Curiosity: n. a desire to acquire new knowledge and/or experiences

Are you stuck in a rut or are bored with your existence and don’t know how to escape it? If this is true then chances are that you may have lost your curiosity or a desire to learn and experience new knowledge and new experiences.

There is superficial curiosity and detailed curiosity and if you just have superficial curiosity then you will usually not get past the propaganda in every field of interest and you will just reaffirm many of your old opinions and prejudices and follow celebrity viewpoints.

If you have detailed curiosity then you will learn new words which apply to an area of interest and you will start developing a more detailed understanding. Detailed curiosity is frequently hard work because you will frequently be going to the dictionary to learn new words and concepts. Even detailed curiosity will not necessarily lead to a better understanding of the area which you are interested in because there are frequently professional vague buzz words which are used to obscure reality and are just expressions of biased opinions which make professionals seem more knowledgeable than they actually are.

Take the stock market as an example. You may start off by reading popular investment books and find out that there are many details, new words, or fundamentals which are written about such as tangible assets, PE ratios, dividends, sectors, hedges, historical average performance, volatility, channeling, indexes, volume, profit, loss, calls, puts, Fibonachi numbers, algorithms, investment aids, etc. and you will get so involved in minutia details that you won’t understand the big picture and the basic fact that stock prices are unpredictable to a large extent and depend on big money investors and fast computers.

The stock market is in fact is being manipulated unfairly causing volatility and the dropping and rising of stock prices for no logical reason whatsoever. The big secret or deception is that the modern stock market is mostly a gambling scam invented to make you lose your money in the short and long duration with very few exceptions.

If you are an average or even millionaire investor then the odds of you making a profit in the stock market are against you no matter what you do because the stock market is basically unpredictable and no amount of detailed information will change that basic fact or big picture unless you have inside information and know where the big wealthy boys are putting their money next.

The only certainty in the stock market is that big corporations will not go out of business overnight and that their stock prices will probably not drop to zero overnight.

I have an insatiable curiosity and want to know the truth about every important subject imaginable and am blogging about what I have discovered over a lifetime. My over 600 evergreen truth blogs and my 17 evergreen truth books are the fruits of my curiosity filtered through a no nonsense logical mind trained in a math and science background and applied to the real non- scientific world also. You may disagree with some of my views but it will usually not be boring.

I have found that my curiosity frequently uncovers just more BS as I delve deeper into any subject matter including theoretical physics. After all that curiosity and writing I am finding out that I am beginning to repeat myself with few new worlds to logically conquer or understand. My search for the new and interesting frequently runs into stuff which I already know about and I am finding fewer and fewer diamonds of information worthy for recording or writing about.

Curiosity will make you drown in a world of BS which you will think is the truth and you will form many untrue opinions and beliefs if you don’t have a logical mind. Curiosity will probably entertain you and you will seldom be bored but if you want to separate fact from fiction then read my writings as much as possible or stay away from verbosity.

Search my website for THE TRUTH ABOUT dating, friendship, marriage, empathy, politics, education, money, technology, justice, truth, etc. and you will find more than a handful of interesting realistic insights and facts about the mythology and deceptions which are rampant in human civilization.

To satisfy your curiosity it is not so important to read a great quantity of information on a subject but it is more important to read quality information. To do so you have to be very selective in what you read and whose writing you read.

Titles of blogs and articles will frequently give you a good hint of whether you will find something interesting and informative to read. Since I have such a great wealth of knowledge I find that I read only about one article in a hundred on websites such as,, and and watch about one in three videos on websites such as

An important question to ask before you read is- Will I learn something really new? or Is it just an article which will reinforce what I already know or believe with much verbosity? In the liberal arts, politics, economics, sociology, education, sports, etc. the longer the article, the more useless verbosity you will probably find in it.

Being curious should mean that you are looking for gems to read about and not mediocre verbose ego trips by authors who have one sentence of useful information to offer you and spend hundreds of words embellishing that information wasting most of your time.

Cutting through verbose crap is not easy and sometimes Googling what you are interested in will give you much more relevant information more quickly. I personally like lists of information about something such as Googling 10 dating mistakes or 10 tips for preventing divorce which automatically gives more than one useful piece of information about what to avoid when dating or tips on how to prevent divorce. Lists will frequently cut through the feel good verbose crap and give you many useful facts which you can apply to your life right away.


Curiosity is a useful motivating factor but just like anything else there is just being curious about anything and selectively being curious and optimizing the benefits of that curiosity. There is a big difference between random largely useless curiosity and purposeful useful directed curiosity. Knowing the difference and making some reading rules to follow can give you quality results and save you much time, energy, money, and effort.


If you liked this evergreen blog read more of them, over 600 so far, and read one or more of my evergreen books, especially COMMON SENSE, truth in a human world filled with lies and deceptions.


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