There is much talk about living a sustainable lifestyle but what does it really mean? Wilderness is sustainable because it is diverse, productive, efficient, and lasts for a long time without polluting the environment. In effect all the natural resources are efficiently recycled for the benefit of future generations.

For humans sustainability means diverse organic farming and using natural resources for products which are recyclable, efficient or use the least amount of energy, and minimally pollute or don’t pollute at all, and last a long time.

Food is the most important human necessity which should be diverse and as healthy as possible. This means organic farming without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and smaller farms dedicated to the production of a large variety of crops and not the monoculture crop agribusiness of today.

Houses not in the city should be PASSIVE relatively small houses or houses which use recyclable materials, use the least amount of renewable energy, recycle their waste, and use renewable energy sources such as solar as much as possible. In the city the buildings should use recyclable materials, be PASSIVE durable structures which use the least amount of energy, and the water and waste should be recycled for continuous use. Steel, glass, and concrete should be the primary materials used.

Cars should be relatively small, efficient electric powered, durable and reliable, and with easily replaceable parts so that they can be used from generation to generation. In the snow free areas efficient, durable, reliable, with easily replaceable parts motorcycles should be used more frequently as primary or secondary motorized vehicles.

3D printing should be used as much as possible for the manufacture of products and where large scale production is more efficient then sustainable robotized plants like the BMW plant in Chattanooga Tennessee should be used.

Sustainability: n. developing resources which satisfy human needs and protects the environment


Sustainability will use the least amount of recyclable natural resources in an efficient way with ultimately no pollution so that future generations will be able to live healthy lives and not run out of natural resources on into the foreseeable future.

The bigger is better philosophy will be replaced with a philosophy of smaller, more efficient, reliable, durable, and non-polluting is better.


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