You can keep a bad habit, spend less time on it, change to a bad habit which isn’t so bad, or replace it partially or totally with a good habit(s).

You are probably not aware of many of the bad habits which you have and the bad habits which you are aware of are giving you some satisfaction in your life so you are probably reluctant to change them or can’t change them because you are addicted to them. Your bad habits are largely impulsive emotionally driven behaviors which you don’t think much about logically before you do them and they are very hard to change.

Assume that you become aware of a bad habit and you then decide that you would like to change it. How do you proceed? 

Stopping cold turkey is one way but unless it is fear of death or severe social embarrassment it frequently leads to failure. Replacing a bad habit with a new good one is also problematic because practicing a new good habit takes from 10 to 30 days or more to become a reliable good habit.  Replacing a bad habit with a good one which you already have can be more successful. Having a motivating friend, spouse, or support group may also help in your desire to change.

Adult humans with bad eating habits and behaviors are hard to change so it is important that you avoid them as offspring so that they don’t plague you into adulthood. Good role model parents, offspring, and adults are vital to minimizing the total amount of bad habits which you wind up with in life. Sometimes only near death or financial disaster will cure you of an addiction to drugs or profligate impulsive over spending.

Terrible or very bad habits are lying, stealing, and adultery which are also immoral. Do any of these things and a trusting healthy relationship with another human is not possible and you will wallow in unhappiness and misery unless you change and switch to honest faithful relationships.


Eliminating a bad habit by going cold turkey, by replacing it with a new good habit, by replacing it with an old good habit, by replacing it in small steps or spending less and less time on the bad habit are all constructive ways of doing it with varying degrees of success.

What you really need is courageous determined self-motivation or a fear of a bad habit to get you to change to something better. It is basically up to you and your support group and if you fail then you only have yourself to ultimately blame for your failure to improve and partially or entirely exclude your bad habits!!!!!!

Some important bad habits which you should try to change are unhealthy eating, over working, gambling, pornography, impulse buying or shopping, unreliability, arguing, talking too much, and wasting time, energy, and money on trivial things.

Lying, deceiving, or adultery is also immoral behavior and not just a bad habit which is guaranteed to cause misery in your life.

Finally, not reading anything new and useful is a bad habit because it prevents you from being motivated by new knowledge which may be helpful in dealing with your old bad habits.

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