, smartest, and wealthiest humans should be rewarded with reproductive success in the form of polygamous families with as many offspring as possible. The unhealthiest, not so smart, and poorest monogamous humans should be discouraged from reproducing in numbers greater than one or two.

You can’t legislate morality and if you try to do so then the powerful monied interests dominate the legislation and results in unjust laws which depend on the threat of force and the use of force for their enforcement. This is a tyranny or a dictatorship without the free consent of the governed.

An important priority for true justice is trying to guarantee that people are promoted to positions of authority in organizations based on merit and not primarily based on nepotism and/or popularity and/or political favoritism. Realistically this will only be possible with a technological business elite ruling the world because anyone steeped in a liberal arts mythological tradition will rule in a very subjective biased way and a political system based on true merit is not realistically possible. A liberal arts tradition means rule by the monied elite whether or not they have achieved that money based on merit. Liberal arts frequently means rule by inherited wealth which is frequently unjustified and frequently without merit.

Rewards and/or punishments are judged by authority figures such as parents, teachers, legal authorities, jury members, businessmen, businesswomen, government officials, or politicians.  The moral distribution of rewards and/or punishments means that appropriate rewards in the form of privileges and/or goods and/or money, are given to offspring and adults.  These rewards should justly be proportionate to the effort that they have made and the success with which they have fulfilled their obligations and/or jobs and/or tasks. It means rewarding based on merit and correspondingly it means proportionate punishment or the subtraction of privileges and/or goods and/or money for bad behavior or poor performance at a job or task.

Rewarding very much with little or no success is not justice and it merely increases a feeling of selfworth which is not earned and it handicaps the individual with unrealistic judgments of one’s true ability and merit.

There would be three classes of people-the employed- the unemployed with financial reserves – the destitute and unemployed.  The unemployed with private or government unemployment insurance could be classified as a fourth class of citizens but these can also be classified under the unemployed with financial reserves.

The employed would be promoted on the basis of educational skill level and talent and effort and useful innovativeness and health.  The more complex the job and the more managerial responsibility that exists, the greater would be the pay.

Those who lose their jobs and become destitute and unemployed would have the opportunity or hope of being employed again through more free technological online audio visual education no matter what their age if they put in the time and the effort.  The unemployed but with financial reserves would deplete this financial reserve before becoming destitute.  The destitute and unemployed would have their basic needs taken care of by the government including emergency medical care if the needed.

Criminality would be kept to a minimum and promotions or positions of leadership in business and government would minimally be based on nepotism and political favoritism.

People would have to merit positions of leadership by working and showing increasing levels of skill and responsibility or would be placed there on the basis of an outstanding educational background or similar positions of leadership elsewhere in business or government.

In the arts specialties promotion based on merit is rarely possible realistically because so much of it is based on subjective judgments and prestigious connections and dysfunctional propaganda reigns supreme.  To challenge this propaganda the government under no circumstances should finance this kind of education but should leave it up to private institutions of learning that have to make a profit on their own to survive in the marketplace of ideas and goods.

This is a utopian dream to a large extent in the present world and reality is far removed from these desirable moral goals and desirable standards of living for the world.  The reality is that with the aid of technology and corrupt human laws the world is overpopulating with humans that are increasingly immoral and don’t reflect the modern morality that should be started at the fastest speed possible.

The result is the destruction of biodiversity by stealing wilderness plant and animal habitat and poaching and introducing threatening dangerously successful exotic foreign species and polluting the habitat.

Worldwide business monopolies are putting many out of work and the introduction of robots will put over 90% of the population out of work in the not too distant future.

Existing human standards of morality worldwide are not acceptable and dysfunctional corrupt laws will have to be changed or updated quickly and radically if future generations of humans are to survive in a healthy way on the face of this earth.

MONEY can’t buy a good personality if you have a bad one and money can’t buy a moral personality if you have an immoral one. It is time to begin teaching moral goals and behaviors in elementary school which should eventually reflect good moral goals and behaviors in society in the near future. In a nutshell under nonemergency situations society’s goals should be to try to stop the destruction of biodiversity and conserve and even expand it, to minimize lying and untruths, to increase the efficiency at which society is operating, to minimize stealing, to minimize adultery and to minimize murder.

Impressionable young minds in secular schools should be taught in an absolute way-don’t destroy biodiversity and don’t lie and don’t be inefficient and don’t steal and don’t commit adultery and don’t murder!!!!!!  Without a morally taught foundation society will degenerate into an untrustworthy frequently violent society which can only be ruled by brute force and the threat of force or a tyranny.

A just educational system must offer free technological reeducation over the internet for all those destitute and also unemployed so they have the hope through their personal time, effort, and achievement to reenter the job market based on merit. There must be a government safety net or basic welfare for all those permanently or temporarily on welfare assistance.

My evergreen truth book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS details what a just welfare system should be like.

My evergreen truth book JUSTICE goes into a detailed discussion of the way the legal system should be changed to a morally more just one.


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Technology is a tool which can be used for good or bad purposes.

Technology is being used to destroy the quality and diversity of the food supply with overly processed foods, GMO’s, and many artificial pollutants in the form of pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, lopsided vitamin and mineral supplements, factory farming, and monoculture agribusiness.

The human body is not invincible to unhealthy food and the more technology that we apply to food the less natural the food becomes. It is not surprising that the general population is becoming more unhealthy, getting addicted to artificial technological drugs, and dying of more diabetes complications, cancer, heart disease, and drug complications than previous generations.

For the first time future generations can look forward to worse health thanks largely to the misuse of technology.

Technology is fast killing traditional jobs and that is a good thing for the wilderness but unfortunately future generations will be getting by on less and not more and there will be armies of unskilled labor on welfare killing time, getting involved in dysfunctional relationships, getting high on alcohol and drugs, and effectively making themselves unemployable until death.

A technological elite should eventually rule the world and maybe there will be a chance that biodiversity will survive the current onslaught of human protoplasm and the inevitable environmental pollution which accompanies it.

I am still struggling to survive in my retirement years after having changed careers five times in life due to big banks, big business, big government, and technology making small businesses almost obsolete.

I was a physics teacher, computer programmer and systems analyst, home builder, home rehabber, and landlord. The real estate bubble made my residential home rental business almost obsolete and only made apartment rental profitable.

A lifetime of hard work and effort almost totally down the tubes!!! Why I am not bitter at the injustice is still a mystery to me since I was royally screwed over by the unjust actions of big banks, big mortgage companies, big government collusion with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and the deep recession since 2008.

If I had to struggle to survive in this job market then I honestly don’t know what line of work I would train for because with my background in science and technology I see little optimism for the common man and woman in the brave new world which is coming around the bend at a furious pace.

Working for the government seems to be the only source of steady future work since it is growing annually but even here I see technology replacing many government bureaucrats.

Yes, even blogging is becoming obsolete and soon only social media will be left as a relevant source of communication among small select groups!!!

