Daily Archives: March 23, 2014



Historically competition was between humans and other humans. Today it is competition between technology or computers and humans. Unfortunately technology is winning. Not only are robots with the help of computers replacing physical jobs but soon computers will be doing much of the thinking for us also.

Robots will become our slaves but they can also put most of the liberal arts population out of work which means armies of citizens on government welfare. It is entirely possible that the new leisure class will be humans on welfare killing time, browsing the internet for entertainment, getting high on alcohol and drugs, and essentially unemployable for a lifetime.

My only hope is that for a just society to continue to exist there should be the opportunity of anyone at any age to reeducate themselves on the internet for free in a useful technological job. Those willing to put in the time, effort, and achievement can reenter the job market thus not making the welfare trap a permanent trap for everyone in society.

Competition is now global and China is a future serious threat since it is getting good at making any kind of counterfeit product. Intellectual property will have to have worldwide patents to avoid its theft by unscrupulous manufacturers but this is really a government issue and of little private concern for most humans.


Competition is global, between nations, and between humans and computers. How well humans and politics will adjust to the new realities will determine whether humanity will learn to adjust successfully and benefit from technology and not be enslaved by its progress instead.


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