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Do you think that you are unlucky? If you feel that way then chances are you have few good human contacts in life if any, have a bad education, have dysfunctional parents, family, and relatives, have bad communication skills, have bad friends, have a bad personality, lie frequently or are adulterous, are not attractive, are addicted to drugs or profligate spending, are uncoordinated and accident prone, don’t work hard or smart, gamble when the odds are against you, are disorganized, live life without planning ahead or having goals. What you know, what you do, and who you know is bad.

In real life those who are lucky and start from scratch are those who prepare for opportunity when it comes along and make sure that they are ready to grab opportunity by preparing for it with greater knowledge and greater skills and associating with optimistic humans who themselves are trying to lead successful lives. 

Luck depends on WHAT you know, WHAT you do, and WHO you know and if you know the right things, do the right things, and have the right contacts then you will have more luck than those who know very little, have few skills, and have almost no friends or bad ones.

If you are not very sociable then at least find a few friends who are more sociable and have many good friends or keep in touch with family members who are more sociable than you.

If you are interested in writing then try to find writing friends, if you are interested in real estate then try to find real estate friends, if you are interested in law then try to find lawyer friends, etc. etc. Choose your friends wisely to optimize your luck in a given field of expertise. If you can’t find professional friends then try to become friends with the offspring of professionals who you are interested in. Sometimes a friend of a friend is the way to optimize your social contacts.

Some humans are born lucky with much wealth, attractiveness, and many social contacts but piss all their luck away by not developing enough useful skills and knowledge and associating with bad friends who lead them into a profligate dysfunctional and frequently bankrupt lifestyle.

If you have given up on trying to improve yourself with useful new skills, new knowledge, new better friends, healthier eating, and exercising moderately then at least be thankful that you are lucky to be alive and lucky to have a welfare system which is there if you need it!!!!!!

Luck: n. a cause(s) impacting a subset(s) due primarily to chance which can cause a good and/or bad subset(s) on samer subset(s)

Opportunity: n. a circumstance(s) which makes the achievement of a goal(s) more probable and frequently the circumstance(s) itself has been a goal(s) so that a further goal(s) is more probable

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