Intelligent discourse in the media will be effectively dead for the majority of the population who don’t access websites such as TED, Popsci,, and a handful of other websites which still give out useful information for free and haven’t been closed down for lack of funding.

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Fishing eagle

Nice photography of North American birds at this website. Share!!!

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Tropical fish in an aquarium are stunning eye catchers. For some nice pictures of tropical sea life check out this great website!!!

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Life is never black or white, yes or no in all cases and the same applies to euthanasia. I offer the case of my 99 year old dad as an example where euthanasia would have been a more dignified way of dying.

At 99 my dad had severe bleeding and breakdown in kidney function with a dark brown urine and catheter usage, had severe chest pains, and was so weak that he needed assistance in walking but was otherwise mentally alert and able to communicate. We probably could have prolonged his life with kidney dialysis and pain killers and he may have lived one or more years basically vegetating in a hospital bed.

Instead my dad courageously decided to end his life by not eating or drinking water under hospice care and effectively committed suicide. It took about two weeks to end his life under heavy morphine doses and occasionally spraying some water in the mouth because it was drying out. During the two weeks he had severe constipation and had forced painful removal of stool from his rectum. He was still living in his home and we visited him on a daily basis giving him his morphine dose orally.

Had I been in his position I would have asked to be euthanized and die peacefully in my sleep and not have to go through the mental and painful anguish of killing myself the natural way by not eating or drinking.

Does this case argue for euthanasia or should he have had kidney dialysis and painkillers administered in a hospital setting for one or two or maybe even more years at taxpayer’s expense?

My dad’s quality of life was so bad that he chose to die instead of living like a vegetable, in a hospital bed, and with the use of severe pain killers.

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In good communications you should be a good listener first and really pay attention to what someone is saying and feeling. Humans will feel respected if you listen to them and don’t rudely interrupt or cut them off. After listening carefully you can follow up with some questions to probe more deeply what the human is trying to say or convey and how they feel about the issue.  

Try to empathize with whom you are talking to. You will better understand where they are coming from and how they feel about an issue. You can then answer in a competent and hopefully concise way and maintain a flowing conversation giving emotional support if necessary or give advice which you may feel is useful.

The success of many conversations not only depends on how smart you are or your IQ but on your EQ or emotional quotient or emotional smarts. Humans generally make impulsive decisions based on their feelings about an issue and not so much the logical consequences or the facts. Understanding that emotions are frequently more important in a conversation and must be dealt with first is a fundamental fact of successful human communication, especially if you are in a leadership position and must also get emotional support for your decisions.

You should keep arguments to a minimum in a good conversation and unless your beliefs are almost identical then you should leave hot topics like politics, religion, and sports alone and discuss them rarely if at all. In any conversation you will find differing opinions and beliefs and sometimes the smartest thing to do is to accept differing opinions and beliefs and not try to change them unless they will impact you in a very bad way.

Gossiping or spreading unproven bad facts about a human is not a very good thing to do and if you find that whom you are talking to is a gossiper then you should keep at a healthy distance from them because they may spread an untrue rumor about you in the foreseeable future which may hurt your reputation.

If a conversation is becoming repetitive or boring switch topics and if that doesn’t work then cut the conversation off for another time and proceed to do something more constructive.

Conversation should not waste your time and if you find that it seems to have no useful purpose or that it is mostly about random unimportant things then don’t waste your time and cut it short.

Communication is different whether you are talking to your children, spouse, relatives, friend, boss, employee, or casual acquaintance.

With your children you are probably more of an authority figure or the boss who knows what is frequently good for them. You expect them to behave in a certain way or you take away their privileges or punish them in some way if they misbehave.

With your spouse you may be very laid back or casual and feel free discussing almost any topic which enters your head. You should have an honest, sincere, and reliable or trustworthy relationship so that you can share some secrets or personal feelings which would cause you trouble if the secrets or opinions became public knowledge.

Not only should your spouse be someone whom you trust with sensitive information but they are someone with whom you can share your innermost feelings and know that they will understand you and give you moral or emotional support if necessary. Realize that many times your female spouse may be looking mostly for emotional support or empathy and not really want advice on how to solve her problems.

Communicating with a close friend is almost like a marriage where you basically trust one another with sensitive information and you may discuss some male or female issues or topics which you may not even share that intimately with your spouse. Some close friends can even be a source of good marital advice if both of you are in generally happy marital relationships.

Business conversations or etiquette is a complex specialty but even here listening intently with empathy and answering in short and concise ways is a good general rule of thumb to follow.

On a first date you may not want to reveal a serious health problem or a dysfunctional family but if you want a serious honest, sincere, and reliable or trustworthy relationship to develop then you will eventually have to reveal your bad circumstances and it is better to do so before marriage than after it.

Social media and texting is rapidly changing how we communicate with each other and is taking much of the emotion out and permitting more exclusive brief communications. Some may feel that it is dehumanizing conversation. I feel that it is making communication more rational and concise and will benefit almost everyone in the long duration.

Finally most women like to talk more than men so if you find out that a woman is talking much more than you then don’t stress about it but accept it as a common natural cultural phenomenon.

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You sense that you will have to change too much to make your partner happy.

You are finding that making yourself a mirror image of your partner’s activities, opinions, and beliefs is the only thing which seems to make your partner happy.

If none of your family members approve of your partner then it is an indication that he or she will clash with your fundamental values latter in the relationship and you will probably eventually be unhappy with the relationship too.

You can’t trust your partner to be alone and are always suspicious of what they may be up to that you don’t approve of. You basically don’t have an honest, sincere, and reliable or trustworthy relationship.

If your partner is censoring all your relationships with others and gives you little freedom to make your own decisions then you may have entered a tyrannical relationship and it is even worse if they try to control what you do or say.

You can’t seem to get a good balance for “me” and “we” time.

Your partner is always chronically unemployed.

Your partner has a serious addiction or compulsive bad habit such as compulsive shopping, gambling, pornography, alcoholism, drug abuse, lying, or is promiscuous.

You argue frequently and even fight about both unimportant and important things and almost never seem to resolve, solve, or compromise on any of the things which you argue about.

You are sexually incompatible.

Your partner has mostly bad friends or a bad family which you intensely dislike.


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Herbal, plant, and animal remedies have been used to try and cure illnesses, increase sexual allure and sexual performance, delay death, modify weight, enhance beauty, and enhance vitality and well being. Eat something different or apply something to the skin and solve some of life’s problems is a tradition which is hard to stop.

Natural drugs are frequently the source of modern drugs too but increasingly artificial drugs are being invented with many serious side effects which have lasting bad effects on body metabolism and health, especially when they are used for extended periods of time.

About 70% of adults are on one prescription pill or more and for senior citizens about 80% are on prescription medications up to 5 pills or more in about 20% of the population. Add to this the use of illegal drugs and you realize that almost everyone is using some form of drug on a daily basis.

