Revenge: n. impacting with a desire to punish for some offense(s) which is usually done with intense hatred

Retaliation: n. revengeving without hatred and sometimes with conditional forgiveness

Revengev: v. to impact with a desire to punish for some offense(s) which is usually done with intense hatred

A discussion of revenge is about punishment or about an eye for an eye philosophy with hatred reigning suppreme.

If someone intentionally kills your offspring, spouse, or a close friend then your first reaction is that justice demands that offender be put to death.

If a coworker spreads a malicious untrue rumor which gets you fired then your sense of justice wants them to lose their job also.

In the real world humans sometimes get away with murder and humans who spread malicious untrue rumors do not always get punished.

Some humans are so intensely affected that they wallow in hatred for the offender for a very long time and rarely try to take justice into their own hands and try to hurt the offender in some way by themselves with further unpleasant consequences.

Feelings of revenge may emotionally devastate you or make you very miserable if you are not able to accept reality, ignore the offense, and move on with your life. Forgiveness is frequently not an option but shit happens and sooner or later you will have to move on with your life and realize that revenge is frequently not a realistic option for you.

In married life your spouse can hurt your feelings greatly and criticize you unjustly but trying to get revenge and trying to punish them for the hurt will frequently just lead to a never ending cycle of vengeful attacks and counter attacks or unnecessary fighting in the marriage. Some women make the mistake of trying to punish the husband with a denial of sex and if this is done too frequently then the husband may retaliate and have sex elsewhere resulting in marital disaster and even divorce.

If it is not an immoral act such as intentional lying or adultery then forgiveness is frequently a better option. For immoral acts conditional forgiveness may be necessary or forgiveness and a promise never to lie again or be adulterous again.

Instead of revenge try forgiveness, conditional forgiveness, or ignore the offense if it is a non repetitive one time event and not immoral.

Instead of revenge try retaliation or revenge without hatred and sometimes conditional forgiveness in all it’s socially accepted forms.

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