Before you buy anything take a few moments off and ask yourself.  Is it something that I WANT or is it something which I NEED?

If it’s something that you WANT but don’t NEED then don’t buy it! To determine whether it is something which you NEED ask yourself another question. Can I do without it for a day, week, month, or year? If you can do without it for a week, month, or year then don’t buy it!

If you do need it then take a few moments off and ask yourself. Is it the best price for the product or can I get a better value at a cheaper price elsewhere? Being aware of how much that you are actually paying for something is good to keep track of because your mind will get accustomed to working with numbers in your head which are very important when making purchasing decisions.

Food is the only purchase where quality is more important than a cheap price because your health will suffer in the long duration if you eat unhealthy, over processed, sugar enriched foods and drinks. Buying food and household items in bulk will be a cheaper alternative than buying small portions or amounts.

Your best bet is to buy as much certified organic food as you can afford and if you are addicted to fast food then at least patronize more than one fast food outlet and get a variety of junk food in your diet.

Of course the smartest thing to do would be to patronize a Chipotle Mexican Grill fast food restaurant where some of the food is organic.

Few enjoy keeping track of their spending figures or don’t know how to BUDGET their money. Ultimately if you want to truly control your spending habits with CERTAINTY then you should take the time out to Google or Bing budgeting and learn how to do it. If you have a calculator and basic adding and subtracting skills then about a half hour a month is all that you will need to track your spending accurately.


With the exception of food purchases, unless it is food or drink impulse buying at a gas station, ask yourself do I WANT it or NEED it? If you don’t NEED it then don’t buy it. Get the cheapest price by trying to memorize approximate costs and buy in bulk where possible. To completely cure yourself of impulsive spending learn to budget your money and stick to your spending limits on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis!!!!!!

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