A pill for every problem philosophy has even resulted in attempts to medicate humans with compulsive shopping addictions. If you are feeling depressed or have no energy then pop a pill and feel good instantly. Not only illegal drugs are being used as mood enhancers but many prescription drugs have the same feel good side effects.

Addiction to prescription drugs is a bigger problem than addiction to illegal drugs and is killing many more humans and ruining health. Over use of antibiotics has resulted in bacteria resistant to antibiotics which are spread in many hospitals causing much death and suffering.

Bad side effects are treated with more pills for the side effects and the result is that we have a generation of over medicated humans unable to break their pill addictions. Pharmaceutical companies are raking in fortunes but the net result is a very unhealthy general population.

If you are smart then you will say NO to prescription drugs and only use them where your life may be in imminent danger.

Eat as large a variety of certified organic food as possible and get some moderate exercise and your body will usually cure itself naturally in a matter of weeks or months without nasty side effects. Your body’s natural defenses with a healthy food, drink, and exercise input are a superior doctor in most cases.

Pills should be for emergencies and there are few emergencies in real life that can’t wait for natural healing to take place which does a better job in the long duration.

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Big business has many advantages:

You can buy products at very low wholesale prices.

You can buy out competing businesses.

You can more easily borrow money for expansion or new products.

You have a nationwide or worldwide reputation and may not have to advertise as much.

You can charge higher prices if you are a monopoly or near monopoly on a product or products.

You can imitate a competitor’s product and sell it for less thus having an unfair market advantage and the ability to put them out of business.

You can extend liberal credit to a customer and delay getting paid for a long time.

You can lobby for special interest legislation to give you an unfair advantage over young competitors.

In case of bankruptcy you can more easily reorganize and continue the business in slightly modified form.


Big business may not always be better but big money definitely is a competitive advantage and makes it very difficult for small business to compete and survive.

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You think that you have found someone  

who shares your moral values,

who supports your goals and activities in life, 

who has goals and activities in life which you approve of,

whom you like physically and sexually,

whom you can trust with intimate knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses.

You can afford to support a family if you decide to have one.

You want a best friend in life of the opposite sex with which you can share an honest, sincere, and reliable relationship. 


Financial failure and adultery are the two leading causes of divorce. If you have a good paying job and are not promiscuous and ready to settle down with one partner in life then your married life has the potential to be successful. You can marry without all the 7 important reasons for marrying but your success rate will be less.


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Prejudice: n. a wrong and/or unjust judgment and/or opinion which is frequently based on little or no evidence and is frequently an unfavorable opinion with (suspicion and/or fear) and/or hatred frequently added on

Humans who are very different from us can cause suspicion and sometimes fear. Usually the reason is a different physical appearance, sometimes it is a difference in language or even in dialect, and definitely a difference in beliefs.


We frequently make impulsive decisions and make judgments about humans with stereotypic names such as he or she is Asian, Hispanic, Black, red neck, hillbilly, or Indian and our mind is frequently flooded with impressions of what we feel about them based on our past limited experiences or what humans have said about them.


One word descriptions of humans frequently lead us into making overgeneralized statements such as Indians are drunks, Hispanics are stupid, and Blacks are lazy. Logically all Indians are not drunks, all Hispanics are not stupid, and all Blacks are not lazy and in fact a minority of them are and not a majority are drunks, stupid, and lazy.


Language also is to blame for prejudice because words or symbols are not statistical or probabilistic in nature but are absolutes. Unfortunately most uneducated humans think in terms of absolutes such as yes or no, love or hate, beautiful or ugly instead of degrees of love or hate, or degrees of beauty and ugliness. We use absolutes or generalities to inaccuarately describe humans and then wonder why prejudice is so hard to overcome.


The only cure for prejudice is an improved language, a constant exposure to all the cultures of the world, or getting everyone to eat all the varieties of food in this world and dressing alike so that prejudicial terms such as Italian and Mexican food and Muslim dress are out of fashion as acceptable descriptions of reality.



Even when the whole world speaks the same language, has the same morality, eats the same varied food, and dresses alike there will still be prejudice because there will still be rich and poor and cliquish groups holding on desperately to their group identity.

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Leadership: n. (recommending and/or directing) and/or (commanding and/or inspiring) and/or showing what is to be done

At one extreme a leader can be authoritarian or dictatorial and at the other extreme it can be one who always tries to get a consensus or majority vote. The truth is that some jobs or tasks require an authoritarian style and others more teamwork or cooperative effort. Many successful leaders combine both leadership techniques in different combinations to produce acceptable results or use different motivational techniques to reach goals.

A willing competent dedicated worker filled with personal self-motivation is the most desirable. There are many mistakes which a leader can make to disrupt these good vibes. Not giving credit for doing a good job, backstabbing, gossiping, making unreasonable demands or not giving enough time to do a job well, not providing workers with the information, tools, or materials needed to do the job, and ridiculing, being rude, and insulting are all things which can lead to dissatisfied workers and bad job performance.

Finally the most trusted, respected, and admired leaders are those who are competent, confident, passionate, demanding, good listeners, give feedback or communicate well, are honest, sincere, reliable and trustworthy and are very good motivators or have much emotional intelligence or human skills.

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Being a new small local business has disadvantages.

You can’t qualify for wholesale prices,

your advertising will cost more than you anticipated,

you will have cutthroat competition,

you will have to find a way to be better than the competition,

you will have problems hiring and training reliable workers,

you will have problems finding a good location at reasonable cost with high customer traffic if you need high volume,  

you have to thoroughly understand the finances and profitability of the business and can’t run it by the seat of the pants,

you will need enough capital to stay in business about 5 years before you actually make a profit if any,

you will have a hard time finding trustworthy competent business partners if you want to expand the business in the future,

and you will be working much more than 40 hours a week.

About 8 out of 10 new businesses fail so the odds are against you unless you already have extensive experience and knowledge about the business logistics and already know how to run the business at a profit.

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Phobias are extreme fears. Humans can extremely fear other humans, activities, places, and things. If you take a look at phobias then you will discover that humans can extremely fear almost anything in this world and some are terribly handicapped by these fears. Food and social embarrassment phobias can be a great handicap and cause much unhappiness in life. Other phobias you can live with and you may not always have to go for professional treatment.

Extreme fear of certain foods handicaps many humans. Some humans don’t eat processed foods, meat, GMOs, fast food, and fatty food because they fear it will cause illness, cancer, or even death or make them fatter than they already are. Many overly processed foods and meat fed with GMOs, antibiotics, and growth hormones may indeed be bad for your health in the long duration but there is no need to become paranoid about it and avoid a food entirely unless you have an allergy against it.

Meat is a good source of protein and if you are phobic then eat some wild ocean fish once in a while which is almost free of human pollution.

Eating as much varied certified organic food as possible is a smart move and you won’t have to take supplements fearing that you have incomplete nutrition in your diet. Even if you are addicted to fast food by eating a wide variety of it you will be better off health wise than eating the same fast food over and over again which can indeed cause long duration health problems.

