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Being a new small local business has disadvantages.

You can’t qualify for wholesale prices,

your advertising will cost more than you anticipated,

you will have cutthroat competition,

you will have to find a way to be better than the competition,

you will have problems hiring and training reliable workers,

you will have problems finding a good location at reasonable cost with high customer traffic if you need high volume,  

you have to thoroughly understand the finances and profitability of the business and can’t run it by the seat of the pants,

you will need enough capital to stay in business about 5 years before you actually make a profit if any,

you will have a hard time finding trustworthy competent business partners if you want to expand the business in the future,

and you will be working much more than 40 hours a week.

About 8 out of 10 new businesses fail so the odds are against you unless you already have extensive experience and knowledge about the business logistics and already know how to run the business at a profit.


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Phobias are extreme fears. Humans can extremely fear other humans, activities, places, and things. If you take a look at phobias then you will discover that humans can extremely fear almost anything in this world and some are terribly handicapped by these fears. Food and social embarrassment phobias can be a great handicap and cause much unhappiness in life. Other phobias you can live with and you may not always have to go for professional treatment.

Extreme fear of certain foods handicaps many humans. Some humans don’t eat processed foods, meat, GMOs, fast food, and fatty food because they fear it will cause illness, cancer, or even death or make them fatter than they already are. Many overly processed foods and meat fed with GMOs, antibiotics, and growth hormones may indeed be bad for your health in the long duration but there is no need to become paranoid about it and avoid a food entirely unless you have an allergy against it.

Meat is a good source of protein and if you are phobic then eat some wild ocean fish once in a while which is almost free of human pollution.

Eating as much varied certified organic food as possible is a smart move and you won’t have to take supplements fearing that you have incomplete nutrition in your diet. Even if you are addicted to fast food by eating a wide variety of it you will be better off health wise than eating the same fast food over and over again which can indeed cause long duration health problems.

Extreme fear of obesity causes many unhappy bolimics.

Extreme fear of social embarrassment causes many to overspend on cosmetics, jewelry, fashionable clothing, new cars, and big houses and is a major reason why many humans are in financial difficulty.  Extreme fear of embarrassment which frequently exists with a dearth of social skills is frequently the reason why many remain followers and don’t assume leadership positions. Leadership positions sometimes require public speaking skills which many don’t have and is probably why they extremely fear speaking in public.

Other more specific extreme fears can be overcome with professional treatment.

Behavior therapy is the best way to go if you can afford it and will have no bad side effects. It involves talking about your fears openly and gradual exposure to your phobias with pictures of them which are not threatening and gradually decreasing the distance between you and your phobic object.

If you are afraid of spiders see pictures of spiders on the internet and then get a friend to catch a spider for you and place it in a glass jar.  Have the friend place the jar in the bathroom in a corner where you can see it every time you go to the toilet.

At first don’t observe the spider in the jar but maybe cover it up with a towel.  Next have someone remove the towel in gradual steps so you can see more and more of the spider.  When the towel is completely removed then start glancing at the jar very speedily and then get to the point where you can stare at the jar.  Start using more and more time staring at the spider and getting slowly closer and closer to the jar.

When you have reached the point where you can stare at the jar for a few minutes then you can start placing your hand on the jar and holding it motionless for a few minutes.  Graduate to picking up the jar and staring at the spider intently and watching it move without hurting you in any shape or form. Shake the jar next and watch the spider move.

Taking off the lid is the next move and putting the lid back on if it seems the spider wants to escape.  Next remove the spider from the jar and place it in a room which you use the least.  If the spider is still alive then let it roam the room and it will gradually die.

When it is dead remove the spider with a spoon and give it a proper burial in the toilet which you can flush away and you will find that you have flushed away most of your intense fear of spiders!

Virtual reality offers a large array of potential uses. Already it has been used to treat people suffering from certain phobias. Exposing people who are afraid of heights to virtual cliff edges has been shown to reduce that fear and doing so is much safer than walking along real cliffs. Similar success has been achieved treating fear of spiders.

Other experiments have tested virtual reality’s use in treating social anxieties such as fear of public speaking and have shown that it can be a successful treatment for some more serious disorders such as post traumatic stress disorder which should never be treated with drugs nor all the other psychological disorders which are in reality only mostly important behavioral disorders and not severe chemical imbalances in the brain!!!!!!

Prevention: Offspring learn by imitation over 90% of the time so if you are a phobic parent try to hide your phobias and don’t communicate them to your impressionable offspring. Associate with friends that don’t ridicule your phobia but instead accept the fact that you have a problem which could potentially be cured in the long duration when you save the money and have time.


If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, approximately 600 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.