If you are employed and married with offspring then offspring will cost you much money and will become priority number one in your lives. Love will have to be shared with spouse and offspring.

Especially when they are young and if you have more than one, offspring will take up much of your time and will have to be disciplined appropriately and taught many basic social skills from scratch.

Teaching how to share toys and even food is a constant struggle since offspring are very selfish when they start out and their behavior will constantly overflow into an area called bad behavior which is unacceptable and will need constant supervision.

The rebellion of the teenage years is going to be difficult. If they haven’t been taught to be as independent and responsible as possible then they will begin to feel entitled and this may last on into early adulthood with unemployed offspring living with parents and not being able to survive on their own in the real world.

Young adults frequently still don’t know what they want to be in life and a liberal arts background may make them job poor and only qualified to work at minimum wage doing something not very rewarding or satisfying.

Having responsible offspring who like to work hard and have acquired a truly useful technological educational background is a rarity and if you can motivate offspring in such a direction then they will be dependent on your financial support for a much shorter duration.

Offspring above all need good role models to imitate and if you are not a good role model and can’t find good ones to associate with then your offspring will imitate your bad habits and not grow up well. They will probably not become well adjusted employed adults and parents themselves.


Parenting basically means being a good role model. If you come from a dysfunctional family then you also will probably be a bad parent and you should seriously consider having no offspring at all or just one.

Not only will it cost you less financially but if you ruin your offspring’s life it will be just one life and not more than one life ruined due to your incompetence.

If you have serious personality flaws or addictions to compulsive shopping, promiscuity, gambling, pornography, alcohol and drugs, etc. then you should have no offspring at all nor should you probably marry because divorce is almost inevitable.

You may consider yourself to be a good role model but remember that raising offspring in an increasingly hedonistic immoral society which is tolerant of lying and deceptions is going to be an uphill struggle if you want to raise honest, sincere, reliable, trustworthy, and functional offspring.

Parenting is hard, time consuming, expensive work. If you have better or more important things to do with your life then don’t become a parent. The world does not really need more humans on the face of this precious, endangered, overpopulated planet.

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