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Conservation: n. protecting and expanding biodiversity with more real estate and/or protecting a subset(s) from change

Humanity desperately needs to practice conservation which is the protection and even expansion of wilderness areas throughout the world. Biodiversity is what we came from and to destroy it means to destroy a safety net of healthy animals and plants which we will need when our domestic food supply becomes so polluted and unhealthy for consumption that it will have to be replaced by new healthy food which has withstood the test of time.

One or two seed banks in a mountain cave of all the food plants in the world is just not an acceptable safety net or potential replacement for a bankrupt unhealthy food supply of the future.

Humans selecting dog and cat breeds based on a handful of parameters such as size and beauty has resulted in many unhealthy breeds with urinary problems, skeletal defects, and general all around unhealthiness.

Humans selecting food plants and animals for a handful of desirable traits such as size, beauty, taste,  uniformity of color, fat content, udder size, pesticide and fungicide resistance has resulted in many species unable to reproduce in the wild and unable to reproduce without artificial insemination.

Species totally dependent on humans for propagation is a danger sign and even more problematic and untested is the long duration bad influence of these Frankenstein GMO crops and animals on human metabolism and DNA from generation to generation.

Humans are just not smarter than nature which selects for a thousand and one desirable traits in plants and animals and has tested them for generations on this precious planet and found them to be the most hardy, efficient, and healthy. Untested plants and animals can in reality be considered to be a form of biological pollution which is a very risky crap shoot playing with our long duration health.

What can you do to conserve our healthy food supply for future generations?

Buy as much certified organic plant and animal food as you can afford and tell others to do so too.

Give money to conservation organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, The Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, The Audubon Society, etc. and propagandize the need for conservation of biodiversity to all your friends and family members.

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