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Historically the primary function of religion was to teach morality but unfortunately it comes with mythological beliefs which are unacceptable lies in the technological 21st century. Lies about virgin births, walking on water, Noah’s ark, and other deceptive untrue miracles does not instill trust in young offspring who grow up not only questioning the mythology but actually frequently rebelling against religion itself because of its lies.

Psychiatrists and psychologists have tried to replace morality with relativistic ethics and it is a colossal failure and unacceptable. Religion should be replaced with a believable moral code to be taught to young impressionable minds in elementary school so that their moral choices in life become impulsive and they don’t have to search for a rationalization of every behavior which they do in life.

Am I doing the right thing and why? You should be able to react intuitively and impulsively and not have to question your every move as a child or adult.

The updated morality relevant to the technological 21st century is except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

Almost no one likes to be lied to or stolen from and saving biodiversity and not being inefficient in life can give moral purpose to someone’s life in general and specific ways.

Ruling a nation without the threat of force or the use of force in a tyrannical way is not possible if its citizens and leaders do not practice a common morality and make just laws to reflect that morality. Without a common morality democracy becomes corrupt and makes the nation ungovernable in a peaceful way where the citizens interact with each other in a basically trustworthy way.

Offspring will fight, lie, and steal if they can get away with it and they are constantly testing parental authority and trying to find out what they can get away with. It is efficient human nature to want to fight, lie, and steal and it is the responsibility of parents to enforce rules against such immoral behavior.

Historically parents had the backup of religion to help them and they could claim that God or Gods would punish offspring and humans if they acted immorally. Today surveillance cameras are to be feared because they will catch you in the act of stealing. Fear of God is being replaced by the fear of the camera and it will not work in the long duration.

Religion would on a weekly basis brainwash or indoctrinate the parents and offspring with their moral code and how they expected humans to behave socially. Religion is the repository of many myths and biases about historical facts and relationships between man and woman and society which science and a logical mind can no longer support.

Unfortunately situation ethics with its psychiatrists and psychologists is also not an acceptable replacement for moral teaching because its logical outcome is that any behavior is acceptable and depends on the situation. Humans make largely impulsive decisions on how to behave in life and the last thing they need is to constantly ask themselves- Am I justified in acting the way that I want to act?

Offspring must once again be taught a moral code in elementary public school because dying religion means that impulsive morality must be indoctrinated in impressionable young minds somewhere. If it is not being done responsibly in the home or in a house of worship then where do we teach a moral impulsive conscience in young offspring?

The separation of state and morality is no longer doable because without morality the state and its leadership will be even more corrupt and unjust and pile up more unjust laws for it’s citizens. The state must assume it’s just place as leaders of a moral just society and this should be done through moral education in the elementary schools.

An absolute morality has exceptions in emergency situations and offspring will learn of them soon enough and adapt responsibly. What is that absolute updated moral code which can be used worldwide even in tyrannical countries? It is -don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder!!!!!!

Historically every society which ignored it’s moral code and raised offspring to behave in immoral ways resulted in a corrupt leadership and a disintegration into chaos and hedonism and a takeover by a more moral society by force.  

The fastest way to screw up a society is to ignore the paramount importance of morality which promotes the peaceful interaction of its citizens and creates trust, respect, and admiration of the leadership which tries to follow that morality.

The breakup of family life and the destruction of honest, sincere, and trustworthy interactions between it citizens is a precursor to the breakup of society. The teaching of morality to offspring occurs early in life in the family or it happens nowhere. Does the state have plans for taking over the parental role with hired government nannies?


Religion has a moral purpose but its mythological beliefs or historical lies are no longer acceptable if trust is to be maintained between its citizens, between the citizens and their leaders, and between parents and their offspring.

I didn’t like it when my parents lied about the Easter bunny bringing gifts and about Santa Clause bringing gifts. I didn’t rebel against basic morality but against biblical lies because I was, even in childhood, a firm believer in the truth which theoretically is free of all deceptions and lies.

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