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Courage: n. continuing to pursue a goal(s) when the odds are against you and/or when the pursuit of the goal(s) is filled with danger.

Confidence: n. freedom from most doubt when trying to achieve something and this frequently exists with a large belief in oneself and in one’s abilities

Courage in battle when the odds of surviving with your life are against you is seldom demonstrated in a relatively peaceful world but there are times when courage still plays a role in real life.


An entrepreneur starting a new business and competing with established big ones takes much courage and confidence which are both needed to persevere and make a young business a possible success.


Some extreme sports filled with danger such as rock climbing and firefighting sometimes require much courage.


To a lesser extent courage is required to continue playing a sport when you have fallen behind in points and have a relatively large deficit to make up to win.


To some extent it takes courage to try to make a marriage work out when you seem to be arguing about almost everything, have offspring to take care of, and when your finances are in terrible shape and you are stuck in a shitty job which you can’t quit right away. Persevering under those circumstances frequently takes courage and many take the easy way out and get a divorce.


It takes courage to fight against a terminal illness or a very incapacitating accident when the odds of surviving are against you but there is some glimmer of hope that you may survive or overcome your incapacity.


It frequently takes much courage and determination to fight against a very bad habit or addiction and succeed in excluding it from your life.


It takes courage to live on optimistically after you have lost your most loved possessions such as your spouse and offspring to a terrible accident or crime.


It takes courage to try again after hundreds of failures at reaching a goal without success. Some may call this misguided stupidity but for some inventors the hundred and first try is sometimes a success which makes all the failure worth while.


Finally it takes courage to speak in public for the first time or to ask someone out on a date who has rejected you before or whom you fear will reject you.


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