Extreme fear of obesity causes many unhappy bolimics.

Extreme fear of social embarrassment causes many to overspend on cosmetics, jewelry, fashionable clothing, new cars, and big houses and is a major reason why many humans are in financial difficulty.  Extreme fear of embarrassment which frequently exists with a dearth of social skills is frequently the reason why many remain followers and don’t assume leadership positions. Leadership positions sometimes require public speaking skills which many don’t have and is probably why they extremely fear speaking in public.

Other more specific extreme fears can be overcome with professional treatment.

Behavior therapy is the best way to go if you can afford it and will have no bad side effects. It involves talking about your fears openly and gradual exposure to your phobias with pictures of them which are not threatening and gradually decreasing the distance between you and your phobic object.

If you are afraid of spiders see pictures of spiders on the internet and then get a friend to catch a spider for you and place it in a glass jar.  Have the friend place the jar in the bathroom in a corner where you can see it every time you go to the toilet.

At first don’t observe the spider in the jar but maybe cover it up with a towel.  Next have someone remove the towel in gradual steps so you can see more and more of the spider.  When the towel is completely removed then start glancing at the jar very speedily and then get to the point where you can stare at the jar.  Start using more and more time staring at the spider and getting slowly closer and closer to the jar.

When you have reached the point where you can stare at the jar for a few minutes then you can start placing your hand on the jar and holding it motionless for a few minutes.  Graduate to picking up the jar and staring at the spider intently and watching it move without hurting you in any shape or form. Shake the jar next and watch the spider move.

Taking off the lid is the next move and putting the lid back on if it seems the spider wants to escape.  Next remove the spider from the jar and place it in a room which you use the least.  If the spider is still alive then let it roam the room and it will gradually die.

When it is dead remove the spider with a spoon and give it a proper burial in the toilet which you can flush away and you will find that you have flushed away most of your intense fear of spiders!

Virtual reality offers a large array of potential uses. Already it has been used to treat people suffering from certain phobias. Exposing people who are afraid of heights to virtual cliff edges has been shown to reduce that fear and doing so is much safer than walking along real cliffs. Similar success has been achieved treating fear of spiders.

Other experiments have tested virtual reality’s use in treating social anxieties such as fear of public speaking and have shown that it can be a successful treatment for some more serious disorders such as post traumatic stress disorder which should never be treated with drugs nor all the other psychological disorders which are in reality only mostly important behavioral disorders and not severe chemical imbalances in the brain!!!!!!

Prevention: Offspring learn by imitation over 90% of the time so if you are a phobic parent try to hide your phobias and don’t communicate them to your impressionable offspring. Associate with friends that don’t ridicule your phobia but instead accept the fact that you have a problem which could potentially be cured in the long duration when you save the money and have time.


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Creativity can be very structured such as technological creativity or very unstructured and almost random in nature. The crudest form of creativity is just rearranging shapes, colors, and sizes such as in floral designs, interior decorating, fashion, and painting. Most artistic creations are neither beautiful nor very functional and even talented artists create more bad or mediocre paintings, fashion, music, and movies than good and exceptional ones. If you follow few rules and have little experience in an art then chances are you will create mostly garbage without lasting value or beauty.

Nature is beautiful and functional. If you depart too much from nature then you will come up with many mutant creations which are neither beautiful nor very utilitarian or functional.

Technology is very utilitarian, frequently functional, and originates from rather strict creative rules which consider efficiency and use the rigor of mathematics and logic in the creative process.

The technological creative process is basically analyzing or breaking something up into its component parts and trying to understand the role that each plays in making something work. Then synthesizing or rearranging the parts, adding to the parts, and subtracting from the whole occasionally creates a new useful and even beautiful functional product.

There is much failure even in technological creativity and you can make thousands of mistakes before you come up with a winning combination or creative product but there is rigorous criteria for success. Will it work better? Will it satisfy a need? Will it do a job more efficiently from an energy standpoint?

A truly creative human will become an expert in their chosen area, have an interest in areas similar and different than theirs, have an insatiable desire for new useful knowledge, and be constantly analyzing and synthesizing mentally and physically to come up with a new creative product.

Taking some time off occasionally to think about your goals, daydream, or just meditate to give your mind a rest is also very important.

From an aesthetic point of view I believe that any truly creative artistic human should also appreciate and revere the natural beauty of nature.

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Genetics is proving over and over again that humans are very different with many inborn traits which are beneficial or a great handicap in life. Some are born predisposed to illness, some are born not that attractive, and others are born with mediocre memories which make it hard to learn new information and get a better education.

Society has developed big myths trying to make everyone feel good about themselves and creating a false sense of equality and hope in many. Social deceptions abound with claims that if you just work very hard then you can become anything that you want in society. The truth is that almost always only those with very good memories, good families, athletic talent, and frequently financial backing can reach celebrity status or compete successfully in this world.

The rest of us unfortunately must content ourselves with mediocrity and offspring who are just as handicapped as us and may never achieve a better life than our own.

Yes, there are many exceptions to the general principle that you will be just as successful as your parents but statistically the odds of you making it big in this world are against you.

To be happy and content with your life it is important for you to realistically assess your abilities and realize your mental and physical limitations. Failing to do so you will become a premature burnout casualty or have so many failures in your life that you will begin to resort to escape behavior such as addictions to alcohol and drugs.

Society and genetics is unfair or unjust so learn to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses but don’t get delusional and forget to accurately evaluate and judge your mental and physical limitations.

If being delusional makes you happy then of course continue with your delusions and work hard trying to achieve them. I am a delusional blogger so you have lots of company if you think that you can achieve greatness or something good through blogging. I am also the victim of social brainwashing and there are some delusions which I will carry to my grave because they make me feel happier than facing stark reality and doing nothing further with my life!!!!!!

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, approximately 600 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.




The IRS rules are more than 3000 pages long, the Affordable Care Act or Obama Care is also about 3000 pages long, thanks to special interest laws or legislation many corporations and businesses pay no taxes at all, and the poor workers only pay social security tax and no income tax. What is the solution to this unjust paperwork nightmare? Simplify the tax code and legislation.

Historically you had to give about 10% of your income to your religious organization. That is historically fair or just and 5% to 10% of everyone’s income should go to the government.

Accountants should not be engaged in busy work making deductions for mortgage payments, medical expenses, number of dependents, charitable contributions, losses due to theft, etc. for individuals. Accountants should not be making business deductions for meals, business trips, furniture, machinery, etc. Accountants can actually frequently reduce your taxes to close to zero and this is unjust taxation because many escape by paying very little tax or no tax at all.

Sustainable non-polluting businesses such as organic farming, organic wholesalers, organic restaurants, car repairs, etc. shouldn’t be taxed at all because they are excellent sources for jobs where the workers will be taxed on their income.

Polluting businesses should be charged a tax on gross income not to exceed 20% and they could qualify for no taxation if they figure out a way to be a sustainable non-polluting enterprise. This will encourage businesses with money to be non-polluting and invest their dollars trying to become non-polluters.

