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You sense that you will have to change too much to make your partner happy.

You are finding that making yourself a mirror image of your partner’s activities, opinions, and beliefs is the only thing which seems to make your partner happy.

If none of your family members approve of your partner then it is an indication that he or she will clash with your fundamental values latter in the relationship and you will probably eventually be unhappy with the relationship too.

You can’t trust your partner to be alone and are always suspicious of what they may be up to that you don’t approve of. You basically don’t have an honest, sincere, and reliable or trustworthy relationship.

If your partner is censoring all your relationships with others and gives you little freedom to make your own decisions then you may have entered a tyrannical relationship and it is even worse if they try to control what you do or say.

You can’t seem to get a good balance for “me” and “we” time.

Your partner is always chronically unemployed.

Your partner has a serious addiction or compulsive bad habit such as compulsive shopping, gambling, pornography, alcoholism, drug abuse, lying, or is promiscuous.

You argue frequently and even fight about both unimportant and important things and almost never seem to resolve, solve, or compromise on any of the things which you argue about.

You are sexually incompatible.

Your partner has mostly bad friends or a bad family which you intensely dislike.


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