Working too feverishly, having too much to do, making many mistakes, having many serious problems in life, having too much responsibility, too much worrying, and having unhappy relationships can all cause unhealthy stress levels.

Job stress can sometimes be decreased by trying to schedule your time better and spending more time on important priorities and spending less time on relatively unimportant priorities. Taking some time out to plan ahead and work in a controlled orderly way is much better than working relatively randomly and chaotically which is what stress frequently originates from.

You relieve stress by taking some time out to do stressless things or by living more responsibly. If responsible living and working does not relieve severe stress on the job or in family life then the only option may be to change to a less stressful job or to get a divorce.

Daily stress relief may mean taking some time off to meditate, think about happy things, exercise, a bath, a massage, listening to music, or viewing a movie, video, or the TV. Getting enough sleep is frequently priority number two after eating and drinking healthy. To handle stress optimally you need to recharge your body with good food and good sleep on almost a daily basis.

If humans in your life are causing you stress then try to avoid them as much as is possible or read up on relationship books or articles which make suggestions on how to improve your relationship skills. Change your philosophy from “everything that you do annoys me” to “most of the things that you do don’t affect or phase me”.

Stress: n. (personal and/or human(s) demand(s)) and/or (environmental demand(s) and/or pressures) which affect an organism’s complete reaction(s)


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