The three basic areas where privacy matters is individual, business, and government privacy.

If you are a private citizen then you would probably not want to reveal a pre-existing medical condition, many car accidents, three or more divorces, illegal drug use, bad school grades, jobs which your were fired from, more than one bankruptcy, that you are a cult member, and your bank account information. You would probably prefer that they all be kept secret or out of public view because it could jeopardize an ability to get a good job or start up a successful relationship with the opposite sex.

Humans make many stupid mistakes in life and do some very stupid things which they are not proud of and are things which they don’t want to be reminded of or hope will never surface publicly. Starting with a clean slate or a fresh new start is getting harder and harder to do in the era of internet communications and electronic listening devices.

Businesses fear competition and frequently have trade secrets which they don’t want to surface. China is a perfect example which manufactures knock off products and tries to sell them worldwide severely cutting into the profitability of some companies. Electronic counterfeiting is even threatening to damage the reliability of military software and hardware and electronics in airlines.

Governments fear military confrontations, cyber warfare, and criminal organizations.

Privacy is getting harder and harder to maintain and trustworthy government judges and criminal enforcers with excellent reputations have to be in charge if justice is to prevail. Unfortunately society is getting more immoral and hedonistic as time progresses and honest, sincere, and trustworthy individuals to rely upon are becoming very scarce not only privately but in government positions.

Unless morality is restored in the general public, soon the leadership will get even more corrupt than now and we will not be able to trust them with private information. Privacy is the shield under which criminality thrives and this is also true of government privacy which can seek to eliminate political competition and rule supreme.

Open source government except in the military is vital to ensuring that we don’t avalanche into an oppressive tyrannical untrustworthy government which rules by the threat of force and the rule of force having intimate knowledge about our private lives and business organizations.

Privacy: n. behaviors of one or more human(s) which is hidden and frequently not public knowledge


Loss of personal privacy is not all that bad because it creates fear in individuals and demotivates many from doing stupid illegal things in life. Privacy in government if it does not deal with military defense is always bad and we should fight for as much open source government as possible.

I personally don’t fear the invasion of my privacy if it protects the money in my bank account from hackers. I am slightly concerned about the monopoly of the media by big business interests and fear that the freedom of information to stay intelligently informed may soon disappear. A reliable unbiased source of true information may slowly disappear. Unbiased information should not be replaced with rumors and gossip on the social network which may soon be the only reliable source of true needed information.


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