Competition is international and corporations should be encouraged to manufacture in the United States with zero taxation if they are a sustainable business like the BMW plant in Chattanooga Tennessee. The jobs which they will provide will be the source of revenue from the corporation.

To discourage rampant consumption of information, goods, and services there should be a flat national sales tax of about 10% on all information, goods, and services consumed by the public. This money will primarily go to the armies of unemployed and also destitute which will be displaced by technology and the government should provide free technological education on the internet for all those willing to put in the time, effort, and achievement at any age so that they have some hope of reentering the useful job market.

We need a lean, efficient, just government with a safety net for victims of technology and no safety net for inefficient polluting corporations and businesses working in the red and constantly lobbying for government handouts.

Money is a motivating tool and we should all be using money wisely to promote sustainable behavior and businesses with 0% taxation.  Humans will benefit with more jobs and better health through healthier food, drink, and a minimally polluted environment.


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There is much talk about living a sustainable lifestyle but what does it really mean? Wilderness is sustainable because it is diverse, productive, efficient, and lasts for a long time without polluting the environment. In effect all the natural resources are efficiently recycled for the benefit of future generations.

For humans sustainability means diverse organic farming and using natural resources for products which are recyclable, efficient or use the least amount of energy, and minimally pollute or don’t pollute at all, and last a long time.

Food is the most important human necessity which should be diverse and as healthy as possible. This means organic farming without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and smaller farms dedicated to the production of a large variety of crops and not the monoculture crop agribusiness of today.

Houses not in the city should be PASSIVE relatively small houses or houses which use recyclable materials, use the least amount of renewable energy, recycle their waste, and use renewable energy sources such as solar as much as possible. In the city the buildings should use recyclable materials, be PASSIVE durable structures which use the least amount of energy, and the water and waste should be recycled for continuous use. Steel, glass, and concrete should be the primary materials used.

Cars should be relatively small, efficient electric powered, durable and reliable, and with easily replaceable parts so that they can be used from generation to generation. In the snow free areas efficient, durable, reliable, with easily replaceable parts motorcycles should be used more frequently as primary or secondary motorized vehicles.

3D printing should be used as much as possible for the manufacture of products and where large scale production is more efficient then sustainable robotized plants like the BMW plant in Chattanooga Tennessee should be used.

Sustainability: n. developing resources which satisfy human needs and protects the environment


Sustainability will use the least amount of recyclable natural resources in an efficient way with ultimately no pollution so that future generations will be able to live healthy lives and not run out of natural resources on into the foreseeable future.

The bigger is better philosophy will be replaced with a philosophy of smaller, more efficient, reliable, durable, and non-polluting is better.


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Hate: v. to sense very intense disapproval which one feels when one wants to destroy a bad and/or wrong subset(s) which may be morally (bad and/or wrong) and/or may be (bad and/or wrong) because it is the primary reason why one can’t achieve a desired goal(s) and/ or (bad and/or wrong) because it is a source of mental displeasure and/or bodily pain

Most humans hate more than one thing and rarely even hate themselves so much that they harm themselves or even commit suicide.

If you hate something bad enough then you may decide to do something about it. If you hate how you are living then you may take steps to change that. If you hate someone then chances are you will not be able to change them and the best thing to do is to avoid or ignore them as much as possible.

Love, hate, and fear are all great motivators which make you behave in certain ways and having healthy control over those strong emotions is a key to potential happiness and not having control over them can lead to great misery.

If you hate lying, stealing, cheating, and murdering then you are morally justified if someone does those things.  You should be less judgmental and not hate it if humans look different, behave differently, and have different opinions and beliefs than your own which are not immoral.

Trying to change an adult is almost as difficult as trying to change the world and the sooner that you realize this then the more realistic will be your interactions with them.

Hate disease, physical pain, the destruction of biodiversity, immorality, and hard core criminals which are all things which sometimes can and should be changed or eliminated from your life.

Participate or believe in causes and organizations which try to make the world a better place but don’t wallow miserably in the hatred of someone or something which you can do nothing about now or in the future.

Many organizations use hatred to mobilize humans to their cause and it frequently works because humans are mostly motivated by their strong emotions and hatred is definitely one of the more powerful ones.

Politicians are notorious emotion manipulators who stereotype a group and motivate you to HATE the opposing party, liberals, conservatives, socialists, right to lifers, right to choosers, illegal aliens, unions, right to workers, homophobes, gays, believers, atheists, rich, poor, corporations, banks, and politicians with differing views than your own.

We frequently hate it when something interferes with our goals and either delays their achievement or makes it impossible to achieve them. Life is not always fair or just and someone may be in a position of power to prevent you from achieving your goal or goals or you yourself may be unqualified to achieve the goals which you have in mind.

Consuming yourself with hatred for the powerful or feeling miserable about the constant failure in your life can make you very unhappy. Learn what you realistically can optimistically look forward to and don’t be defeated by the seeming insurmountable obstacles in your life.

Just caring less about things which you can’t change and being content with what little that you may have can make your life much happier in the long duration.


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It may not be obvious that the quality of our meat and milk is decreasing with every year and the use of disease promoting industrial confinement of livestock to small spaces, GMO feed, antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial insemination, and other artificial additives to meat are going to lead to bad health for present and future generations.

Here is a Popsci article which shows how quality can be maintained in a sustainable way and produce healthy quality meat and milk in the process. I look forward to the day when raw milk with all its nutrient value will hit grocery shelves and not be labeled as food just for pets and the paranoia of bad meat for human consumption will be a bad historical nightmare no longer lingering in our minds and fearful dreams.

Certified organic meat and milk will be available to most for a much healthier lifestyle of eating.


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Greedy banks and mortgage companies with government financial guarantees and gullible humans are the real reasons for the financial crisis of 2008 and the lengthy recession which followed. This article is a factual eye opener to anyone interested in the truth about the crash.


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One of the major reasons why humans are so bad at managing their money is that they never learned to BUDGET their money or can’t stand budgeting because it requires spending discipline. Budgeting should be taught in every elementary school to students so that they don’t grow up to be as profligate as their parents and government who are constantly struggling with unreasonable debt which is destroying families and a healthy economy.

Not only have we become a nation of impulsive spenders living from paycheck to paycheck but the government is handicapped with the same problem of irresponsible financial management of the economy and is burdening future generations with debt which they will never be able to repay.

Thriftiness is no longer a promoted virtue and the government also is no longer as virtuous as it once was. Be stupid with money and soon you will soon have a culture which stupidly self-destructs.

It doesn’t pay to save any money for retirement because of inflation, banks paying no interest on saving accounts, and risky volatile investments which can go belly up at the next financial crisis. The live for today and spend for today makes long duration planning almost impossible and not only are families in crisis mode but government is in crisis mode with no emergency reserves except the printing of more counterfeit money and greater debt.

