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Creativity can be very structured such as technological creativity or very unstructured and almost random in nature. The crudest form of creativity is just rearranging shapes, colors, and sizes such as in floral designs, interior decorating, fashion, and painting. Most artistic creations are neither beautiful nor very functional and even talented artists create more bad or mediocre paintings, fashion, music, and movies than good and exceptional ones. If you follow few rules and have little experience in an art then chances are you will create mostly garbage without lasting value or beauty.

Nature is beautiful and functional. If you depart too much from nature then you will come up with many mutant creations which are neither beautiful nor very utilitarian or functional.

Technology is very utilitarian, frequently functional, and originates from rather strict creative rules which consider efficiency and use the rigor of mathematics and logic in the creative process.

The technological creative process is basically analyzing or breaking something up into its component parts and trying to understand the role that each plays in making something work. Then synthesizing or rearranging the parts, adding to the parts, and subtracting from the whole occasionally creates a new useful and even beautiful functional product.

There is much failure even in technological creativity and you can make thousands of mistakes before you come up with a winning combination or creative product but there is rigorous criteria for success. Will it work better? Will it satisfy a need? Will it do a job more efficiently from an energy standpoint?

A truly creative human will become an expert in their chosen area, have an interest in areas similar and different than theirs, have an insatiable desire for new useful knowledge, and be constantly analyzing and synthesizing mentally and physically to come up with a new creative product.

Taking some time off occasionally to think about your goals, daydream, or just meditate to give your mind a rest is also very important.

From an aesthetic point of view I believe that any truly creative artistic human should also appreciate and revere the natural beauty of nature.

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Genetics is proving over and over again that humans are very different with many inborn traits which are beneficial or a great handicap in life. Some are born predisposed to illness, some are born not that attractive, and others are born with mediocre memories which make it hard to learn new information and get a better education.

Society has developed big myths trying to make everyone feel good about themselves and creating a false sense of equality and hope in many. Social deceptions abound with claims that if you just work very hard then you can become anything that you want in society. The truth is that almost always only those with very good memories, good families, athletic talent, and frequently financial backing can reach celebrity status or compete successfully in this world.

The rest of us unfortunately must content ourselves with mediocrity and offspring who are just as handicapped as us and may never achieve a better life than our own.

Yes, there are many exceptions to the general principle that you will be just as successful as your parents but statistically the odds of you making it big in this world are against you.

To be happy and content with your life it is important for you to realistically assess your abilities and realize your mental and physical limitations. Failing to do so you will become a premature burnout casualty or have so many failures in your life that you will begin to resort to escape behavior such as addictions to alcohol and drugs.

Society and genetics is unfair or unjust so learn to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses but don’t get delusional and forget to accurately evaluate and judge your mental and physical limitations.

If being delusional makes you happy then of course continue with your delusions and work hard trying to achieve them. I am a delusional blogger so you have lots of company if you think that you can achieve greatness or something good through blogging. I am also the victim of social brainwashing and there are some delusions which I will carry to my grave because they make me feel happier than facing stark reality and doing nothing further with my life!!!!!!

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The IRS rules are more than 3000 pages long, the Affordable Care Act or Obama Care is also about 3000 pages long, thanks to special interest laws or legislation many corporations and businesses pay no taxes at all, and the poor workers only pay social security tax and no income tax. What is the solution to this unjust paperwork nightmare? Simplify the tax code and legislation.

Historically you had to give about 10% of your income to your religious organization. That is historically fair or just and 5% to 10% of everyone’s income should go to the government.

Accountants should not be engaged in busy work making deductions for mortgage payments, medical expenses, number of dependents, charitable contributions, losses due to theft, etc. for individuals. Accountants should not be making business deductions for meals, business trips, furniture, machinery, etc. Accountants can actually frequently reduce your taxes to close to zero and this is unjust taxation because many escape by paying very little tax or no tax at all.

Sustainable non-polluting businesses such as organic farming, organic wholesalers, organic restaurants, car repairs, etc. shouldn’t be taxed at all because they are excellent sources for jobs where the workers will be taxed on their income.

Polluting businesses should be charged a tax on gross income not to exceed 20% and they could qualify for no taxation if they figure out a way to be a sustainable non-polluting enterprise. This will encourage businesses with money to be non-polluting and invest their dollars trying to become non-polluters.

Competition is international and corporations should be encouraged to manufacture in the United States with zero taxation if they are a sustainable business like the BMW plant in Chattanooga Tennessee. The jobs which they will provide will be the source of revenue from the corporation.

To discourage rampant consumption of information, goods, and services there should be a flat national sales tax of about 10% on all information, goods, and services consumed by the public. This money will primarily go to the armies of unemployed and also destitute which will be displaced by technology and the government should provide free technological education on the internet for all those willing to put in the time, effort, and achievement at any age so that they have some hope of reentering the useful job market.

We need a lean, efficient, just government with a safety net for victims of technology and no safety net for inefficient polluting corporations and businesses working in the red and constantly lobbying for government handouts.

Money is a motivating tool and we should all be using money wisely to promote sustainable behavior and businesses with 0% taxation.  Humans will benefit with more jobs and better health through healthier food, drink, and a minimally polluted environment.


If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, approximately 600 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.