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Arguing is a form of verbal fighting where each side tries to dominate, win, or force the other into submission. Arguing starts in childhood with arguments about who’s turn it is, who is stronger, who is stupid, or who has the strongest or best dad or mom.

Unfortunately these largely illogical confrontations exist on into adulthood for humans who have not learned to calmly talk out, discuss, and sometimes compromise about life’s problems, situations, and differing opinions.

Adult arguments frequently lead to name calling, bad feelings of being offended, abused, wrongly criticized, or unjustly attacked. This sometimes even causes vengeful feelings or wanting to get back at and punish the offender in some way.

Arguments are inevitable in most relationships and the important thing to keep in mind is that if you were the unjust aggressor then you should apologize and say that you are sorry. Sometimes you can try to make up for the bad confrontation in some way by doing something nice or promising that you will not argue about the same thing again.

A confrontational language with a bias for yes or no, love or hate, and right or wrong communications prevents many from stopping and LISTENING CAREFULLY to each other and asking some logical questions. By calmly discussing you may actually find out that neither of you is totally wrong or right but that each has a valid point of view and that compromise or accepting another’s point of view is sometimes a logical acceptable way out.


Arguing is childish fighting and adults should learn to communicate with almost no fighting at all for best results and healthy relationships. Listen carefully to each point of view, calmly ask some follow up questions, and discuss the situation in an adult way. When you do argue then apologize if you are the aggressor and have hurt another’s feelings or attacked another’s beliefs or opinions unjustly.

Argument:  n. very intense sensory disagreement


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You can travel to interesting places or to ecstatic ones. Choose wisely!!!!!!

Before you travel decide when you will travel, how much it will cost, with whom you will travel, what you want to see or where that will be, and how you will travel?

When you travel means at what age too and it can be travelling while single in your youth with money, during your marriage years, or in retirement.

Waiting too long to travel in retirement may mean not enough money saved or being in such bad health that vigorous traveling is just not an option and you may be destined for a boring cruise ship.

Married life is also a challenge for traveling because both spouses may be working with different vacation times and traveling with small children overseas can be a logistics nightmare.

The best time to travel is in your youth, while single, with time on your hands, and enough money to travel far and well. You can accumulate vacation time if your job allows it or you can build up a nest egg, quit your job, and take time out to travel for a month or two or even a year.

You can travel on weekends, during vacation, or between jobs.

You may like to travel alone with ultimate freedom or like to share happy moments and choose to pair up with a family member or friend. You can also travel as part of a group or travel club.

 What you travel to is probably the most important decision to make because depending on which place that you visit it can range from interesting to an ecstatic experience. There is travel to towns and country sides, a city or cities, mountains, lakes, and rivers and then there is the ecstatic travel to see the greatest natural wonders of the world. I prefer ecstatic travel and I have included a link to one of my blogs on the 7 natural wonders of the world!!!!!!


You can travel by plane, train, bus, taxi, or rental car. You can do what I did for a month in Europe. I took a risk and bought a reliable old used car to travel in. I then sold it at the end of the trip which was cheaper than renting a car for a month.


Travel when you have the money and time and get the most bang per buck by visiting the greatest natural or manmade wonders of the world!!!!!! I have minimal interest in manmade wonders but two might be the Hermitage and Dubai.

It may take you 5 or 10 years to save up the money to do this but it will be worth every penny of your hard earned money and you will definitely have fond memories and great pictures of the trip in old age to dwell on once in a while.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, approximately 600 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.