Animals have an emergency fat reserve for food emergencies and humans and government should have an emergency money reserve for crises and emergencies in their lives. If humans have financial emergencies in their lives then they can depend on government to bail them out. Who will bail out the government in an emergency financial crisis?

To cure impulsive spending you frequently need a financial crisis. It is much smarter to teach young impressionable minds the virtue of spending discipline or budgeting so that there are no great financial crises in their adult lives.

Individual responsibility about money creates a responsible government and an army of irresponsible citizens is ungovernable and creates a dysfunctional government unable to justly govern.

Much more important than money is the moral decay of cultures but I have written about this other major problem and solutions in other blogs.


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The three basic areas where privacy matters is individual, business, and government privacy.

If you are a private citizen then you would probably not want to reveal a pre-existing medical condition, many car accidents, three or more divorces, illegal drug use, bad school grades, jobs which your were fired from, more than one bankruptcy, that you are a cult member, and your bank account information. You would probably prefer that they all be kept secret or out of public view because it could jeopardize an ability to get a good job or start up a successful relationship with the opposite sex.

Humans make many stupid mistakes in life and do some very stupid things which they are not proud of and are things which they don’t want to be reminded of or hope will never surface publicly. Starting with a clean slate or a fresh new start is getting harder and harder to do in the era of internet communications and electronic listening devices.

Businesses fear competition and frequently have trade secrets which they don’t want to surface. China is a perfect example which manufactures knock off products and tries to sell them worldwide severely cutting into the profitability of some companies. Electronic counterfeiting is even threatening to damage the reliability of military software and hardware and electronics in airlines.

Governments fear military confrontations, cyber warfare, and criminal organizations.

Privacy is getting harder and harder to maintain and trustworthy government judges and criminal enforcers with excellent reputations have to be in charge if justice is to prevail. Unfortunately society is getting more immoral and hedonistic as time progresses and honest, sincere, and trustworthy individuals to rely upon are becoming very scarce not only privately but in government positions.

Unless morality is restored in the general public, soon the leadership will get even more corrupt than now and we will not be able to trust them with private information. Privacy is the shield under which criminality thrives and this is also true of government privacy which can seek to eliminate political competition and rule supreme.

Open source government except in the military is vital to ensuring that we don’t avalanche into an oppressive tyrannical untrustworthy government which rules by the threat of force and the rule of force having intimate knowledge about our private lives and business organizations.

Privacy: n. behaviors of one or more human(s) which is hidden and frequently not public knowledge


Loss of personal privacy is not all that bad because it creates fear in individuals and demotivates many from doing stupid illegal things in life. Privacy in government if it does not deal with military defense is always bad and we should fight for as much open source government as possible.

I personally don’t fear the invasion of my privacy if it protects the money in my bank account from hackers. I am slightly concerned about the monopoly of the media by big business interests and fear that the freedom of information to stay intelligently informed may soon disappear. A reliable unbiased source of true information may slowly disappear. Unbiased information should not be replaced with rumors and gossip on the social network which may soon be the only reliable source of true needed information.


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It all starts with the difference in the XX and the XY chromosomes.  It is no surprise that there are popular books such as men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  In a study published on the Public Library of Science website which had 10,000 participants who took a questionnaire that measured 15 variations in personality traits it was found that men and women were different but most of the results are culturally biased and don’t realize that women can be as aggressive, as horny, as mathematically skilled, and physically abusive as men when culturally conditioned reactions are excluded.

Culturally men are more:





Rule conscious

Emotionally stable

Culturally women are more:




Emotionally reactive in human interactions

This basically seems to explain why girls are more expert in the intricacies of social groups and relationships while men are more attracted to crime shows and pornography.

It is about time that legal laws begin to reflect this basic genetic difference which only massive inefficient propaganda education can make the behavior of men and women more equal.

Educate a girl to behave like a man? Mission almost impossible!!!!  Yes there are some exceptions to the general rule where girls might be under the heavy influence of a single male parent when the mother dies and the male is responsible for the care of the girl into womanhood.  Tom boys who are girls can imitate many of the inherited male characteristics but ultimately it is an emotionally stressful life situation where you are always the unique one.  As the French say-Vive la difference!!!! Long live the difference!!!!

Most important we need women to care for small offspring and we need to maintain some traditional cultural norms to do so. Men are just not genetically programmed to take care of offspring as well as women and successful reproduction and caring for offspring is necessary for the success of civilization.

No matter how many cultural differences between men and women we erase it is a biological fact that women bear offspring and are hard wired to do a better job of raising young offspring because of their caring nature and emotional attachment to offspring.

On into the foreseeable future it will probably still be a fact of life that women will still like to talk much more or be more verbally skilled than men and also be more emotional than men. There will probably still be more men in leadership positions which should require a cool head and action rather than mere words and feeling good. These I personally still believe are basic biological differences between most men and women and the culture should be adjusted accordingly.

Do women have the potential to become better leaders? They might because a caring politician is probably better than an uncaring ruthless one. Will aggressive biased male chauvinism entirely disappear? Probably not into the foreseeable future. Most men still have more male friends and women have more female friends and this natural tendency for humans to cling to their gender identities will persist throughout history.

What will the new role of men be in a feminized egalitarian culture? Hard to predict except that more women will be behaving like men today and more males will be behaving like women today.



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Some talented women can be as good as men and can have high profile successful careers as well as a few offspring along the way. Some women simply don’t feel that offspring are that important in their lives and don’t want to assume the traditional female role of housewife.

With a backup of grandmothers and paid nannies a successful career woman can raise a family and have a successful married life with spouse if the man can get over the shock that he is not the dominant bread winner and needs to make adjustments in his life and maybe even job to help out his career minded wife.

The husband frequently also needs to pay more attention to the offspring and their well-being which some males are reluctant to do. It takes a smart man, who is not too committed to male stereotypes, who can adjust to being of secondary importance in married life to a career woman. Not all men can successfully make this adjustment.

Realistically feminism is for the talented women and most women still have to be dependent on the husband’s income in the formative years of their young offspring since they can’t afford quality offspring care with nannies and grandmothers. Not enough money is still the main reason why many women must rear their offspring in the formative years of life and take some time off from work and remain totally dependent on the husband’s income.

In the real world many women do not make that much money in a job and many do not want to sacrifice a quality lifestyle with offspring playing a dominant role in their lives. Many women still are more caring or nurturing and do a better job of raising offspring than men and offspring frequently suffer from an absence of quality care if the mother is too dedicated to a job.

Feminism frequently neglects the vital role which women need to play in the raising of quality offspring, especially in the formative early years which frequently determine how successful offspring will be as adults.

Feminism is for talented women with a very good income and if you are an average common woman with an average poor paying job then find a husband with a good income who can support you and your offspring in the formative years of their lives with you playing the role of housewife.

Yes, some couples are trying to raise offspring dependent on the income of two working parents but many can’t make the necessary adjustments, are doing so unsuccessfully, and it is resulting in much misery which frequently ends in divorce.

