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It all starts with the difference in the XX and the XY chromosomes.  It is no surprise that there are popular books such as men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  In a study published on the Public Library of Science website which had 10,000 participants who took a questionnaire that measured 15 variations in personality traits it was found that men and women were different but most of the results are culturally biased and don’t realize that women can be as aggressive, as horny, as mathematically skilled, and physically abusive as men when culturally conditioned reactions are excluded.

Culturally men are more:





Rule conscious

Emotionally stable

Culturally women are more:




Emotionally reactive in human interactions

This basically seems to explain why girls are more expert in the intricacies of social groups and relationships while men are more attracted to crime shows and pornography.

It is about time that legal laws begin to reflect this basic genetic difference which only massive inefficient propaganda education can make the behavior of men and women more equal.

Educate a girl to behave like a man? Mission almost impossible!!!!  Yes there are some exceptions to the general rule where girls might be under the heavy influence of a single male parent when the mother dies and the male is responsible for the care of the girl into womanhood.  Tom boys who are girls can imitate many of the inherited male characteristics but ultimately it is an emotionally stressful life situation where you are always the unique one.  As the French say-Vive la difference!!!! Long live the difference!!!!

Most important we need women to care for small offspring and we need to maintain some traditional cultural norms to do so. Men are just not genetically programmed to take care of offspring as well as women and successful reproduction and caring for offspring is necessary for the success of civilization.

No matter how many cultural differences between men and women we erase it is a biological fact that women bear offspring and are hard wired to do a better job of raising young offspring because of their caring nature and emotional attachment to offspring.

On into the foreseeable future it will probably still be a fact of life that women will still like to talk much more or be more verbally skilled than men and also be more emotional than men. There will probably still be more men in leadership positions which should require a cool head and action rather than mere words and feeling good. These I personally still believe are basic biological differences between most men and women and the culture should be adjusted accordingly.

Do women have the potential to become better leaders? They might because a caring politician is probably better than an uncaring ruthless one. Will aggressive biased male chauvinism entirely disappear? Probably not into the foreseeable future. Most men still have more male friends and women have more female friends and this natural tendency for humans to cling to their gender identities will persist throughout history.

What will the new role of men be in a feminized egalitarian culture? Hard to predict except that more women will be behaving like men today and more males will be behaving like women today.



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Some talented women can be as good as men and can have high profile successful careers as well as a few offspring along the way. Some women simply don’t feel that offspring are that important in their lives and don’t want to assume the traditional female role of housewife.

With a backup of grandmothers and paid nannies a successful career woman can raise a family and have a successful married life with spouse if the man can get over the shock that he is not the dominant bread winner and needs to make adjustments in his life and maybe even job to help out his career minded wife.

The husband frequently also needs to pay more attention to the offspring and their well-being which some males are reluctant to do. It takes a smart man, who is not too committed to male stereotypes, who can adjust to being of secondary importance in married life to a career woman. Not all men can successfully make this adjustment.

Realistically feminism is for the talented women and most women still have to be dependent on the husband’s income in the formative years of their young offspring since they can’t afford quality offspring care with nannies and grandmothers. Not enough money is still the main reason why many women must rear their offspring in the formative years of life and take some time off from work and remain totally dependent on the husband’s income.

In the real world many women do not make that much money in a job and many do not want to sacrifice a quality lifestyle with offspring playing a dominant role in their lives. Many women still are more caring or nurturing and do a better job of raising offspring than men and offspring frequently suffer from an absence of quality care if the mother is too dedicated to a job.

Feminism frequently neglects the vital role which women need to play in the raising of quality offspring, especially in the formative early years which frequently determine how successful offspring will be as adults.

Feminism is for talented women with a very good income and if you are an average common woman with an average poor paying job then find a husband with a good income who can support you and your offspring in the formative years of their lives with you playing the role of housewife.

Yes, some couples are trying to raise offspring dependent on the income of two working parents but many can’t make the necessary adjustments, are doing so unsuccessfully, and it is resulting in much misery which frequently ends in divorce.

The fact is that raising two or more young offspring is a full time job and someone has to do it right. Sharing this full time job between two working parents is a logistics nightmare.


If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, approximately 600 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.


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Affirmations or optimistic communications about yourself theoretically should make you feel better about yourself and motivate you to improve yourself and your circumstances. However, be aware that some affirmations are delusional and not always true.

There is sometimes a big difference between what you WANT to be and what you ACTUALLY or REALISTICALLY are and the lofty goals which you make for yourself may be highly improbable or not possible to achieve.

Brainwashing yourself verbally or mentally into believing that you can be or get anything that you WANT, that you can do anything that you WANT, that your confidence is growing every day, and that you are a beautiful human may not be totally accurate or a reality. For self-praise to be a successful motivating tool it must be a true statement about yourself and not a delusional untrue one.

Setting many small goals and a few large goals and achieving them step by step will boost your confidence and feelings of self-worth more than all the empty words which you say to yourself. More details about the subject appear in the following two links.




If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, approximately 600 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.