Affirmations or optimistic communications about yourself theoretically should make you feel better about yourself and motivate you to improve yourself and your circumstances. However, be aware that some affirmations are delusional and not always true.

There is sometimes a big difference between what you WANT to be and what you ACTUALLY or REALISTICALLY are and the lofty goals which you make for yourself may be highly improbable or not possible to achieve.

Brainwashing yourself verbally or mentally into believing that you can be or get anything that you WANT, that you can do anything that you WANT, that your confidence is growing every day, and that you are a beautiful human may not be totally accurate or a reality. For self-praise to be a successful motivating tool it must be a true statement about yourself and not a delusional untrue one.

Setting many small goals and a few large goals and achieving them step by step will boost your confidence and feelings of self-worth more than all the empty words which you say to yourself. More details about the subject appear in the following two links.


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