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True justice is justice for humans and wilderness plants and animals. In a just world humans would not destroy biodiversity, would not lie, would not be inefficient, would not steal, would not commit adultery if married, and would not murder. If these goals were achieved humans would live in harmony with each other and let wilderness plants and animals live in survival of the fittest harmony with each other.

Justice is a moral distribution of information and/or goods and/or services and/or rewards and/or punishmentsThe goals of justice should be to have moral laws which can be used to justify actions which primarily protect citizens from foreign aggression, from domestic criminals, from severe economic exploitation, from government inefficiency, and protect the environment from the destruction of biodiversity.

The healthiest, smartest, and wealthiest humans should be rewarded with reproductive success in the form of polygamous families with as many offspring as possible. The unhealthiest, not so smart, and poorest monogamous humans should be discouraged from reproducing in numbers greater than one or two.

You can’t legislate morality and if you try to do so then the powerful monied interests dominate the legislation and results in unjust laws which depend on the threat of force and the use of force for their enforcement. This is a tyranny or a dictatorship without the free consent of the governed.

An important priority for true justice is trying to guarantee that people are promoted to positions of authority in organizations based on merit and not primarily based on nepotism and/or popularity and/or political favoritism. Realistically this will only be possible with a technological business elite ruling the world because anyone steeped in a liberal arts mythological tradition will rule in a very subjective biased way and a political system based on true merit is not realistically possible. A liberal arts tradition means rule by the monied elite whether or not they have achieved that money based on merit. Liberal arts frequently means rule by inherited wealth which is frequently unjustified and frequently without merit.

Rewards and/or punishments are judged by authority figures such as parents, teachers, legal authorities, jury members, businessmen, businesswomen, government officials, or politicians.  The moral distribution of rewards and/or punishments means that appropriate rewards in the form of privileges and/or goods and/or money, are given to offspring and adults.  These rewards should justly be proportionate to the effort that they have made and the success with which they have fulfilled their obligations and/or jobs and/or tasks. It means rewarding based on merit and correspondingly it means proportionate punishment or the subtraction of privileges and/or goods and/or money for bad behavior or poor performance at a job or task.

Rewarding very much with little or no success is not justice and it merely increases a feeling of selfworth which is not earned and it handicaps the individual with unrealistic judgments of one’s true ability and merit.

There would be three classes of people-the employed- the unemployed with financial reserves – the destitute and unemployed.  The unemployed with private or government unemployment insurance could be classified as a fourth class of citizens but these can also be classified under the unemployed with financial reserves.

The employed would be promoted on the basis of educational skill level and talent and effort and useful innovativeness and health.  The more complex the job and the more managerial responsibility that exists, the greater would be the pay.

Those who lose their jobs and become destitute and unemployed would have the opportunity or hope of being employed again through more free technological online audio visual education no matter what their age if they put in the time and the effort.  The unemployed but with financial reserves would deplete this financial reserve before becoming destitute.  The destitute and unemployed would have their basic needs taken care of by the government including emergency medical care if the needed.

Criminality would be kept to a minimum and promotions or positions of leadership in business and government would minimally be based on nepotism and political favoritism.

People would have to merit positions of leadership by working and showing increasing levels of skill and responsibility or would be placed there on the basis of an outstanding educational background or similar positions of leadership elsewhere in business or government.

In the arts specialties promotion based on merit is rarely possible realistically because so much of it is based on subjective judgments and prestigious connections and dysfunctional propaganda reigns supreme.  To challenge this propaganda the government under no circumstances should finance this kind of education but should leave it up to private institutions of learning that have to make a profit on their own to survive in the marketplace of ideas and goods.

This is a utopian dream to a large extent in the present world and reality is far removed from these desirable moral goals and desirable standards of living for the world.  The reality is that with the aid of technology and corrupt human laws the world is overpopulating with humans that are increasingly immoral and don’t reflect the modern morality that should be started at the fastest speed possible.

The result is the destruction of biodiversity by stealing wilderness plant and animal habitat and poaching and introducing threatening dangerously successful exotic foreign species and polluting the habitat.

Worldwide business monopolies are putting many out of work and the introduction of robots will put over 90% of the population out of work in the not too distant future.

Existing human standards of morality worldwide are not acceptable and dysfunctional corrupt laws will have to be changed or updated quickly and radically if future generations of humans are to survive in a healthy way on the face of this earth.

MONEY can’t buy a good personality if you have a bad one and money can’t buy a moral personality if you have an immoral one. It is time to begin teaching moral goals and behaviors in elementary school which should eventually reflect good moral goals and behaviors in society in the near future. In a nutshell under nonemergency situations society’s goals should be to try to stop the destruction of biodiversity and conserve and even expand it, to minimize lying and untruths, to increase the efficiency at which society is operating, to minimize stealing, to minimize adultery and to minimize murder.

Impressionable young minds in secular schools should be taught in an absolute way-don’t destroy biodiversity and don’t lie and don’t be inefficient and don’t steal and don’t commit adultery and don’t murder!!!!!!  Without a morally taught foundation society will degenerate into an untrustworthy frequently violent society which can only be ruled by brute force and the threat of force or a tyranny.

A just educational system must offer free technological reeducation over the internet for all those destitute and also unemployed so they have the hope through their personal time, effort, and achievement to reenter the job market based on merit. There must be a government safety net or basic welfare for all those permanently or temporarily on welfare assistance.

My evergreen truth book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS details what a just welfare system should be like.

My evergreen truth book JUSTICE goes into a detailed discussion of the way the legal system should be changed to a morally more just one.


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