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Technology is a tool which can be used for good or bad purposes.

Technology is being used to destroy the quality and diversity of the food supply with overly processed foods, GMO’s, and many artificial pollutants in the form of pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, lopsided vitamin and mineral supplements, factory farming, and monoculture agribusiness.

The human body is not invincible to unhealthy food and the more technology that we apply to food the less natural the food becomes. It is not surprising that the general population is becoming more unhealthy, getting addicted to artificial technological drugs, and dying of more diabetes complications, cancer, heart disease, and drug complications than previous generations.

For the first time future generations can look forward to worse health thanks largely to the misuse of technology.

Technology is fast killing traditional jobs and that is a good thing for the wilderness but unfortunately future generations will be getting by on less and not more and there will be armies of unskilled labor on welfare killing time, getting involved in dysfunctional relationships, getting high on alcohol and drugs, and effectively making themselves unemployable until death.

A technological elite should eventually rule the world and maybe there will be a chance that biodiversity will survive the current onslaught of human protoplasm and the inevitable environmental pollution which accompanies it.

I am still struggling to survive in my retirement years after having changed careers five times in life due to big banks, big business, big government, and technology making small businesses almost obsolete.

I was a physics teacher, computer programmer and systems analyst, home builder, home rehabber, and landlord. The real estate bubble made my residential home rental business almost obsolete and only made apartment rental profitable.

A lifetime of hard work and effort almost totally down the tubes!!! Why I am not bitter at the injustice is still a mystery to me since I was royally screwed over by the unjust actions of big banks, big mortgage companies, big government collusion with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and the deep recession since 2008.

If I had to struggle to survive in this job market then I honestly don’t know what line of work I would train for because with my background in science and technology I see little optimism for the common man and woman in the brave new world which is coming around the bend at a furious pace.

Working for the government seems to be the only source of steady future work since it is growing annually but even here I see technology replacing many government bureaucrats.

Yes, even blogging is becoming obsolete and soon only social media will be left as a relevant source of communication among small select groups!!!

Intelligent discourse in the media will be effectively dead for the majority of the population who don’t access websites such as TED, Popsci, Phys.org, and a handful of other websites which still give out useful information for free and haven’t been closed down for lack of funding.

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