Leadership: n. (recommending and/or directing) and/or (commanding and/or inspiring) and/or showing what is to be done

At one extreme a leader can be authoritarian or dictatorial and at the other extreme it can be one who always tries to get a consensus or majority vote. The truth is that some jobs or tasks require an authoritarian style and others more teamwork or cooperative effort. Many successful leaders combine both leadership techniques in different combinations to produce acceptable results or use different motivational techniques to reach goals.

A willing competent dedicated worker filled with personal self-motivation is the most desirable. There are many mistakes which a leader can make to disrupt these good vibes. Not giving credit for doing a good job, backstabbing, gossiping, making unreasonable demands or not giving enough time to do a job well, not providing workers with the information, tools, or materials needed to do the job, and ridiculing, being rude, and insulting are all things which can lead to dissatisfied workers and bad job performance.

Finally the most trusted, respected, and admired leaders are those who are competent, confident, passionate, demanding, good listeners, give feedback or communicate well, are honest, sincere, reliable and trustworthy and are very good motivators or have much emotional intelligence or human skills.

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