Teenagers historically used to help out with hard farm work and there is no reason why modern teenagers should not be working part time about 4 hours a day to learn the work ethic and about the importance of being punctual. Teenagers should not be treated like children subject to child labor laws.

School is not very challenging for most liberal arts students and little useful knowledge is learned in school these days so the school day itself could be cut back by about 4 hours without quality education suffering at all.

Teenagers should be working in rather safe work conditions as sales clerks, stock clerks, receptionists, urban farm workers, safe factory assembly line workers and packers, and as workers in fast food restaurants.

Teenagers should work at less than minimum wage and compete with other young adults who are working at minimum wage. They can get shuttled to and from work by their parents or use a bicycle or scooter if they are old enough. They will learn the value of money and how hard it is to make it and will be motivated to learn useful skills in school to get a better paying job upon graduation.

Yes, there will be more adult unemployment in society and those adults should invest their time, effort, ability, and achievement to reeducate themselves over the internet for free in a technological job skill if they chose not to remain on welfare but want something better.

We have become an entitlement society which feels that working at minimum wage is not worth the effort and it is better to get on welfare and get paid for no work at all. Training teenagers to work hard on the job will hopefully go a long way towards reducing this entitlement mindset and creating more appreciation for the value of working hard at something which we may not like that much as adults but which is an ideal learning experience for self-motivated teenagers.


Teenagers are too removed from the real working world for too long and are not learning many useful skills in school which will land them a good paying job. It is time teenagers learned to work hard, interact with the public sooner, and understand that WHAT you learn in school is more important than how much time you spend learning largely useless skills such as music, physical education, literature, foreign languages, history, arts, and team sports.

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