The fact is that raising two or more young offspring is a full time job and someone has to do it right. Sharing this full time job between two working parents is a logistics nightmare.


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common_sense (1)



Affirmations or optimistic communications about yourself theoretically should make you feel better about yourself and motivate you to improve yourself and your circumstances. However, be aware that some affirmations are delusional and not always true.

There is sometimes a big difference between what you WANT to be and what you ACTUALLY or REALISTICALLY are and the lofty goals which you make for yourself may be highly improbable or not possible to achieve.

Brainwashing yourself verbally or mentally into believing that you can be or get anything that you WANT, that you can do anything that you WANT, that your confidence is growing every day, and that you are a beautiful human may not be totally accurate or a reality. For self-praise to be a successful motivating tool it must be a true statement about yourself and not a delusional untrue one.

Setting many small goals and a few large goals and achieving them step by step will boost your confidence and feelings of self-worth more than all the empty words which you say to yourself. More details about the subject appear in the following two links.


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 Revenge: n. impacting with a desire to punish for some offense(s) which is usually done with intense hatred

Retaliation: n. revengeving without hatred and sometimes with conditional forgiveness

Revengev: v. to impact with a desire to punish for some offense(s) which is usually done with intense hatred

A discussion of revenge is about punishment or about an eye for an eye philosophy with hatred reigning suppreme.

If someone intentionally kills your offspring, spouse, or a close friend then your first reaction is that justice demands that offender be put to death.

If a coworker spreads a malicious untrue rumor which gets you fired then your sense of justice wants them to lose their job also.

In the real world humans sometimes get away with murder and humans who spread malicious untrue rumors do not always get punished.

Some humans are so intensely affected that they wallow in hatred for the offender for a very long time and rarely try to take justice into their own hands and try to hurt the offender in some way by themselves with further unpleasant consequences.

Feelings of revenge may emotionally devastate you or make you very miserable if you are not able to accept reality, ignore the offense, and move on with your life. Forgiveness is frequently not an option but shit happens and sooner or later you will have to move on with your life and realize that revenge is frequently not a realistic option for you.

In married life your spouse can hurt your feelings greatly and criticize you unjustly but trying to get revenge and trying to punish them for the hurt will frequently just lead to a never ending cycle of vengeful attacks and counter attacks or unnecessary fighting in the marriage. Some women make the mistake of trying to punish the husband with a denial of sex and if this is done too frequently then the husband may retaliate and have sex elsewhere resulting in marital disaster and even divorce.

If it is not an immoral act such as intentional lying or adultery then forgiveness is frequently a better option. For immoral acts conditional forgiveness may be necessary or forgiveness and a promise never to lie again or be adulterous again.

Instead of revenge try forgiveness, conditional forgiveness, or ignore the offense if it is a non repetitive one time event and not immoral.

Instead of revenge try retaliation or revenge without hatred and sometimes conditional forgiveness in all it’s socially accepted forms.

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You can keep a bad habit, spend less time on it, change to a bad habit which isn’t so bad, or replace it partially or totally with a good habit(s).

You are probably not aware of many of the bad habits which you have and the bad habits which you are aware of are giving you some satisfaction in your life so you are probably reluctant to change them or can’t change them because you are addicted to them. Your bad habits are largely impulsive emotionally driven behaviors which you don’t think much about logically before you do them and they are very hard to change.

Assume that you become aware of a bad habit and you then decide that you would like to change it. How do you proceed? 

Stopping cold turkey is one way but unless it is fear of death or severe social embarrassment it frequently leads to failure. Replacing a bad habit with a new good one is also problematic because practicing a new good habit takes from 10 to 30 days or more to become a reliable good habit.  Replacing a bad habit with a good one which you already have can be more successful. Having a motivating friend, spouse, or support group may also help in your desire to change.

Adult humans with bad eating habits and behaviors are hard to change so it is important that you avoid them as offspring so that they don’t plague you into adulthood. Good role model parents, offspring, and adults are vital to minimizing the total amount of bad habits which you wind up with in life. Sometimes only near death or financial disaster will cure you of an addiction to drugs or profligate impulsive over spending.

Terrible or very bad habits are lying, stealing, and adultery which are also immoral. Do any of these things and a trusting healthy relationship with another human is not possible and you will wallow in unhappiness and misery unless you change and switch to honest faithful relationships.


Eliminating a bad habit by going cold turkey, by replacing it with a new good habit, by replacing it with an old good habit, by replacing it in small steps or spending less and less time on the bad habit are all constructive ways of doing it with varying degrees of success.

What you really need is courageous determined self-motivation or a fear of a bad habit to get you to change to something better. It is basically up to you and your support group and if you fail then you only have yourself to ultimately blame for your failure to improve and partially or entirely exclude your bad habits!!!!!!

Some important bad habits which you should try to change are unhealthy eating, over working, gambling, pornography, impulse buying or shopping, unreliability, arguing, talking too much, and wasting time, energy, and money on trivial things.

Lying, deceiving, or adultery is also immoral behavior and not just a bad habit which is guaranteed to cause misery in your life.

Finally, not reading anything new and useful is a bad habit because it prevents you from being motivated by new knowledge which may be helpful in dealing with your old bad habits.

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Do you think that you are unlucky? If you feel that way then chances are you have few good human contacts in life if any, have a bad education, have dysfunctional parents, family, and relatives, have bad communication skills, have bad friends, have a bad personality, lie frequently or are adulterous, are not attractive, are addicted to drugs or profligate spending, are uncoordinated and accident prone, don’t work hard or smart, gamble when the odds are against you, are disorganized, live life without planning ahead or having goals. What you know, what you do, and who you know is bad.

In real life those who are lucky and start from scratch are those who prepare for opportunity when it comes along and make sure that they are ready to grab opportunity by preparing for it with greater knowledge and greater skills and associating with optimistic humans who themselves are trying to lead successful lives. 

Luck depends on WHAT you know, WHAT you do, and WHO you know and if you know the right things, do the right things, and have the right contacts then you will have more luck than those who know very little, have few skills, and have almost no friends or bad ones.

If you are not very sociable then at least find a few friends who are more sociable and have many good friends or keep in touch with family members who are more sociable than you.

If you are interested in writing then try to find writing friends, if you are interested in real estate then try to find real estate friends, if you are interested in law then try to find lawyer friends, etc. etc. Choose your friends wisely to optimize your luck in a given field of expertise. If you can’t find professional friends then try to become friends with the offspring of professionals who you are interested in. Sometimes a friend of a friend is the way to optimize your social contacts.

Some humans are born lucky with much wealth, attractiveness, and many social contacts but piss all their luck away by not developing enough useful skills and knowledge and associating with bad friends who lead them into a profligate dysfunctional and frequently bankrupt lifestyle.

If you have given up on trying to improve yourself with useful new skills, new knowledge, new better friends, healthier eating, and exercising moderately then at least be thankful that you are lucky to be alive and lucky to have a welfare system which is there if you need it!!!!!!

Luck: n. a cause(s) impacting a subset(s) due primarily to chance which can cause a good and/or bad subset(s) on samer subset(s)

Opportunity: n. a circumstance(s) which makes the achievement of a goal(s) more probable and frequently the circumstance(s) itself has been a goal(s) so that a further goal(s) is more probable

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Your genetics, the kind of food and drink which you consume, the kind of job that you have, the drugs which you use habitually are all responsible for how healthy you are or will be in life.

Some humans are born unhealthy with allergies, inherited illnesses such as systic fibrosis and sclerosis, and bad immune systems. You can’t cure inherited illnesses but sometimes can mask some of the symptoms with drugs.

Longevity is also primarily genetically based because you can find few humans who smoke, drink alcohol, and abuse their health in other ways and still live to be 90. Others don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, eat a normal diet and die at 40 from a heart attack or cancer and have family members who also die young.

The kind of food which you eat also determines to a large extent how long you will live. 100 years ago few humans died of heart attacks or cancer but succumbed to other illnesses. Today more die of heart attacks and cancer and different processed food, drink, and the additives and pollutants which come with it are the major causes of ill health.

The kind of job which you have also has a great impact on your health. Joint wear and tear, on the job pollution, job injuries, and a sedentary job can all have bad effects on your health and longevity.

Finally addictions to prescription synthetic drugs, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse can all ruin your health eventually and even cause sudden death with overdoses.


Your genes, what you eat, the drugs which you habitually take, the exercise that you get, and accidents all determine how healthy you will be and how long you live. If you feel helpless and don’t know what to do then eat as much certified organic food as possible, don’t use synthetic drugs for extended periods of time, and get some moderate exercise which may only be walking fast about 3 times a week for about 20 minutes. It won’t guarantee you perfect health but it will be better than if you didn’t do those things in your life.


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Sports have a long history and it was originally the domain of the wealthy who didn’t do manual labor but could focus their attention on athletic ability.

Today team sports are big business with player celebrities. The result of this big money has led to sports corruption and cheating in the form of steroid use, falsified academic grades, game fixing, and hedonism of major athletes.

Some sports cause many accidental sports injuries which is the result of humans trying to set records or pushing themselves beyond their physical limitations. The Olympic goal of trying to set new record performances has led to risky behavior and many sports injuries which ruin an athlete’s physical health which they suffer with in later years.

Sports star’s reputations have been damaged and many are no longer considered outstanding role models for the young to follow.

Team sports in public school leave many students feeling inadequate, unsatisfied, and even bored having to participate and mostly watch the glorification of star athletes over and over again.

Realistically in the modern technological age team sports for the individual are not very useful because adults rarely can get together enough team players to have a game and get some exercise. Individual sports are far more practical and can be used to get exercise more frequently and without logistic complications.

In individualized sports you compete against yourself and in the process stay physically fit and feel a sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately many team sport spectators have become couch potatoes not getting any physical benefits from the game at all.


Team sports are the source for entertainment, relaxation, and conversation for many. If you are smart then you will get pleasure from individualized sports such as fast walking, running, skating, roller skating, bicycling, skateboarding, windsurfing, surfing, skiing, snow boarding, jet skiing, bowling, and golf and an occasional exercise routine of deep knee bends, push ups, squat thrusts, etc. to relieve stress and maintain your physical health and agility.

Pair sports such as tennis, handball, and racket ball are also a good alternative if you want someone to motivate you into exercising.

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Arguing is a form of verbal fighting where each side tries to dominate, win, or force the other into submission. Arguing starts in childhood with arguments about who’s turn it is, who is stronger, who is stupid, or who has the strongest or best dad or mom.

Unfortunately these largely illogical confrontations exist on into adulthood for humans who have not learned to calmly talk out, discuss, and sometimes compromise about life’s problems, situations, and differing opinions.

Adult arguments frequently lead to name calling, bad feelings of being offended, abused, wrongly criticized, or unjustly attacked. This sometimes even causes vengeful feelings or wanting to get back at and punish the offender in some way.

Arguments are inevitable in most relationships and the important thing to keep in mind is that if you were the unjust aggressor then you should apologize and say that you are sorry. Sometimes you can try to make up for the bad confrontation in some way by doing something nice or promising that you will not argue about the same thing again.

A confrontational language with a bias for yes or no, love or hate, and right or wrong communications prevents many from stopping and LISTENING CAREFULLY to each other and asking some logical questions. By calmly discussing you may actually find out that neither of you is totally wrong or right but that each has a valid point of view and that compromise or accepting another’s point of view is sometimes a logical acceptable way out.


Arguing is childish fighting and adults should learn to communicate with almost no fighting at all for best results and healthy relationships. Listen carefully to each point of view, calmly ask some follow up questions, and discuss the situation in an adult way. When you do argue then apologize if you are the aggressor and have hurt another’s feelings or attacked another’s beliefs or opinions unjustly.

Argument:  n. very intense sensory disagreement


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You can travel to interesting places or to ecstatic ones. Choose wisely!!!!!!

Before you travel decide when you will travel, how much it will cost, with whom you will travel, what you want to see or where that will be, and how you will travel?

When you travel means at what age too and it can be travelling while single in your youth with money, during your marriage years, or in retirement.

Waiting too long to travel in retirement may mean not enough money saved or being in such bad health that vigorous traveling is just not an option and you may be destined for a boring cruise ship.

Married life is also a challenge for traveling because both spouses may be working with different vacation times and traveling with small children overseas can be a logistics nightmare.

The best time to travel is in your youth, while single, with time on your hands, and enough money to travel far and well. You can accumulate vacation time if your job allows it or you can build up a nest egg, quit your job, and take time out to travel for a month or two or even a year.

You can travel on weekends, during vacation, or between jobs.

You may like to travel alone with ultimate freedom or like to share happy moments and choose to pair up with a family member or friend. You can also travel as part of a group or travel club.

 What you travel to is probably the most important decision to make because depending on which place that you visit it can range from interesting to an ecstatic experience. There is travel to towns and country sides, a city or cities, mountains, lakes, and rivers and then there is the ecstatic travel to see the greatest natural wonders of the world. I prefer ecstatic travel and I have included a link to one of my blogs on the 7 natural wonders of the world!!!!!!

You can travel by plane, train, bus, taxi, or rental car. You can do what I did for a month in Europe. I took a risk and bought a reliable old used car to travel in. I then sold it at the end of the trip which was cheaper than renting a car for a month.


Travel when you have the money and time and get the most bang per buck by visiting the greatest natural or manmade wonders of the world!!!!!! I have minimal interest in manmade wonders but two might be the Hermitage and Dubai.

It may take you 5 or 10 years to save up the money to do this but it will be worth every penny of your hard earned money and you will definitely have fond memories and great pictures of the trip in old age to dwell on once in a while.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, approximately 600 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.